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The Episode starts with everyone being shocked seeing Chakor’s fall. They all take her. Lakhan makes her lie on the bed. Bhuvan gets in shock. Lakhan scolds him. Bhuvan looks at Chakor. Imli asks Kasturi will she make Chakor fine. Kasturi cries and worries. She says she will try to make medicine. Chunni looks on. Kasturi tells Bhuvan that they all will die if anything happens to Chakor, he will be responsible. Chunni holds her hand and says I will help you too. Kasturi goes with Chunni/Choka.

Lakhan asks Bhuvan to see, wine ruins the family. Bhuvan feels guilty. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that he wants the property from Chakor’s name, which is not easy as Chakor is minor, Baa made Nayantara her guardian, so Nayantara will take all decisions. She says this is new problem, now that fake Chakor

is also useless. He gets lawyer Srivastav’s call. Srivastav says he wants to talk to Nayantara, he has to take her signs as she is Chakor’s guardian. Bhaiya ji tells this to Tejaswini and says Nayantara went out, I will inform her. He gets glad and says now you see what I do to win this lost game. He laughs.

Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………. Kasturi treats Chakor. Chunni says they should call doctor. Imli says Kasturi is not less than any doctor. Dadi says Choka said right, we should take Chakor to doctor. Bhuvan says no one will go anywhere. He takes Chakor. Dadi asks him to leave Chakor. Bhuvan takes Chakor to the temple. Kasturi and everyone run after him. Kasturi asks Bhuvan to leave her. Bhuvan makes Chakor lie down and prays. Lakhan says I feel Bhuvan got sense now, let him do this. Bhuvan prays and says Chakor is not my daughter, she is your blessing for us, she has brought light in the village. He apologizes and prays for Chakor. He says don’t punish my Chakor for my sins. He asks Lord to save Chakor.

Kasturi asks whats the use now, Chakor is here because of him. She says you did not hear Chakor. He says fine, I will sacrifice myself and wash my sins infront of Lord. Bhuvan slits his hand and blood falls. He prays for Chakor. They all get worried. The wind blows. Chunni runs to save the diya. Chakor’s hand moves. Chunni says I won’t let anything happen to Chakor. The diya gets stable. Chakor gets conscious and says Bapu…Maai…. They all get happy seeing Chakor opening her eyes.

Chakor gets up. Bhuvan apologizes to her. Chakor asks him did he quit drinking. He nods. The villagers get glad. Kasturi and Bhuvan hug Chakor. Lakhan asks Bhuvan to thank Lord. Bhuvan says he will die but not touch wine. They all smile. Kasturi cares for Bhuvan’s wound and does aid happily that he changed. He smiles and asks Chakor to see Kasturi, she was scolding him and now caring. Bhuvan lifts Chakor and they all thank Lord. Chunni recalls Chakor’s promise.

Chunni argues with Chakor about the bet. She says you want to live as Chakor, and I will be away. Chakor says I joked, I will break that bet condition, you wear this frock and become Chakor, stay with mum and dad. Chunni says I don’t want to become Chakor. Chakor asks why. Chunni says I m Chunni, I don’t have any identity, I want mum and dad’s love as Chunni, I want my right. Chakor worries.

Chunni asks Chakor to tell mum and dad that she is Chunni. She asks Chakor to stop this acting. Chakor says I promise I will get your rights.

Update Credit to: Amena

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