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The Episode starts with Suraj shouting Vivaan. Vivaan says you are shouting like a hungry dog, it means you want money from me. Suraj says I will beat your bones and scolds Chakor. Kasturi says we are not bandhua now, don’t raise voice. Chakor says yes, talk with respect. Suraj says I can’t give more respect than this. Chakor asks Vivaan not to give anything to Suraj, then he will sell his car and jacket. Vivaan says I m thinking to give money as charity to orphanage. Suraj says you will die. Vivaan says you injured me once, if you beat me again, I will make you beg for money. Suraj says fine, tell me what do you want. They smile.

Vivaan comes home and meets Ranjana. She is glad seeing him. Vivaan says Chakor is fine, I will marry her, and she will come and stay in this haveli, right Suraj. Ranjana

says great. Tejaswini asks Suraj how did Vivaan come here, tell me. Ranjana taunts Tejaswini and says your Suraj has set down.

Suraj asks Vivaan for the money, and says I have released your mum, and let you come back home. He gets a call. Vivaan says your accountant is calling, answer it. Suraj answers call and gets angry. He says you just gave 10 lakhs to me. Vivaan says yes, you want me to give everything and then you rule on us, I was always smarter, this money is enough for you, I m giving you salary for being good, do as I say, you will get money. Suraj says you are playing with fire, you will get burnt. Vivaan says this fire is heat of blown off coal. He smiles and leaves. Tejaswini calls Girja and says what I have hidden since many years, its time to get that.

Chakor asks people not to worry of Suraj, they all are free, loans are paid, but they have to work hard, else how will they earn, we should use freedom in right way. Chagan is worried and tells Chakor that he does not know how to get Imli out of Suraj’s dreams, I m worried. Chakor says if she has a loving friend like you, I m sure nothing will happen. Vivaan comes and asks Chakor to come fast, storm is coming. She asks what storm. Vivaan says pandit is seeing kundlis and finding mahurat to tie you to me. Chagan laughs. Chakor says I changed my decision. Vivaan says pandit won’t get Dakshina then. She smiles and goes. Chagan asks Vivaan not to leave Chakor’s hand.

Tejaswini gets a file and tells Suraj that I will prove you are better than Bhaiya ji, you will leave mark on this village. He says her words won’t matter. She gives him property papers, and says Bhaiya ji did not know about this, the land price is over 100 crores now. He gets shocked and checks papers. He smiles and says you made me happy. She asks him to be happy and smile.

Pandit checks kundlis and says all Grahs are matching. Ranjana and everyone smile. Chakor and Vivaan joke. Pandit says there is no mahurat withing 3 years. Chakor asks what, is there no date before. Pandit says its after two weeks, you can’t do arrangements. Chakor and Vivaan says we will do arrangements. Ranjana smiles. Bhuvan says it will be very soon. Pandit says you should not delay in good work, if bride and groom are ready, then get them married. Chakor says yes, I mean do as pandit ji is saying. Kasturi says yes, we will do arrangements. Bhuvan says its just 2 weeks. Kasturi says we will manage. Vivaan asks Chakor do you have hurry to love me. She says yes, there are less good guys in village. He says not village, in the world. They smile.

Imli is unwell. Servant says what will happen, if Suraj could not do anything. Suraj gives him sweets and asks him to get car, I have to go Delhi. Imli asks why. Servant feeds sweets to Imli. She gets vomit. Suraj gets shocked and asks what happened to him. Imli recalls how Suraj met her on her birthday. Suraj was drunk and got intimate with her. She thinks I was afraid for this to happen, I have Suraj’s baby in my womb, what shall I do now. Servant asks Imli why are you vomiting, was there something in Suraj’s sweets. Suraj asks are you unwell, I m going for good work, if this work is done, my treasure will be full of money. Servant says leave Imli, she is really unwell, car is ready. Imli stops Suraj. He asks what is it. She worries. He asks her to say, else I will slap you. Servant asks Suraj to go.

Suraj leaves in the car. Servant asks Imli to stop this drama. She cries. Vivaan sees her and asks where is Suraj going. She says Delhi. He asks why are you crying, did Suraj say anything bad, I will see him, tell me, he can’t trouble you, you are not his servant now, you are my Saali. She shouts on him and asks him to spare Suraj now. She goes crying. He says I don’t understand Imli.

Imli recalls Suraj and her celebrating her birthday. He gives her a chocolate and asks her to come with him to haveli. She says I did not eat such sweet chocolate before. They both get drunk. She says you are also sweet. She says you started saying poetry. Thundering sounds. She gets scared and hugs him. He looks at her and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. It starts raining. He says we should find place to stay, its raining, come with me. She recalls and cries.

Suraj and Imli stand in rain and fall down in the grass shade. Suraj says I m seeing you close for the first time, you are very beautiful. She says my mum says beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He says your mum says right. She recalls how Suraj got close to her, and cries.

Imli goes to Suraj and cries. He asks her what does she want to say. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child. He gets shocked and scolds her. She swears she is saying truth. He asks her to go to Lucknow and abort the baby. He warns her that no one should know about it. She gets shocked and cries.

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