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The Episode starts with Chakor and Chunni arguing. Chunni is not ready to accept life with Chakor’s identity. She says she will better leave from here if she has to get love by Chakor’s name. Chakor assures her that she will get Chunni’s rights. Chunni asks Chakor does she have courage to tell the truth to Kasturi. Chakor asks Chunni to come with her. Chakor makes Chunni get dressed as her own style. She takes Chunni to Kasturi and everyone. Kasturi gets shocked. Chakor tells Kasturi that Choka was her own daughter, this is my twin sister Chunni. Kasturi cries and asks Dadi is she saying right. Dadi says yes.

Bhuvan comes and gets shocked. Kasturi says we have three daughters. Chunni greets Bhuvan and says she is Chakor’s sister. They all get glad. Bhaiya ji comes there with his goons and

ask all of them to come out. Dadi apologizes to Bhaiya ji and says its all my mistake, they all did not know, I have hidden it, leave them. Bhaiya ji gets angry seeing Chakor and Chunni together. Kasturi says we did not know anything. Bhaiya ji scolds her and says you kept your womb mortgaged and these two girls will go with me. Chunni asks Chakor to save her. Kasturi begs to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji catches Chunni and says you will also become bandhua. Chunni shouts no seeing the tattoo machine.

Chakor’s imagination ends and she says Chunni should get love of parents, but not get this bandhua stamp, think what to do for her. Nayantara asks the lawyer to let her read papers first. The lawyer gets scared of Bhaiya ji and gets Nayantara’s signs in hurry. Nayantara says I can’t believe Amma made me owner of this haveli. Bhaiya ji cleans the gun and says wait Nayantara, you just named all the property to me just now, whenever you sit on the sofa, you will take my permission. He aims gun at her. She asks what. He starts laughing.

Chakor tells Chunni that I have become Choka, you became Chakor, are you happy. Chunni says I won’t be happy as Chakor. Chakor says its not easy, go home and be with parents. Chunni says but they are making food for Chakor, not me. Chakor hears Nayantara and Bhaiya ji arguing and go to see. Bhaiya ji kicks out Nayantara. She says I won’t go till Amma comes and makes me leave. Bhaiya ji asks her to get lost and throws her trunk. Chakor says you can’t do this. Chunni asks Bhaiya ji what did Nayantara do. Bhaiya ji scolds them and says since Nayantara came back here, I feel why did I not kill you that time. He says you are lucky to go alive, else I would have sent you dead. Chakor takes a stone and says I m not scared of you. Nayantara stops her.

Chakor hits Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji’s forehead gets wounded. Everyone get shocked. He fumes and says I will not leave you. He aims at Choka. Nayantara stops Bhaiya ji and says he is just a kid, leave him. Bhaiya ji says you saved him before, move, I will kill him. Chakor/Choka asks Nayantara not to beg to him. Nayantara apologizes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Vivaan asks Tejaswini to stop him. Tejaswini stops Bhaiya ji and says property did not get on your name, let him go, you already have many cases on you. Nayantara says forgive Choka.

Bhaiya ji says this is first and last time I agreed to you, take this Choka and leave from here. If you both are seen in Aazaadgunj, I will kill you. Chakor says threaten someone else. Nayantara asks Choka to be quiet. She says we won’t come here again. He leaves. Tejaswini asks servant to throw the belonging outside and get Gangajal to purify haveli by pandit.

Chakor tells Amma that she is not scared. Nayantara says I saved you, pack your bag. Chakor says my family is here. Nayantara says this is your fate, you will get chance to come back here if Lord wills. Chunni comes and says Amma is right, you showed bravery, but your fate was good that you got saved, Bhaiya ji is bad and will not forgive you. Chakor recalls Chunni’s words and says fine, Chunni will go with Amma as Choka. Chunni gets shocked. Choka says I know Chunni is not real Chakor, they will kick you out, better Chunni can go. Amma likes the idea. Chunni says I can’t do this. Amma says I will explain her. Chakor says I will explain her. Chakor stops Chunni and asks why did you go. Chunni gets annoyed for Chakor’s plan. Chakor says listen to me. Chunni says I was away for 8 years and will go away again, did you do this to trap Amma and take Choka away. You will get parents’ love and I will be away. You did not tell them about me. Tell me how much Bhaiya ji paid you. Chakor slaps her. She says I m elder and I m your Didi, listen to me, as Imli listens to me, Choka will go with Amma, and I will go as Choka, everyone will think Chunni will go with Amma, but I will go, you be here with mum and dad. Chunni gets shocked.

Chunni says I can’t get that stamp. Chakor says I don’t want you to be that stamp, you can’t become Chakor ever and hugs her. Chunni cries.

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