Udaan 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj finds Imli alive

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The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor how did she return. Chakor says this was a drama, I did this to trap you. Imli says you can’t do this. Chakor says you tricked me and made me drink bhaang, so I decided to fool you, how did you like it. Imli gets shocked and laughs. She asks her to go and tell everyone that she has seen Imli. She says villagers will send you to a big mental asylum, you will get electric shocks there. Chakor says you will get a shock now. Vivaan comes. Imli gets shocked and says Vivaan, even you…. He says yes, I knew it. She says you both are fools, you both can’t harm me, I have filled poison in Suraj’s heart, Suraj is not of Chakor now, even if Chakor tries to explain Suraj, their marriage relation will be ruined.

Chakor says my relation is not so weak, Suraj will

understand everything on his own, he doesn’t need to hear an explanation. Suraj, Tejaswini, Bhuvan, Kasturi, Saanvi and Girja come home. They get shocked seeing Imli. Suraj gives Saanvi to Kasturi. He walks to Imli. Imli gets tensed and says no, this can’t happen, you cheated me, you ruined my game, I won’t go easily, else I will take you along. She gets a knife and attacks…. Suraj holds her hand.

Suraj says no Imli, you have done enough drama, its enough, its over. Imli says no, Imli Devi can’t die easily, you all are my bandhua, I will ruin your life. Suraj hits on her head. She faints. Chakor says you gave me 5 days, I have found Imli, look at her, now do you trust me, you all will believe me now. Suraj says I made a big mistake to not believe you. Chakor says Vivaan, lock Imli in the room, this time she must not run. Vivaan says this time she won’t be able to move. He lifts Imli and takes her. Chakor says its time for Saanvi’s food, I will feed her, go home, the drama is over. Kasturi says our fate is bad, Imli is alive, life should be spent in peace, with family. Chakor says yes, there will be just happiness and peace in this house now. She sees Suraj. Mahiya….plays…. She goes. Kasturi and others leave. Suraj gets thinking.

Vivaan locks up Imli and says 7 years, now its my turn. He says Chakor, I locked Imli, did Saanvi sleep. She says yes, will Imli run again. He asks her not to worry. Suraj asks them to end their game now, as they have caught Imli. Chakor asks are you not happy. Suraj asks should I get happy, I did mistake to not believe you, you also did mistake, you acted mad and didn’t tell me, you made plan with Vivaan, did you think what I went through. She says I can understand, I was helpless, I tried to tell you many times, you didn’t believe me. He says Vivaan is there to believe you, you played this drama and didn’t tell me, why, you believe Vivaan more than your husband and parents.

Vivaan asks what cheap things are you saying. Suraj asks him not to talk between husband and wife. Chakor says you got Vivaan between and now you are blaming him, he is my friend, you are my husband, I told this to you first, you didn’t believe me, what did you do, you gave me a challenge and went, is this conduct of a good husband. He says fine, I m not a good husband, your friend is good, stay with him. She shouts Suraj, what did you say, I couldn’t think you could say this, aren’t you ashamed. He says I didn’t wish to say this. She says stop it, I felt after we get Imli, I will get my place back in your heart, but you made me far, Imli wanted to make a wall between us, I have won today but I lost because of you, and Imli has won despite losing. She goes. Suraj says I didn’t mean that, Chakor….. Vivaan goes.

Vivaan thinks of Imli and pours ice in water. Suraj comes to clarify his words spoken in anger. Vivaan asks him not to worry, they will be friends always. He says take Chakor and Saanvi out, I m here to take care of Imli well. Suraj says law will look after her, she will go jail. Vivaan says you think Imli will live in jail. They hear the villagers shouting. Vivaan asks Suraj to manage them. He smiles seeing the cold water. Vivaan goes to Imli and pours water on her. She gets conscious and sees him. She says you here….. what will you do now. He sits there and shows a gun. She gets tensed. He points the gun at her. Imli gets shocked.

Imli says I wanted to become a mum, my wounds got fresh seeing your daughter. Chakor threatens to kill her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’ve not watched this episode yet but I’m eager to watch
    Finally Chakor won

  2. They should send Imli to jail, nothing good will come from locking her in a room. I’m surprised Chakor didn’t call the police,
    It’s good that both Sukor aired their grievances, this is the only way to move forward.
    Does Chakor’s talk at the end mean that Imli will try to hurt Saanvi and this will bring her end?

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