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The Episode starts with Ishwar telling Chakor about Arjun and Bhagya’s marriage. He says he will take her along and she smiles. Manohar tells everything to Bhaiya ji in jail and says he will kill Arjun. Bhaiya ji says you just speak big, I would have been out of jail if you did anything. He cans Babu and asks about Chakor. He says Chakor is still alive. Babu asks him not to worry. Bhaiya ji invites him in marriage. Manohar asks him why is he inviting Babu in marriage. Bhaiya ji says marriage won’t happen, Babu can come here in arrangements, he will get Ishwar’s home empty and you can search for documents, and Chakor will come in marriage, if she gets killed there, marriage will automatically stop. Manohar smiles.

Ishwar takes Chakor and they leave for Aazaadgunj. She takes balloons for Bhagya.

She recalls how the girls have troubled her. She says the girls are not letting her run in the race. He asks her not to get upset, she will win the race. Chakor says she will fight to free bonded labor, but the girls does not like me, I don’t know the reason, I don’t even know them. He says maybe they are jealous of you. She asks what. He says you are small, and better than them. He explains them not to get in anyone’s words and bend, she has to win and go ahead of them, show your talent, prove to them. He asks them to be clever and defend herself, you will bring them to right path. He explains her well.

The girls eat sweets. Geetha plans against Chakor and says let her come back, we will see how she ends the race. Bhaiya ji tells his plan to Manohar. Manohar comes home. Baa gives him cold drink. He asks her to rest and shows guest list Vivaan gave him, and asks if she has any guest. She says no, just villagers. He says he will invite few of his friends. Baa gets in his words and agrees. Manohar laughs after she leaves.

Few men take the balloons. Chakor says give it, its for Bhagya. Ishwar asks them to return. Chakor says we will get some other gift. He says she has to fight with evil. Be it small or big, and goes after the guys. Ishwar tries to get the balloons and the men tease him. Ishwar holds his hand and races the car. He takes the balloons and asks him not to do this, he can kill him under his car, but he did not, he is not even wearing helmet, did he come to die. He scolds them and asks them to go. He gives balloons to Chakor and she smiles. She says she did not see him doing this, but she felt glad. He laughs and says its not bad to fight to obtain your thing. She says he told what to do with the girls. He laughs and she smiles seeing the balloons. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……….plays…………..

Babu’s goon comes in haveli as helper and talks to Lakhan. Ishwar brings Chakor there. Chakor likes the decorations. Girja and Vivaan ask her to make Bhagya ready. Ishwar sees the goon and stops him, saying he has seen him somewhere. The goon makes faces and Ishwar tries to recall.

Chakor asks Ishwar from whose side is he. Ishwar says Bhagya. Vivaan says even I m from Bhagya. Chakor says I will be from Arjun’s side. Vivaan asks her to think enmity will be costly with him. Chakor says enmity? They laugh.

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