Udaan 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Mahant how can he take his daughter home, what will he tell Tejaswini, she thinks her daughter was born dead. He says you said I should keep her in temple for my prosperity, and now he is asking him to take her home. Mahant says my end has come, take her to any other temple. The lady says can’t he make any other temple for her, he has much money., Bhaiya ji says yes, but she is responsible for his prosperity and good times, he can’t risk everything taking her home. The girl writes something by her feet. The lady asks him to see, its some future telling, and asks his age.

He says he is going to turn 50 tomorrow. The lady tries to find meaning of it and says he will get some good news tomorrow, as shown by Devi Maa, she will serve Devi Maa all her life and

hide his secret if he does some arrangements of her stay. He sees Mahant’s state and thinks. He says fine, you give me some time to think. He keeps money there and goes. The lady smiles and takes the money. She does bad sight off Devi and takes the money. The girl sees the stamp on her hand and Chakor’s hand is shown with bandhua stamp.

Bhaiya ji calls his friend and Roshni’s gives the call to her dad. He scolds her for doing makeup and asks her to study. Bhaiya ji talks to Charan Singh and asks about the temple behind his farmhouse. Charan says its there, closed since someone has stolen the Mata Rani idol. Bhaiya ji asks can he give it to him. Charan happily agrees. Bhaiya ji thanks him and says he will talk later.

He brings Devi and that lady to the new temple. They make the girl sit on the chair and asks her to rest. Bhaiya ji says he will leave before anyone comes and takes her blessings. The girl smiles. Chakor wakes up. She recalls what happened in school and thinks how to prove she is not liar. She hears Ragini talking to Laali. She says its dad’s birthday today and I want gift wrapping paper before he comes. Chakor says Ragini can help me in proving my innocent and asks her uniform to wait, till she wears it again.

She goes to Ragini and calls her. Ragini says she can’t talk, she has to do homework, if anyone sees her, she will get scolded. Chakor asks does she trust her, she knows how they have framed her and made her liar infront of everyone. Ragini says I know everything and how mum made peon keep chits in your exam. Chakor says why don’t you tell anyone that I m innocent, tell me. Ragini says mummy… and recalls her words. She asks Ragini to help. Ragini hears dad came and runs. She bumps into Tejaswini and says sorry. Chakor comes then and Tejaswini sees her.

Tejaswini goes to do Bhaiya ji’s aarti and welcome him. She wishes him happy birthday and much prosperity, long life. He asks what will I living long life, thanks anyways. She says she is excited to give him gift and he does not have time. He asks where is it. She says she promised she will gift Chakor’s failure, he would be happy to know that Chakor is suspended from school. He smiles.

Chakor comes to meet Ragini and asks does she regard her friend. Ragini says yes, but I can’t help, you don’t know what my mum can do, she scolded me. Chakor says fine, do as she says, but give me some idea that I m not liar and cheater. Ragini says you have to tell principal and you can get him in school, you have to go there. Chakor says I can’t, principal suspended me, I was caught cheating, everyone blames Suraj. Ragini says its not just education to go school, there can be other way. Chakor asks what way and thinks.

Tejaswini tells Bhaiya ji that all villagers are throwing stones at Chakor’s parents, and her confidence is broken, she can’t go school now. They come to stable and see Chakor’s written words, that she is not liar and cheater, and she is not afraid of anyone. Bhaiya ji gets worried.

A lady asks about Chakor and says she is smart. Suraj says she was removed from school as she was caught cheating. The lady says what. Chakor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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