Udaan 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor stopping Suraj. She asks why did you always fight, so I did not wish you to come. He says I came for you, could you not stop bus for husband. She says I did not know you did not board bus, next time you board bus first. He says whats this bad smell, why are you travelling in bus, I will book car. She asks him not to say this. He sees a little kid and asks is this bus or toilet. She asks him did he not travel in bus before. She tells him the realities of poor families, and reminds how people in Aazaadgunj were ready to become bandhua for a bucket of water, you were also part of that plan. He feels ashamed.

Pooja stops Imli. She says you can’t go without appointment. Imli asks what did you say and sees Pooja’s dressing. Pooja stops her and says I m Vivaan’s secretary,

anyone can’t go there. Imli scolds her and says I m Vivaan’s wife. Pooja asks are you joking, Vivaan is so sophisticated, you look illiterate, you can’t be his wife. She laughs. Imli gets angry and takes paperweight to hit her. Vivaan comes and stops Imli. Everyone look on.

Imli asks Vivaan to fire Pooja from job. She asks her to come to cabin. She refuses and says fire her right away. He does not listen. She angrily leaves. Vivaan goes to cabin. Peon says Pooja ji, its good you got saved, Imli did not get pistol today, else she would have shot you. Pooja gets shocked.

The bus stops. Chakor slips. Suraj holds her. They have an eyelock. Suraj makes her sit. She asks him to sit too. He says no, Bhaiya ji is planning to kill you. She says he can’t do anything in public, sit. He gets jerk and his wound bleeds. She asks him why id he stubborn, just sit. He says I came to help. She says see your wound, its bleeding, you came to become burden on me than taking care, why don’t you think, why did you come, it would be good if you miss the bus. Suraj says you would have called me. Conductor asks them to get down on dhaba and argue, its troubling for passengers. Suraj says fine, I will sit away, else she will argue. He sits away and thinks what is Bhaiya ji’s plan, his plan should not succeed. She prays nothing wrong happens there.

Imli gets ready. Biji asks why did you not come to kitchen, your earrings are nice, Vivaan would have given this. Imli says yes, but he has no time to see me. Bijli says do something that he just sees you. Imli says yes, but how. Bijli says use mind, you have to control him, else he will fly. She goes. Suraj sees Chakor’s head dropping in sleep and asks a man to sit behind. He holds her head and sits by her side to rest her head on her shoulder. Music plays………. He makes her bit away. She gets close. He moves hair off her face and smiles. He also sleeps. Chakor wakes up and sees him. She says I did not know when I slept. She sees him sleeping and smiles. Imli thinks what to do. Vivaan comes.

Imli asks him about Pooja, did you fire her. He says no, she is good in her work. She says it means you did not fire her, she said I m not suitable to become your wife. He says I scolded Pooja, she said sorry to me. She says she insulted me infront of everyone. He says she was asking everyone about you roaming with pistol. She sees the lipstick mark on his shirt and asks how did this come. She says it would be Pooja’s mark, she is like kid, she was crying by hugging me. She asks what, it means she can hug you, she is cheap girl, I will see her. She goes. He says she always gets angry. She stops.

The bus stops at Dhaba. Chakor and Suraj get down the bus to go dhaba and have some food. She says I m hungry. He says later, come to washroom with me, I mean I have to go washroom, don’t stand alone here, anyone can be here. She asks what, I want to have food. He says I m saying for your safety, come. He says maybe Bhaiya ji’s men are keeping eye on us, stand here, don’t act clever. A lady asks Suraj to tell her husband that she is waiting here. He says fine, my wife is standing here, don’t let her go. He goes.

Chakor says bus will leave, where is Suraj, I will go. She recalls his wound and says did he get busy in wound dressing, I will see. She sees Suraj coming with his friend laughing. Suraj gets drunk and says I got my friend and wine too. The lady scolds her husband and takes him. Suraj laughs. Chakor scolds him and says you started drinking here. He says he gave me wine. She says how will you protect me now, you are drunk. She says I had just two peg, come we will have something. She says bus left and runs to call out to stop the bus. Suraj says bus went…. She says yes and gets upset.

Chakor asks for lift. She asks the man is this someone else’s truck. The man shuts her mouth. She shouts Suraj. Suraj and Chakor dance with villagers and smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why chakor throw suraj out of the room???? Why I can’t understand is she worried for him??? Something else… Pls somebody explain me…???

  2. I’m sooo happy gyzzz!!!….I don’t knw hw mny tims I votd 4 meera deosthale!!!….be itz 251votz… sooo guyzzz…. plzzz vot 4 our chakoriya nd mak hr win… nd guyzzz I hav 1reqsttt… everyone plzzz giv hr atleast 10votzzz thn only she vll winnn…bcoz divyang tripathi hav mortannn 1000votzzz….itz vry tight competition guyzzz….so plzzz….

  3. Sorry guyzzz radhika madan hav mor votzzz..

  4. Chakor will get suraj out from their room

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  6. Guyzzz hw cn v break radhika madan bcoz itz really a big diffrnce btwn chakoriya nd radhika so hw cn v mak our chakoriya winnn….?itz vry difficult noooo…???I think v vll lossss….?guyzzz???

    1. Although we can’t beat her let us take meera to 1000votes

  7. Guys I saw a spoiler in TC it stated that chagan is going to be paired opposite Ragini and old chagan quitted due to health issues and they took this guy bcz he is somewhat famous for his previous role and even to make chagan role stronger

    Guys really don’t know how to react bechara chagan

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