Udaan 9th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ranjana asking her goons to take away all the items she gave to kids for studies. Ishwar stops her. Ranjana says she is not doing any wrong thing, she is taking back what I gave them. The kids run to save the school items. Ishwar tells Ranjana that this is not good and it does not suit her. He asks Chakor to tell everyone to return the things, as its imp to save her self esteem. Few businessmen come to meet Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks them to come inside and talk. Chakor tells everyone and the kids return everything.

Imli asks why does she give back things if she can’t leave it to them, does she not think before giving. Ranjana says I gave these items for votes, now I don’t need to do all this, go to Bhaiya ji and see will he keep his promise. Chakor says yes, he will

keep his promise. Kishori and ladies taunt Ranjana. Ishwar asks her to leave if she does not want to lose her remaining respect. Ranjana leaves.

The businessmen ask Bhaiya ji about his decision to educate bandhua labors, who will work in fields then, who will work as their slaves. Bhaiya ji does not answer them. Ishwar tells Chakor that he will arrange all school supplies for all kids. Chakor says no, this is my fight, and I will manage. She asks everyone to contribute money and keep at Lord’s idol. She smiles as everyone agree to her.

Bhaiya ji says I have won the election, I m getting in minister board, I have power, name and money, and you all are threatening me. I have always decided how to keep bandhua people and I will decide for them in future too, you all can do what you want. Ishwar says this money can be sufficient for just two three kids, I have one solution, you all can take some of my help and rest you can manage. Kasturi asks what. He says you will understand and shows cloth for uniforms, and they can stitch it and it can save their self esteem. He asks them to make the kids future by their own hands. They all cheer for Ishwar.

Ishwar says it will be good if this starts soon. Kasturi says yes, we will start soon. Chakor and Ishwar thank each other. She asks him to get Abha and Aditya. He says I m going to bring them here, they will be glad seeing all kids in school uniforms and going to school, you are hope of light for everyone, they all need you. She hugs him and smiles. All the villagers start stitching the uniforms by using the cloth. Mutti he hawa ke jhoke hai……………….. udaan hai…………..plays…………..

Imli talks about money and Kasturi scolds her. Chakor says she can earn well if she studies well. She gets an idea for them to earn and smiles. They all look at her puzzled.

Tejaswini asks Bhaiyta ji about using bandhua labor, why did he annoy the businessmen for them. Chakor says they will be free from being bandhua and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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