Udaan 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhaiya ji threatens Imli

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Imli to give good news to everyone, they are coming back. She gets shocked. She says its really good news, I will plan a welcome. He says do arrangements of our grand wedding. Imli acts sweet. He ends call. Imli thinks of Bhaiya ji’s words. Suraj and Chakor go downstairs. They all throw Ranvijay’s name board. Ranvijay’s mum says my husband will get soul peace today. Kavya shows the new nameplate of Malini Pratap Singh name. Chakor and Suraj fix it. They all clap. Kavya says now our identity is by our mum’s name. Preeti says we got free from bondage, we can live freely now, there is no one to scare me. Kavya says Chakor taught us to face fear. Preeti plays song Aye dil….. They all dance. Suraj hugs the baby in Chakor’s womb and says baby will be naughty

like me. Chakor says baby should have looks like you, but mind should go on me. He says no, first baby should have mind like me, its fine if second child has crazy mind like you, else how would you like a crazy man like me. They hug.

They all dine and eat their fav food. Ranvijay’s mum says Suraj is my son and son in law too. Suraj says let me stay as son in law, as son in law is treated well. They laugh. Preeti shows rakhi to Suraj as Ranvijay always gave them sorrow. Kavya says we always got sad, we want to tie rakhi to our brother. They ask him to bhai dooj ritual. They do rituals and tie rakhi to Suraj and Chakor. Kavya says Chakor protected us like an elder brother does. Suraj says you tied rakhi but I have no gift to give. Ranvijay’s mum says you gave them a new life, freedom, courage, what can be bigger gift than this. Suraj hugs them.

Preeti says but I want a gift, when Chakor Bhabhi’s godh bharai happens, you will call us. Suraj says sure. They take blessings. Chakor stumbles. Suraj holds her. Ranvijay’s mum says its not a good shagun, go in evening. Suraj says its nothing such till elders’ blessings are with us, I booked a taxi, just bless us. Chakor agrees. She says everyone is waiting, even our Imli. They leave.

Bhaiya ji slaps Imli. He asks what, Chakor is coming back, I was mistaken that I separate Chakor from Suraj, you are saying this, you don’t deserve to rule, when they come here, they shouldn’t know what’s happening, you will become old Imli, serve them. He threatens her. She goes. He says she is a liar, whom shall I trust.

Suraj and Chakor are on the way to Aazandgunj. She says I can’t believe we are going back, I will focus on family. Suraj says its time our dreams complete. She says yes, we will treasure our happiness. He says yes, there is one work now, we have to find that murderer who have thrown you in river. She says I feel scared, whenever we travel together, something wrong happens. He says nothing will happen, I booked taxi so that I can look in your eyes. The driver stops the car and goes to argue with other driver. They fight. Suraj goes to see. Police takes the driver. Suraj says everything got spoiled, police arrested driver, its because of you, if you think bad, bad will happen. She says don’t argue, see this happened as we were together. He asks will we go on honeymoon separately. He asks her to sit inside the car, he will find another car. She says car should be good, and driver should be good also. Imli gets Chakor’s pic and shouts she will not leave Chakor, she will rule in entire village, everyone will take her name, if Chakor comes in her way, if she tries to spoil her game…. she burns the pic. She says I will burn her, she can’t rule, just I will rule here. Bhaiya ji looks on.

Chakor praises Suraj. He asks her to praise him more. The man says work will be done. Truck races towards them. Suraj and Chakor stand in middle of the road and have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    Like the raakhi n nhok jhok cant take this Imli anymore

  2. It was a sweet uplifting episode, I’ll miss Preeti, Kavya and their mom. Sukor were very cute while bickering. Suraj was so funny while imitating Chakor, and when he said they should go to their honeymoon separately.

  3. Aleya.marzan

    this is getting awesome but imli aa gayiii

  4. Sukor nok jhoks were soooo cute. After a long time. Will miss preeti alot but I’m sure she might be invited to Chakor’s ghod barai. They called Chakor Babhi and Suraj baiyya. Kavya and Preeti turned out to be the only true sisters of Suraj. Cant wait for tomorrow.

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