Udaan 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode stars with Imli coming home. She asks what happened to them. Bhuvan gets her inside the home and locks the door. He says Chakor should have not been great, they are beating us. Kasturi says Chakor is different. Bhuvan cries and says Chakor is not a cheater. They cry. Imli looks on and gets sad. Bhaiya ji talks on phone being on the way and says he understands, he is reaching and check there should be no one there when he arrives. He gets Tejaswini’s call and asks whats this, when she knows his phone is busy, why is he calling. She says fine, talk for more hours and then call me, there is someone here who worries for you.

He says you always take wrong meaning, what is the matter. She says its his birthday tomorrow and wanted to arrange his gift. He says yes, fine I m coming tomorrow, you

can gift me when I come, I m busy now and ends the call. Chakor is in stable. She makes a bed on the ground and also pillow. She gets glad and dances. She lies down on the ground and feels she is resting on a bed and new bedset. She talks to the moon and asks does he trust she did not lie, and asks for blessings and strength to prove herself right.

She says Lord will make some way and sleeps. Bhaiya ji tells the driver that Tejaswini should not know that he came here. He goes inside and meets a lady, dressed in red attire. He lights the diya and takes the aarti plate. The girl has all bangles and full makeup. He goes to her and does her aarti. He puts flowers in his feet and bows to touch her feet. She blesses him. An old man coughs and Bhaiya ji greets him as Mahant ji. Mahant blesses him and says he is fine by Mata Rani’s grace, its good he came, he can’t serve Devi Maa now, he requests him to take her along. Bhaiya ji is stunned.

Mahant says I have served her for 18 years and now its your turn, she has given you benefits of money, happiness and health, take her and serve her best. Bhaiya ji says this is not possible. Mahant says if a temple closes, a father’s home can open. Bhaiya ji says this can’t happen and asks him to have money and get well. Mahant says you are her father, I m cursed to separate her from her mother, take her along. Bhaiya ji says you took this decision 18 years ago, you told me…..

FB shows Mahant coming in haveli and Bhaiya ji greeting him. Tejaswini has labor pains. Bhaiya ji gets a call and the babby is born. He hears the baby cry and smiles. He says this is big happiness, I did not get such good news before in 15 years. He tells Mahant that this day is very auspicious, he got a child and he won the party elections. Girja brings the baby and says its daughter. Bhaiya ji looks on and asks her to give the baby to Mahant ji.

Mahant sees some signs on her hand and smiles. He says she has Laxmi Mata footmarks on her hand and Bhaiya ji asks what happened. Mahant says she is not ordinary girl, she is Laxmi Mata’s avatar. Bhaiya ji asks how can this happen. Mahant shows the foot marks and says your work has happened after 15 years, this girl will give you all happiness of the world, but there is a problem. Bhaiya ji asks what. Mahant says Laxmi’s place is temple, this girl can’t stay in this haveli. Bhaiya ji is shocked and asks what is he saying, this girl is his first child. Mahant says if Lord wills, he will get more children, if he does not donate this girl, then everything will be snatched from him, this is Laxmi and she has to stay in temple. Bhaiya ji says what will I answer my wife. Girja says she is not conscious, she will not know this, I have a place where we can keep Devi and no one will know. Bhaiya ji comes in present and thinks Mahant has put him in dilemma, what will I say Tejaswini.

Ragini tells Chakor to go to school by some other way and they laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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