Udaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Udaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kusum taunting Chakor. Chakor asks her to focus on herself. The jailer takes pics with them. The man welcomes Bhaiya ji as chief guest. Reporter asks him about Vaibhavi’s case and Bhaiya ji sends him. Imli asks Kasturi to get up and see Chakor’s match. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha come to encourage Chakor. Bhaiya ji smiles and thinks in FB about planning to kill Chakor. The man tells him about a flag which will activate the bomb after coming in 5 meter range. Bhaiya ji laughs. The man says we will hand this flag to Chakor and she will die.

The race begins. Chakor runs holding the flag. Her leg wound starts bleeding. Soham gets Rocky’s call and asks where is he, he is calling him since 2 days. Rocky says I was talking to people about Chakor’s bail, its bad news, she won’t

get bail soon. Soham says its good news, jailer promised if Chakor wins race, she will get freedom, and Chakor will win.

Rocky asks how can this happen, the lawyers said this can’t happen, jailer can’t do this, take Chakor out from there, I think its something wrong, its risk to her life, jailer is playing double game, take her out of race, I will reach there. Soham gets shocked. Sunny asks what did Rocky say. Soham says he said Chakor’s life is in danger. They get shocked. Soham says we have to stop Chakor, she has run ahead, we have to run behind her. Nayantara asks Arjun to see Kusum, she looks bad. Arjun says I know this girl, she is Kusum, how did she reach there. Bhagya asks him to focus. They smile. Chakor drinks water and Kusm stops her. Kusum scolds her and runs.

Bhagya asks why did Kusum make water fall. Arjun says Chakor will win. They all cheer for Chakor. Chakor gets tired and asks for water. She goes to take water. Kusum makes water bottles fall. Chakor sits tired. Bhuvan asks her to get up. Kasturi wakes up and ask what happened. Chakor recalls Sunny’s words and imagines Kasturis bad state. She starts running fast and the commentator praises her. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha run after her to stop her. Everyone cheer for Chakor.

Dadi asks Kasturi to come and see Chakor on tv. She helps Kasturi and takes her. Chakor gets tired and stops. Kasturi sees her on tv and gets happy. Chakor says I will run in hungry state for my mum. Kasturi smiles. Imli asks Kasturi to have food and have the food plate. Yeh houlson ki udaan hai…………..plays………..

Kusum falls and Chakor jumps over her. She asks her to focus on goal and runs. Nayantara asks Kasturi to eat food. The bomb gets activated as Chakor runs towards the finish lines. The bomb blasts as Chakor goes in range. They all get shocked. Bhaiya ji smiles. Arjun, Kasturi, Bhuvan, Abha and all villagers see this on tv and are shocked. Kasturi shouts Chakor. They all see Chakor fallen on the ground in bad state. Kusum also gets shocked. Kasturi cries seeing Chakor.

Bhaiya ji sees Chakor. Baa and all villagers see him. Kasturi faints in shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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