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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Arjun that she could not take kids to Aazaadgunj. Arjun says they can take Abha’s friend’s help, he is ACP. Babu sees Arjun and wonders whom is Arjun talking to, where is Chakor. Chakor tells the address to Arjun to come. Babu goes to hear them and Munna stops him. Chakor says I will leave. Munna says Chakor is not here. Babu sees Arjun has gone. Sunny says Chakor is very smart and they leave from there. Babu says that girl fooled us again.

Vaibhavi asks Babu how can this happen, did Chakor not come there, now I have to use police to find her. Arjun talks to inspector and tells about organ racket. He asks for help. The inspector Singh says he can free the kids and asks Arjun to take them to Lucknow or Aazaadgunj. Arjun thanks him. Singh says Abha is my

old friend, and asks about the address, is it confirmed. Arjun says yes, I will wait outside. He leaves his diary there. Singh says he will make a call and just come.

Chakor tells Amma ji that Arjun is bringing some police officer and we will go Aazaadgunj. The kids get glad. Amma hugs Chakor and smiles. She hugs the kids and says you all will meet your parents. Soham says we are glad, but we will miss Chakor. Chakor shows Soham’s wallet she took and they laugh.

Singh calls Vaibhavi and says he is sending all the kids to her, and then she can take the kids, and reminds her to give him 2 crores. The constable hears this and gets shocked. Vaibhavi asks him not to worry. Singh sees Arjun’s diary there and keeps it back. The constable writes a note and keeps it in Arjun’s diary. He prays Arjun sees the note on time. Singh takes diary and leaves.

Abha gets to know all the kids are there. Arjun says yes, Chakor told me, I m going to meet them in some time. Abha says I m very happy, when villagers hear this, they will be glad. Arjun says ACP Singh is good person, he is helping us, we will come with kids to Aazaadgunj soon. Abha ends call. Singh gives the diary to Arjun and they leave. Arjun puts the diary there. Amma talks to Chakor and everyone. Tamasha jokes and Amma beats him. Tamasha says he can’t see kids’ pain. Amma says Lord gives small pain before big happiness.

Soham gets Arjun’s call. Arjun says I m reaching with ACP in one hour. Soham tells this to everyone and they dance happily. Chakor tells Amma ji that she is going to pack her bag. Amma ji says no one will go, items are not necessary. Chakor says I want to know about that box’s relation with Aazaadgunj, you did a lot for me, let me do something for you. Soham says yes, we all want to know. Sunny asks Soham to get Amma’s belongings. Amma says fine, be careful and come soon, Babu’s men are finding you all, she will make the kids unite with their parents.

Tejaswini gets ready. Ranjana says I heard you were insulted a lot in jail. Tejaswini says right, but I promised myself, I will win as a queen now and snatch seat from Bhaiya ji. Ranjana asks what about husband duty. Tejaswini says she did a lot for him, now he wants domination. Ranjana asks is she wishing to stand against her. Tejaswini smiles and says no, we have to be united to win. Ranjana smiles and says great, I m glad seeing you like this, I want to hug you. Ranjana hugs her and thinks she freed Tejaswini to settle scores with Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini thinks she understood Ranjana’s plan, first she will take revenge from Bhaiya ji.

Soham and Chakor come to see Amma’s items. Chakor says she will meet her mum as Chakor and rest in her mum’s lap. Soham says great, we shall leave soon. Arjun comes there with ACP. Singh asks about the lane and quarter. The man says car won’t go in that lane. Singh says fine and goes with Arjun. Chakor and Soham see the police jeep and look for Arjun. Chakor gets the note. Chakor asks whats this, and asks Soham to read. Soham reads that ACP is with the gang and tells Chakor. They get shocked and run to save the kids. Singh and Arjun reach the place.

Singh says I think no one is inside, I think we have to break the door. Arjun says no, they will get scared. Singh says no, I have done many raids like this and breaks the door. They don’t find anyone there. Arjun gets shocked.

Singh and Arjun try finding the kids by a trained dog. The dog takes them somewhere.

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