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The Episode starts with Chakor calling Arjun. Arjun says Chakor….. Munna hears her. Rocky smiles. Chakor asks him to answer by yes or no. Arjun says fine and talks to her. She says she is seeing him, he is with the goons, so her friends are in trouble. She says Rocky is very nice, you can trust him, you go with him in his car, and I will meet you. Arjun says fine, tell me if you get to know. Rocky and Munna ask where is Chakor, everyone is finding her. Rocky asks who else. Munna says her poster is there, that she is missing, so we all are finding her. Arjun says someone else called, and asks Rocky to take him to doctor. Munna says they are very clever, they are fooling us, they are going to meet Chakor.

Munna calls Babu and informs him that Arjun and Rocky are going to meet Chakor. Babu asks

Munna to follow them. Arjun and Rocky see Munna following him. Rocky says he will fool Munna. Vaibhavi asks Babu to go and follow Chakor and is glad. She asks Babu to follow Rocky. Nana asks what happened. She says nothing. Nanu falls down on the stairs and she gets glad to call Rocky home.

Rocky races the car and confuses Munna. Arjun says good job, you should be in car racing. Rocky gets Vaibhavi’s call and says whats her problem now. Arjun asks him to take call. Rocky says its long story, I will tell later. Arjun says maybe she has imp work. Rocky agrees. She tells Rocky that Nanu fell from stairs and asks him to come home soon. He says fine, I m coming. Rocky tells Arjun to take taxi and he will fool the goons. Arjun hides seeing Munna and Babu, and goes in the taxi.

Chakor waits for Arjun. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha wait for him. Sunny gets 4 tickets. Chakor says we came to meet Arjun, not watch any movie. Rocky fools Munna. Arjun is on the way and is getting late. Munna sees Rocky coming back home and sees Rocky alone. He says he was with Arjun, where did Arjun go. Rocky smiles and waves Munna. Munna leaves.

Rocky meets Nanu and asks is he fine. Nanu says yes, your mum saved me and did first aid too. Rocky says Nanu got hurt as Vaibhavi’s pearls necklace broke, so I m here leaving my imp work. She says I know it. He argues with her. She saks why is he angry. He says I went to meet Chakor. She gets Babu’s call. Babu says Rocky fooled us, he made Arjun leave from the car. Nanu asks where was Chakor meeting him. Rocky tells him that in cinema hall, I hope Arjun gets it, I could not take his number. Vaibhavi hears this and says she did not know Rocky was going to find Chakor. She tells Babu to find Chakor. Babu says fine, we are close, don’t worry.

Chakor smiles seeing Arjun and calls him. Babu and Munna come there. Chakor gets shocked seeing them. Arjun sees the goons and gets worried. Chakor acts like selling tickets and goes to Arjun. She asks him not to turn and see, the goons are here. Arjun says he wants to see her face. She says her friends are supporting her, the kids are in goon’s clutches. He asks what are goons doing with kids. She says they are taking kids’ organs. Arjun says you are doing big work, I m proud of you.

She says you have taught me to focus. Arjun asks her how can he help her. She says I tried to save the kids to take them to Aazaaadgunj, but the goons came there. He says we can take help of ACP. She smiles.

Chakor tells Amma that Arjun and ACP will help her. Vaibhavi says she has to use Chakor’s weakness now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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