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The Episode starts with Ranjana saying there will be some solution that my son comes back to me. She checks photo album and gets Chakor and Vivaan’s pic. She smiles. Vivaan reads the letter. He says Chakor should get this. Ranjana comes and he gets angry. She says I got some pics, I will leave. She drops Chakor’s pic. Vivaan picks it and says its my pic, who is with me. She says Chakor, she is your best friend, she has grown up now and is staying here these days. He says I should meet her then. She says why not, I will make you arrangements.

Chakor is sad and talks to Dadi. Vivaan comes there with the letter. Vivaan hears Chakor crying and talking to her Dadi… He handsover the letter to her. Chakor gets very happy and hugs him, saying she knew he will come and help her being her friend. Vivaan

does not respond. Chakor thanks him.

Imli gives this bad news to Suraj that Chakor has got the letter. Suraj gets shocked and runs to his room. He checks for that letter in cupboard. Bhaiya ji gives sweets to Ranjana and she asks for banarasi sarees. Suraj comes and tells Bhaiya ji that someone has stolen that letter from the room and it reached Chakor. Bhaiya ji is shocked and says I will not leave anyone. He calls all servants and fumes. He asks about the letter stolen from Suraj’s room. Ranjana recalls Vivaan had that letter and worried. Tejaswini notices Ranjana and smiles.

Chakor takes that letter and fills the form. She tells Aditya that she will send back the form. She gives that to Aditya. She says I could not stop Bhaiya ji from becoming sports minister. He says don’t lose courage, you will get many chances. She says yes, I will go home now. She leaves.

Suraj comes and stops her way. She asks why is he stopping her way. Suraj looks on angrily. He asks how did you get that letter back and aims gun at her.

Chakor says that’s my letter, you stole it from me, you have no right to ask me how I got my letter. He says I got cheated, tell me the name. she says it was not cheat, its good that happened, don’t do anything, else your dad will not be able to take oath. She scolds him. He fumes and she smiles taunting him. She leaves and Suraj shoots on the ground.

Tejaswini sees Ranjana nervous and taunts her about the letter thief. Ranjana says I did not know anything. Tejaswini calls her thief. Ranjana says don’t talk nonsense, I m worried for Kamal ji. Tejaswini says no, there is something, I found out that…. You have sent Vivaan to Chakor’s house, and then he returned back soon, just Vivaan can give that letter. Ranjana says he did not do anything. Tejaswini says he will tell us, come, we will ask him, he loves me more and calls me Maa. Ranjana gets tensed.

Chakor gets ready and talks to Kasturi. Aditya says Suraj and Bhaiya ji should not know about our press conference. Chakor says Bhaiya ji is busy with his oath taking ceremony, they will not care about our conference. He says if anyone comes, I will keep my cameras ready. Imli hears this and says its very imp to find out about this press conference.

Chakor says I will practice hard to win national marathon. Suraj shoots on ground and says you can’t win the race, I will not let you practice in Aazaadgunj. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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