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The Episode starts with Chakor running on the track thinking about her family. Aditya and Vivaan cheer her up. She comes back to the mark in 20secs. Vivana says great Chakor. Aditya says we will call you Miss Milkha Singh, he made record to run in Olympics. Chakor says Sir did not tell me how I ran. Abha says you go and ask him. Chakor asks Arjun how did she run, can she take part in race. Arjun says yes, you can take part. Everyone get happy. The kids jump happily. Imli brings Bhuvan, Kasturi and Dadi to meet Ishwar. They ask why is she taking them and where. She makes cat sound. Ishwar comes to them, and they are shocked. They think about him and get scared.

Ishwar says they have come to take them to Lucknow. Bhuvan scolds Imli and asks her to come home. Ishwar stops him and explains them of the

bright future. He asks them to have courage. Bhuvan says I know what you are doing is for us, and gave good life to Chakor, but this is madness. Ishwar asks them to be mad to win their freedom. Bhuvan says we are Bandhua. Ishwar says Chakor got admission and she got chance to take part in running race, she will erase all your stamps, she will end Bandhua laborhood, atleast come to see her in the race, seeing her win.

Bhuvan and Kasturi can’t believe it. Ishwar encourages them to come, and says maybe Chakor won’t such chance again. Kasturi says yes, this is the chance to burn the Raavan’s lanka. She says Bhaiya ji killed people, he is a devil. We are such insects for him. She says this is the time to help all villagers and not think, come to Lucknow with me. Ishwar says your wife is right, Lord has sent her to show way to you. Bhuvan says did Chakor make my name shine. Ishwar says yes, show some courage. Bhuvan cries and asks when is the bus for Sitapur. Ishwar says morning 5am.

The kids have a talk. Abha says she will make all snacks at home. Vivaan says its good plan, I was thinking can she make everything at home. Aditya says yes. Chakor asks what happened Vivaan, does your mum not cook. Vivaan thinks how to say my mum does not cook. Aditya says you told me she cooks that day. Vivaan says yes. Abha asks him to come. Vivaan says I can’t come, as I did not inform my mum. Abha says its fine, call her. Ranjana is with her friends playing cards and says Manohar has sent the diamond necklace for her on Diwali.

Vivaan calls her and she cuts the call. Vivaan calls again and again. Ranjana says don’t know, who is calling me, I m fed up of people selling things. Vivaan acts like informing his mum. He gives the phone to Abha. Abha says we will have fun. They laugh. The kids have a good time at Ishwar’s home. Vivaan acts like Arjun and they laugh. Chakor shows Arjun’s eye brows are high like this. Abha brings samosas, cake and snacks. Abha says Ishwar called and said your family will be here tomorrow morning. Chakor gets happy and says she will give her cake. Abha asks her to cut by knife. Vivaan says practice and you will do it well till next year.

Chakor says you think I can’t do it. She cuts the cake and Vivaan smiles. She uses fork and makes Abha eat it. Vivaan is surprised. He says you have become expert. Aditya says welcome to Rawat family, Chakor shocked us by anything daily. Chakor asks did you think I m fool. Vivaan says no Mata and they smile. Ranjana comes there and says Vivaan….. Ranjana says how can Vivaan come here without telling me. Abha says he called you. Vivaan says he called her and she did not take his call as always. Ranjana says she does not take call from unknown numbers. Abha says kids don’t have phone, and can take others phone to call.

Ranjana says rich kids have security and cars and taunts Abha. Chakor asks if Vivaan comes here, is it anything bad that you got angry. Ranjana asks her to be away from her. She asks Abha not to call Vivaan at home, till Chakor is here. She says lets go Vivaan. Chakor takes his pencil box and stops him. He comes to take it and she him the snacks asking him to eat on the way. They smile. Music plays……………….. He leaves.

Bhuvan and everyone leave in the Sitapur bus hiding their faces.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. vivan,aditya,imli,chakor are so cute

    1. Yea.i hate vivan though.he acts like a man

      1. I don’t think so, to me he is just mature

  2. Is that village some sort of a boarding school or what that ppo cant leave without permition from the headmaster bhaiyaji:|

    1. Ennit.stupid rule

  3. I don’t think so, to me he is just mature

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