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The Episode starts with Peter’s funeral going on. Everyone cry. Chakor thinks she will find the culprit. Khasta tells Khanna that his circus is dying, murders are happening in circus, its not entertaining anyone. Ronnie says yes, it’s a curse. The people ask Khanna to shut this circus. Chakor says circus did not kill Peter, that killer will win if Khanna shuts circus. Khasta asks why is she saying in between. Chakor says we should not break our courage, show should happen well, so that we find that killer, and he knows we won’t fail. Om says yes.

Chakor gives the note to Khanna, which fell from Peter’s hands. Khanna reads it and asks Chakor does she want to do show even after reading this. Chakor says yes. Khasta asks her is she mad, that string that came in her way was a warning, what will

she do if this happens again. Chakor says nothing will happen, I will do the show. He says no one will support you, everyone love their life.

Om says I will support Chakor. I will find the killer. Megha slaps him and says I already lost Peter, I don’t want to lose you. Vishaka says killer always killed runner. Megha argues with her and says you are not a mother to know emotions. Chakor says Peter used to say show must go on. Everyone support Khanna.

Shankar sees Chakor’s pic. Bhaiya ji calls him and asks when will he do the work, he wants Chakor. Shankar says don’t worry. His phone battery goes. He takes his son’s phone and sees Chakor’s pic in it. He asks his son how do you know this girl. His son says she sells photos with the horse, near the market, I heard this horse is of rainbow circus. Shankar says it means this girl is circus.

Ranjana asks Vivaan to have food. He says I don’t want to have food, Bhaiya ji got mad and making kids bandhua, help me. Ranjana says I understand you. Tejaswini says sorry Vivaan, your mum can’t do anything, just Bhaiya ji and I do everything, ask your mum, she tried to fly a lot of times and her feathers were cut, and your dad was born without wings, he never tried to fly, his work is obeying Bhaiya ji. She leaves. Vivaan hugs Ranjana.

Chakor comes to Khasta and he gets shocked. She asks did I scare you. He says no, I get happy seeing you, what are you doing here. She says I came to see you. He scolds her and asks what if anything happens to you, go for the show now. She asks him to apply lep and goes.

Ram Singh brings kids for work. Manohar asks him to leave kids. Ram Singh says but Bhaiya ji will be angry. Manohar asks Munna’s mum to take him, as he is ill. Manohar slaps Ram singh. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini comes and asks Manohar not to decide for Bhaiya ji’s bandhua, he does not have right. Manohar fumes and leaves. Tejaswini sees Ranjana and smiles.

Chakor recalls Raju, Chakma and Peter. Ronnie gives her joker’s clothes and says it can be death for you. Chakor thanks her. He asks why did she come here to die. She says her village people are very brave, they don’t run like cowards. He says fine, its good you are risking life, your Salman’s show is also there today. Om comes there and asks Chakor is she ready. Chakor says I will get ready. Om asks whats Ronnie doing here. Ronnie says I was explaining her, but she is not understanding, do show well, best of luck. Om says Chakor you can leave the act. Chakor says I will do the show to catch killer.

Khanna welcomes everyone for Salman Yusuf Khan’s performance. Salman dances on Morya song. Chakor dresses as joker and says I m ready to catch the killer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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