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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Vivaan will he leave Imli now. She asks him to fulfill his promise of taking care of Imli’s child. Chakor looks on. Bhaiya ji is brought out of the cell and is being shifted to another jail. Jailer asks inspector to be careful in taking Bhaiya ji, and keep evidence against Bhaiya ji safe. Bhaiya ji thinks this is a medium of my freedom. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini that Chakor is leaving Suraj.

Kasturi asks Ranjana about taking Imli along, she wants to do her godh bharai. Ranjana says why not, but do it here in haveli, Imli is our daughter also, do godh bharai grand way. Chakor comes and hugs Bhuvan. Bhuvan cries and says I did a big sin. Kasturi says this is not day to cry, but to be happy, we got our daughter back. Bhuvan says I feel our old days are back.

Kasturi apologizes to Chakor and asks her to come home with them. Chakor says you both blessed me, its enough for me and hugs them. Imli smiles.

Vivaan says I will drop you. Imli says whats the need, they will go on own, I mean I will ask driver to drop them. Kasturi says we will go. Chakor greets Ranjana and Tejaswii and asks for Suraj. Tejaswini says you should know them. Bijli greets Chakor. Bhuvan asks Chakor to come. Vivaan thinks of Chakor. Imli asks girja to tell Kaka to drop them. Vivaan says no, I will drop them, I need to talk to Chakor.

Imli thinks Vivaan is going away and says I will come along. He says Chakor, Kasturi and Bhuvan are there, even luggage, there is no place for you, come in other car. Bhuvan asks Chakor to come and waits for her outside. Chakor smiles and steps out of the haveli. Udaan hai……..Vivaan asks what are you thinking, come. Vivaan holds her hand and takes her. Imli looks on and cries.

Kasturi asks Vivaan to take them to pandal. He says why not, its on the way, I will take you. They all reach pandal. Chakor prays to Bappa and says I feel short of something, just guide me in my life. Suraj and Imli come there. Aarti starts.

Vivaan and Chakor stand together and pray. Imli goes and stands beside Vivaan. Ranjana and Tejaswini join the aarti. Suraj looks on and throws the wine bottle away. Pandit gives aarti to everyone. They all turn hearing dhol sound. Suraj plays the dhol.

Vivaan and Suraj dance on Bajne de dhadak dhadak….. Everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This much small….

    1. ok Fine .
      Wht was VIVAAN needing to talk to CHAKOR..?

  2. Plz chakor n Vivian ka marriage hojaye..n imli firse suraj k pass..coz of imli Vivian n chokar q sacrifice kre..Vivian n chakor luks lik a made for eachother jodi

    1. I agree if sukor end up the show will be bakwas

  3. Chalo g kuch b ni hya aj bs dramy hye haa aur vesy ye vivan aur suraj kyu dance kr rhy ha??KN ki khushi my??

    1. imli ko tameez naam ki cheez nai …chakor ne usse bachanek liye apna pyaar sacrifice kar diya aur wo usse imli ne chakor ka pyaar hi cheen liya

  4. its good that chakor search for suraj bt no sukor scene

  5. Today’s episode was just okay …. If I were in place of chakor I would’t have forgiven everybody so soon specially bhuvan who did his daughter’s last rights and kasturi for not believing in chakor and treating her like trash…and taking care of imli who had s*xual affair with a man who hated her and she knew it…( as far as their drunken state is concerned … So imli was not a perfect daughter because she #1 Drinks…#2 Was a goon #3 never respected her parents…#4 roamed around village with guns )
    As a real person and not some mahaan character of a serial I would never have forgiven anyone
    #1bhuvan #2kasturi #Vivaan #Imlii #Suraj No one -_-
    Because I am not mahaan and I have self respect …

  6. Right sra nothing much in today epi and also mo sukor scene but chakor said she is missing something and i think tgat is suraj whom togetgerness she is missing but imli is very selfish and kp returns will surely bring us our sukor romance

  7. Dear writers the majority of people like sukor….sukorr….sukorrrrrrrrr………then y did u come back to vikorrrr???againnn…..itzzzz reallyyy irritatinggg……….

  8. If vikor happen i think trp will fall bcoz suraj scenes are having much impact and are much stronger than vivaan scenes ?and yeah sukor are much famous now ??and writers and cvs creators are not blind ?they knew it and everything every twists is coming only to start sukor love story☺️.,like (imli fall for vivaan and suraj becoming positive and imli miscarriage and KN entry )all things are pointing at sukor love story ?so all we have to do is keep patience ?but thats the prob we cannot wait for sukor romance?

    1. plese if u like sukor that don’t mean that vivan is not having a good impact paras is a asomme actor ………

  9. I’m totally confused,but I leave it upon the writers who will be with chakor after all it’s about her life,not her love life

  10. Sukor are best!!!! Plz unite them

  11. me pehle chati thi ki chakor ur vivan mile but nehi..kiuki vivan ne jho kia uska saja toh use srif asehi milega ur suraj I think uski jagah hotha to bhi uspar yeni chakor par varosha karta jese imli par kia ki vivan se sadhi honeke badh bhi o mujse pyar karti hea..imli, vivan deserves the pain..bohot bakalat karta tha na vivan imli ki ab kia hua shach sunte bibi bacha vul gai selfish kahika..suraj jesha bhi hea jisse pyar karta hea uske lia kuch bhi..kabhi nehi socha ki meri rai ase badhle gi but I feel ki me right hu..what say guys?

  12. Ya today’s episode was actually very boring as there is not a single scenes of sukor….n the highlight or best part of today’s episode was chakor asking for sooraj….it looks like she is missing him….Selfish vivaan, 1st he was always saying chakor chakor then imli imli now again chakor chakor….i hope ki chakor won’t go back to vivaan n stays with sooraj….

  13. You know, I think Chakor has actually started caring for Suraj…while going out of Haveli she asked Tejasvini about Suraj; In the Ganesha Puja Pandal, she said it feels like there is something missing (n if I m not wrong it is definitely suraj’s company she is missing); N Chakor was searching someone in the pandal (n I feel it was suraj, she was searching)….Seems like she doesn’t know it yet , but she had developed a soft corner for him after seeing him heart broken; she can emphasize with suraj’s pain, as she herself is going thru it…So maybe it’ll end up sukor….n to b honest, though suraj’s faults r unforgivable, so is vivaan’s. He didn’t trust her, n that gotta hurt Chakor deeply, more than suraj’s deeds (as she loved vivaan not suraj); So i think Vivaan has lost his right to have Chakor…as much as suraj has lost his right over Imli n her unborn child!

  14. I think soon Suraj and Vivaan fight for chakor

  15. Hope so.riya

  16. Right sonu

  17. I am watching this serial now only because of sukor..Hope they are the end couple..love yo sukor!!!

  18. Why are these idiot men fighting over that idiot Imli. I can’t stand Imli. If it were not for Imli Chakor would have freed the villagers much earlier. Imli is just an annoyance, why did Chakor ever save that selfish sister of hers from dying…. I hope Imli gets written off followed by Vivaan. Vivaan is just as annoying as Imli. The moment they show Vivaan I channel surf. Vivaan’s screen presence leaves much to be desired, maybe Paras Arora’s acting is just very fake. Udaan has 0 need of Imli or Vivaan. Bhaiya ji is coming back for revenge on Chakor and Suraj not these side dish characters.

  19. Hmmm i also think the final couple gonna be sukor n imvaan….

  20. Hi Kalika….where r u dear…y u r not commenting on kasam page…i miss u r comment in kasam family….

  21. ?I am sure that imli is doing a drama of falling down so that vivaan can feel pitty on her of losing her baby and that he doesn’t go with Chakor. I am happy cause vivaan will be in the ?sadness of losing the baby and sukor will start their love story. Hoping for sukor in the future ????

  22. Kalika i like ur comments

  23. Chakor-Vivaan

    Yarr..That selfish imli..Is coming between vikor..Yar,Go away Imli, nobody likes you…I want vikor…

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