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The Episode starts with Bhavani’s men coming to the temple to make the wall. Arjun, Abha and the kids keep an eye there. Lakhan comes and stops them. The men think this is good chance and go inside the tunnel. Lakhan says Arjun, no one is permitted here and tells this to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor what is she planning now. Abha says they are just kids, they wanted to see Devi’s miracle, forgive them. Arjun says the same. Bhaiya ji says fine, just this time, next time he will punish them. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to be careful. Lakhan says don’t worry. The men tie the cloth around the wall. The men see the cloth has moved away, Bhaiya ji will not leave us, how will we make wall. The man calls Bhavani. Bhagya looks at the phone.

Bhagya answers the call and the man tells the problem. Bhagya does

not hear anything. Bhavani comes and Bhagya hides the phone. Bhavani scares Bhagya and asks her to come. Bhaiya ji reminds Tejaswini that they are just medium to bring Devi avatar. Abha asks Chakor to do something. Chakor takes permission from Tejaswini. Tejaswini says Devi came on Chakor.

Bhavani asks Devi to make the wall and scares her. She leaves. Chakor comes to Bhagya and asks her not to make the wall. Bhagya shows the phone. She asks whose phone is this. Bhaiya ji asks Bhavani to keep an eye on Chakor. Bhavani asks Chakor to leave. Chakor takes the phone and Bhavani scolds her. Chakor runs with the phone. Bhavani fills Bhaiya ji’s ears against Chakor. Chakor tells everyone that Bhagya gave the phone and wanted to say something. Arjun says she will have some reason. Bhavani asks Bhaiya ji to control Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to shut Chakor, till Devi shows miracle.

Lakhan asks Chakor to come along, and Vivaan stops him. Lakhan asks them to come along. Chakor thinks how will they help Bhagya and says she will go alone. She goes with Lakhan. Imli asks where did Lakhan take her. Vivaan says to shut her in temple. Imli says but why. Vivaan says we have to find some way. Arjun says we have to bring her out, to know what Bhagya wanted to say. Imli says Sheru will help. Chakor says why did Bhagya give me this phone and the man calls. She takes the call and comes to know everything about Bhavani hiring them to show Devi’s miracle. She ends the call and says Bhagya tried to tell me its Bhavani’s phone. She thinks how to inform everyone.

The men think how to make the wall and start discussing how to make the tunnel. Imli asks Sheru to go and help them in freeing Chakor. Sheru barks at the guards and they run. The kids laugh. The guards tell Lakhan about Sheru. Bhaiya ji says whats Sheru doing here and goes to see. He sees Arjun opening the lock. Everyone get tensed seeing Bhaiya ji. Chakor hides and see the men digging the wall and coming inside the temple.

Ishwar and Vishnu see the video is not clear, all his hardwork got waste.

Update Credit to: Amena

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