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Trishakti episode continued from 8pm….
Tejaswini provokes Vivaan to drink the milk, as even Chakor has left him. Chakor asks him not to drink that poison and tries to stop him. Vivaan could not control his restless and apologizes to Chakor. He drinks the drugged milk much to Chakor’s shock. Tejaswini gets glad to win again. Chakor cries. Tejaswini tells Vivaan that she cares for him, and everyone else is his enemies, even his real mother Ranjana. She reminds the day when Ranjana left him and since then she took care of Vivaan, that’s why she gave him these medicines, this is for his good, she will give this to him daily. He thanks her. She goes. He sees Chakor gone and gets sad.

Pinky shoots at Vasundara. Everyone get shocked.

Thapki lifted the gun on time and then taken from Pinky. She recalls how she went and stopped Pinky from shooting Vasundara. Pinky gets scared and cries. Thapki hugs her and asks her not to cry. She sends Pinky outside. She gets angry and gives the gun back to Bihaan. She says I told you not to give gun to that girl, why did you not agree to me, you have seen the result. Bihaan says I don’t know, maybe bullet was there by mistake. Thapki says its mistake to keep gun at home, if anything happened to Maa today then…. Everyone look on and realize the mistake.

Chagan says I will teach kids to make paper plane. Hd counts the kids and asks where is Chutku, Munna and others. The kid says their mothers refused to send them. Chagan says fine. Imli comes and smiles. Chagan sends the kids. She asks whats the matter, you look angry. She says there is difference between past and present.

She says so you got to know this. He says yes, you lost chance to get free. She says I don’t care to get free, I just care for this. She shows the ring. She asks why are you making face. He says yes, its nice, you are not understanding, you shattered at heart, I m sure now that no one can join you back. He leaves. She says that’s what I m telling you, that person wants to break in love, you don’t know whats love.


Mata ji and everyone go and see Roli fallen over Simar. Doctor checks Roli. Everyone get worried. Doctor says I told Siddhant not to get Roli here, take her back. Siddhant lifts Roli and takes her back to her ward. Prem cries for Simar. Siddhant asks Roli to calm down. Roli cries for Simar. She asks Mata ji to pray to Mata Rani to save Simar. Mata ji says yes, we all will pray, you promise me you won’t cry, else Simar will be hurt. She asks Siddhant not to let Roli cry.

Ranjana gets some sarees and throws on the floor recalling Vivaan’s words. She thinks I will not lose so soon Tejaswini. She burns the sarees. She screams of fire and asks Bhaiya ji to save her. Tejaswini hears her and goes to see. Tejaswini asks what did you do. Ranjana says you will know and thinks its result of troubling me and my son. Ranjana shouts and cries. Bhaiya ji comes there and gets shocked seeing fire. Ranjana hugs him. Bhaiya ji asks servants to get water. He asks Ranjana how did this happen. Ranjana shows Tejaswini.

Bhaiya ji gets angry and drags Tejaswini outside. He says I did not think you will fall so low in jealousy, you tell me if you want saree, I buy silk sarees for servants, can’t I buy saree for you, you will burn Ranjana too. Tejaswini denies it. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji warns her if she does this again, he will throw her in servant’s quarter. He tells Ranjana that he will buy more beautiful sarees for her. She says no need. He says its needed, come with me. They leave. Tejaswini says Ranjana, I will take revenge for this, I m real owner of this haveli.

Doctor asks Siddhant to explain Roli. Siddhant tries to calm down Roli. Roli says I want to meet Simar and cries. He says you are stubborn, when its about your sister, you won’t hear anyone, calm down, come. She looks at the Rakshasutra and recalls Simar. Siddhant lifts Roli and takes her.

Chakor recalls Vivaan and gets sad. Kasturi comes there and says fire burns till it has power to ignite, when fuel ends, fire also gets blown off, you have to go and practice for race, get up. Chakor says no use to race now, Vivaan went back to drugs, Imli does not want freedom, I think I should leave running. Kasturi says you do what makes you happy, I m sure you will win some day, this is your aim.

Chakor runs to practice and smiles. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai…..plays……… she says when I run and earth touches my feet, I can’t express my happiness, Kasturi said right, just running gives me happiness. She sees a truck and thinks whats truck doing here in morning. She asks the man whats happening here. The man says a fair is getting organized here. Suraj tells Bhaiya ji that fair arrangements are done, this fair is important. Bhaiya ji says learn all this from me, the day is not far that you stand with me, your Dadi always said I m doing wrong, I ignored it, but one thing she said right that I attack from behind, and asked me to attack on face so that opposite person realizes my power, why would I do this foolishness.

Suraj says I regret I did not spend time with Dadi, but your plan is very good, no one will doubt and know whats happening in Aazaadgunj. He says invite the villagers, Chakor should not know this, I failed her and want to fail her again, else she will stand against me with media. Suraj asks him not to worry and assures it will happen as Bhaiya ji wants. Chakor asks fair? The man says its starting today. She says there is no festival, why this fair, I have to find out.


Thapki cries and says kids are kids, but elders also did not stop Bihaan, if anything bad happened, what would we do. She says Vasundara tells that nothing wrong can happen in her presence, still wrong was happening, Maa would have stopped Bihaan, but did not. She says sorry if I told a lot, but I m shaken by this incident, my heart is sinking by thinking if I got late and did not lift Pinky’s hand, worst thing would have happened in our house. Bau ji apologizes and says it was our big mistake, we won’t let such thing happen again, from now on, there won’t be any gun in this house. He gives the gun to Bihaan.

Suman says Bau ji you are saying this. Bau ji says I realized prestige is not more than anyone’s life, Bihaan take all the guns from home, cancel their license and return to govt. Suman says great, Thapki did two works, she saved Vasundara’s life and sent guns away from the house, but Thapki did such anger and looked Kaali Mata, I was scared. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Vasundara says its time to say who passed today’s test. Shraddha smiles and thinks I will win, I will get the kalash.

Mata ji prays for Simar’s life and cries. Siddhant brings Roli there. Mata ji and everyone see Roli. Roli prays for Simar saying Simar has given many tests and still had devotion, she was tortured and still took Mata Rani’s name, now that Simar is fighting death, why this injustice, whats Simar’s mistake, that she is my sister. Doctor tries to revive Simar by cardio shocks. Roli says Simar stood for me all my life, I can’t see her losing, Lord always fulfilled Simar’s wish, today I have a wish, you have to fulfill my wish. Doctor tries again. Prem looks on from ICU’s door. Simar does not respond. Prem and Amar get shocked. Doctor gives up. Prem shouts Simar. Everyone hear him.

Shraddha damages Thapki’s dress and smiles seeing Thapki’s dress getting torn, while they all are doing aarti. Roli asks Mata Rani to save Simar and take her life, she falls down. Suraj tells Chakor that he will give her anything she asks for, and if he wins, he wants a kiss from her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha is so mean and a jealous cow

  2. Pta tha k suraj aur chakor ki jodi hogi

  3. I hate these trishakti episode.. hope by shraddha doing do bihaan comes and saves thapki… plz tahaan unite… plz..

    1. I hope Bihaan realizes his mistake now Thapki saved his mom what else he want , if that happens I will start watching TPK again the repeats

  4. hope chakor dsnt hav to kiss suraj.. just like her maai bapu imli vivan aditya & all the other villagers we,the viewers also wanted her to win d race..but she lost.. & it was a big heart break. if she kisses suraj it will be another one… whatever..but loved to see vivan thinking about chakor… love their jodi.. i dont want suraj to be paired with chakor. & imli…. oohhh shez so stupid,so innocent.. hope dis suraj dsnt create more misunderstandings betn d sisters..

    1. Same here I like chakor-Vivaan pair more than chakor-Suraj Pair, chakor-Suraj pair is not bad but chakor-vivan pair is better I feel, and it will not be surprising if chakor-Suraj is the pair as Suraj is bhaiyaji’s son and chakor’s enenmy. Everytime the serials the lead get married to the villain’s son and vice verse lol.

    2. Vivaan is ugly. Aditya would be better

      1. Haha so confused.. Aditya vivan ad suraj..

  5. Uff just to read udaan and Thapki updates I had to go to SSK page too :/ show is getting worse and worst now as they killed roli’s character .

  6. Tapki scene dont make sence. What actually happened. Did pinky pull trigger?

  7. abbey yrr…haad hai…i don’t wanna watch ssk n udaan….wht is ds trishakti…

  8. Im soo annoyed right now they need to stop doing this 3 in 1 thingy majig its happening far too often i wanted to watch udaan and i cant stand sasural simar ka therefore i had to just read about the udaan parts this channel is gonna lose its rating and trp’s soon i dont mind thapki pyaar ki though

  9. wait a sec guys didnt chakor changed the medicines so that means tejasvini gave the medicines to vi aan not the drugs.

    1. Yes I think u r ri8 neethu……
      Tajaswini’s drugs had been changed by chakor…….
      And the Jodi will of suraj and chakor…..
      B coz it’s a rivaj now in Indian serials……

  10. Don’t like this trishakti
    And I hope chak or wins or loses and doesn’t kiss Suraj
    These are the pairs I like for udaan :

    Chakor : Vivaan, adi
    I personally like chavan more tho

    Imli – suraj, chaggan

  11. But suraj doesn’t deserve anyone

  12. I don’t understand whats the point of doing a trishakti special ? If they wanna combine serials they must use a story which actually relate characters of the serials to each other and not just showing all 3 at once this is utter nonsense …..

    #Udaan : I totally agree that vivan is bit ugly and dose’ suit chakor the same way he used to suit in their childhood…Aditya is cool I wanted to see adiya and chakor pairing but after watching suraj and chakor’s tashan I totally ship them badly <3 … And about that kiss ummm I guess suraj will do cheating or smthng IDK ..Waiting for tomorrow;s episode eagerly 🙂

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