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The Episode starts with Chakor telling Tejaswini to stay outside her house, Lord will send the angel for her. Tejaswini says how will I stay here, I m scared. Chakor says no one will do anything, villagers are good, you won’t need to stay here all night. Tejaswini worries of Ragini. Chakor says nothing will happen. Suraj asks what is happening. Chakor asks him not to talk in between. She makes a shade and asks Tejaswini to sleep here, everything will be fine till morning, Tejaswini can call my parents if she needs anything. Suraj says no need. I will stay here. Tejaswini says yes. Chakor signs her. Tejaswini asks him to go. Suraj says what are you saying, I will be here. Chakor says Tejaswini will worry for her. Suraj says let Ragini come. Chakor asks whom will you manage if Ragini comes here. Tejaswini

says go haveli, you will get me from here in morning. Chakor says don’t worry, you will be in safe place till morning. Suraj says its matter of one night, we will take you home, take care. Kasturi and Bhuvan see Tejaswini. Chakor sees them.

Kasturi asks Bhuvan why is Chakor making Tejaswini sleep outside our house. Suraj asks Chakor about her idea. Chakor says I got this idea from your mummy, she made me sleep in stable in childhood. Suraj and Chakor leave. Imli finds Suraj worried and says how will Tejaswini stay there, no one is ready to help her, what did you think. Chakor says with Kasturi and Bhuvan. Imli says but they refused. Chakor says you don’t know them as I know, have patience and see, they can’t see anyone in problem. Imli says you made Tejaswini out of home so that they understand, I wish it happens as you want, tell Suraj, maybe his pain will get less.

Chakor goes to Suraj. Suraj says everyone does not think like you, the guy will be lucky whoever gets you, I mean I will pray you get a nice guy. She says I will pray you marry such girl who troubles you. Kasturi sees Tejaswini in problem. She says its Lord’s justice, Tejaswini has troubled Chakor a lot. Suraj worries as its raining and says I should go to mummy. Chakor says trust me, she will be fine. Kasturi sees Tejaswini in rain. Chakor is sure that Kasturi and Bhuvan’s anger will go, and they will do what she wants. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to shut window, water can come inside.

Kasturi says yes, you sleep. She sees Tejaswini and shuts window. Tejaswini sits crying. Suraj is restless. Chakor stops him and thinks if Suraj goes there, mum and dad will not help Tejaswini. She acts to get hurt and stops Suraj. He asks what happened. She says its foot sprain. He asks how suddenly. She says I was walking towards you, its aching a lot, help me. He lifts her and takes her to bed. He says I m going. She asks him to stop, and get medicine. He says you got hurt and don’t know how is mummy. He applies spray. She shouts and says I m getting dizzy. She acts to faint.

He worries for her. He realizes she is acting and holds her foot. He asks how did you get conscious, you fainted right. He asks her why is she doing this, and not letting him go to his mum, why does she show worry and then acting. She says yes, I was waiting because…. He says I don’t want to hear it, I m leaving. She says he will regret if he goes there, I can’t let him regret.

Kasturi goes to Tejaswini and says come with me. She takes Tejaswini inside her house. Tejaswini cries. Bhuvan thinks her state is bad, if we did not support her, what is difference between her and us, Chakor said right, Kasturi did right to get her home. Tejaswini says I will not forget this favor all my life. Bhuvan says Kasturi would have done this for anyone. Kasturi gets clothes and towel for Tejaswini. She asks her to go and change, and gives her space to live. Suraj and Chakor come there. Suraj worries for Tejaswini and says did anyone take her, Chakor its your responsibility. Chakor worries. She smiles seeing her house. He asks why are you smiling. She says come with me. She takes him to her house. She sees Tejaswini sleeping peacefully and smiles. She asks Suraj to come and see. Chakor smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…..plays…….

Bhaiya ji tells villagers that he will make them free, but thee is a condition, explain Chakor to give divorce to Suraj and stay in village. Servant tells Suraj about the proposal Bhaiya ji gave to villagers. Chakor asks what proposal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. Amrutha

      So nice thanku for giving this link. I am a big fan of sukor.

  1. love sukor

  2. Love sukor scene and suraj care for her and yeah how suraj told her that she is anice girl and deserve nice guy believe me suraj u r a nice guy and perfect for chakor

  3. According to saas bahu and suspense report kn says that chakor has started loving suraj inside…????????

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Yah it’s true know ankur,in today’s episode see by covering his word suraj says that she will get a good guy .then Chakor face expression really sad and anger.

  4. want sukor fall in love…????

  5. Right ankur and kn will be the first person to understand there love feelings for each other

  6. nice episode…plz writer more sukor screen par romantic wala..

  7. What happened to chakors athletic mean running carrier?

  8. iam silent reader of this page.
    shall i join??
    chokor said to suraj she will pray to god to get a girl who trouble him.she started loving him she also troubling him like that

  9. wowwwww….sukor watt a luvly scene!!! I watched the whole scene without blink my eyessss…. luv u guyzzz….ummahhhaaa….

  10. Amrutha

    I love sukor. I am really excited to see chakor brings the divorce matter, want to see suraj face.Wow this serial is best because of chakor only. Waiting for their nok-jhok and tashan .

  11. The Sukor scenes today were so cute. It was adorable to see how concerned Suraj got about Chakor. He took care of her which shows he has changed. Knowing the old him would have just left her to suffer. I have to say though Chakor’s acting made me laugh. As well as the scene where Suraj was complimenting Chakor on her kindness, and he was talking about how he wished the best for. I couldn’t help but laugh at how angry Chakor got. I personally think it is because of the fact that she refuses to think about her life without him, as she is beginning to love him. Although it’s sad that Suraj thinks he’s not good enough for her. Sure he has made mistakes, but he has redeemed himself. He has changed and has good in him.

  12. Me too thought that chakor didn’t like when suraj talked abt some other guy tats y she replied like tat.. BT I really wished tat suraj the first one who understand his feelings for chakor

  13. Love sukor.. Waiting for today’s episode…

  14. Im definately sure tejaswi and angel that chakor has started to feel for him and suraj too..???

  15. Tejaswiteju

    Yah it right ankur,both are showing their affections and caring unknowingly they fall in love with each other,but how they understand their feelings is suspense

  16. Sukor rocks actually their nokejoke is cute than vimli romance.I thnk vimli is overacting sukor is perfect one….bt I’m eagerly waiting for their lovestory yaaar….jst start plzzz…..

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