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The Episode starts with everyone welcoming Ragini. They all have a talk over lunch. Ranjana says Tejaswini did not make kheer ever. Ragini says maybe because I went, now she will make kheer again. She feeds kheer to Tejaswini. Chakor says when I came after 10 years, everyone said you left haveli. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji and I tried to find her a lot, but could not. Chakor says how did she stay alone. Ragini tells them that she used to pick pocket and earn a living in Mumbai. Tejaswini says you are our family member and did such work. Chakor says you gave missed calls right. Suraj asks did you come in charity function. Ragini says yes. Tejaswini asks how did you come back after so many years. Ragini says I heard about Papa’s death and came here, who knows when will Tejaswini die. Tejaswini gets shocked.

Ranjana smiles.

Vivaan says we did not like Raksha bandhan function in your absence. Ragini says we will celebrate now, just give me money to get gifts. They look for wallets. She shows their wallets and says I got this. She smiles. Chakor says its wrong, promise me you won’t do this again. Ragini agrees.

Ragini checks her room and her childhood things. She recalls her childhood and gets troubled. She sees her dresses and recalls a girl screaming in pain. Tejaswini comes and asks why did you look tensed, if you can see your past here, you should have not come back here. Ragini says no, I m very happy coming back here, I don’t want to forget my past, right Maa.

Tejaswini asks why did you come back here. Ragini says this is my house. Tejaswini says stop acting, I hate the things you like, that’s why I did not make kheer you liked, why did you come back. Ragini says forget it, its 10 years now, we will make a new start. Tejaswini says Chakor should not know whatever happened between us. Ragini says no one will hear my screams, whatever happened in this room with me, who else knows about it. They see Chakor at the door. Chakor says you both would be recalling old things, I came on wrong time, I will go. Tejaswini says no, you guys talk. She leaves.

Chakor asks Ragini to tell her if she wants anything, the village changed a lot, don’t go alone anywhere. Tejaswini throws the things and gets Ragini’s letter. She reads Ragini’s letter. Ragini writes I m going from here after knowing truth, don’t try to find me. Tejaswini says why did she come back, she already troubled us a lot. Ranjana comes there and taunts Tejaswini about Ragini. Tejaswini scolds her and says we are not friends, don’t think my compromise was friendship, you may leave.

Vivaan comes from bathroom in vest and towel. Imli gets shocked and turns away. He runs and wears his clothes. He asks could she not come by knocking. He asks her to go and have bath. Ranjana looks on and thinks to do something to bring Vivaan out of Imli’s magic, I have to sit quiet for some time, I will get chance later.

Chakor looks for Ragini and worries. Suraj tells her that he is opening NGO on her name, now they won’t need to go to places. She says you need people to support you. He says I have Aazaadgunj with me. She says no, this can’t happen, no one will work for you, else you need to give them money, you can’t make them bonded again. He says much money will come, you got selected in Asian games. Chakor says Ragini is missing, I looked for her in haveli, I told her not to go alone, maybe she went to village. He says yes, I should go and see, I m glad that you care for your sister in law, when you don’t regard me your husband. She says Ragini is my childhood friend first, so I m worrying for her. Suraj leaves. She thinks why is Suraj scared, what is that he does not want anyone to know.

Ragini says Imli has fever, I think we should take her to hospital. Suraj asks her to come. Imli says I won’t go with Suraj, I will wait for Vivaan, even if I die here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. as a actor ilike surajplease jaldi me usko puri tarah hero banadho all avoiding and taunting suraj indirectly i dont like it waise be it has beenconfirmed that suraj chakor is pair so start their nokjok

  2. Its getting interesting Day by Day…

  3. and very curious to knw abt ragini
    y did she left…

  4. dhre dhre suraj badal raha hai n i think also starts behaving like his wife

  5. sry chakor

  6. Friendship is the best relationship

    Ary yr jaldi..sb thek karo.. Per ab itna tu pka hai suraj imli sy piyar karta hai. Aur yeh vikor k liye bht acha..

    1. Yeah but imli said she won’t love suraj ever again so imli won’t let Suraj love her and then imli will stay with vivaan and suraj will be with chakor.

    2. Not to mention, Chakor will not take Vivaan from Imli. Imli will more than likely lose the baby soon and somehow the blame will fall on Chakor. I think Suraj knows why Ragini left and that secret will bring him and Chakor together.

      1. How do u know about it ? where did u see it>

  7. want vikor. not sukor.

  8. Are you serious mgr is it going to be sukor

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