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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying Nayantara will get high status in this house. Nayantara says now It does not matter if Baa does not identify me. Bhaiya ji introduces his family. The kids takes Nayantara Amma’s blessings. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini and Ranjana what are they seeing, they have to clean a good room and make her stay arrangements. Ranjana asks Vivaan to give any vacant room to Nayantara. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana is short tempered but good at heart. Bhaiya ji asks Vivaan to find a good room and get it cleaned by servants.

Baa says I have to talk to Nayantara. Nayantara refuses and leaves. Baa asks Bhaiya ji is this his new plan, why did he bring Nayantara here. Bhaiya ji asks what is she saying, he has got Nayantara by respect and will keep her well. Baa cries and leaves. Manohar

says its good Didi has come, but whats the matter. Bhaiya ji says when a boy gets a new toy, he gets very happy, think I also got a new toy. He laughs.

Chakor and Kusum are cutting vegs. The warden asks them to cook fast, else jailer will withdraw their names from race. Kusum says I m working fast, not Chakor. The warden asks Chakor to work fast. Chakor taunts Kusum and makes her angry. Kusum fumes and looks at her. Nayantara lights diya. Kasturi takes Chakor’s name. Nayantara asks her to fight for Chakor, as Chakor is fighting and racing to come to her mum. Chakor heats oil. Kusum recalls the jailer’s words and turns sweet to help her. She makes the hot oil fall over Chakor’s legs. Chakor screams with pain.

The jailer comes there. Kusum says Chakor was cooking fast and competing with her, and oil fell over her leg. The jailer says he has no medicines for Chakor. Kusum says I will run in race and win to make your name shine. Chakor says I will run. Kusum says see she can’t run. Chakor says I can run, don’t worry. Kusum gets shocked. Chakor says I can do anything to save my mum, and not turn back to see. The jailer says I like your spirit, keep it up. Kusum says I will see how you win. Chakor cries and recalls in Fb about Imli’s finger burn and Kasturi asking her to out hand in water. Imli got relieve. Chakor puts her leg in water and recalls Kasturi. Nayantara tells the kids that this diya will not blow off. Imli says I will sit here all night and protect the diya blame. Nayantara tells Bhuvan that Kasturi will be fine, Chakor will run in race and win to save Kasturi. Chakor walks with difficulty and recalls Arjun. She practices running. Kusum comes to taunt her and says you can’t come, take part next year, I will win this year. Chakor says hardworking one wins.

Its morning, Arjun brings a TV and all villagers make arrangements to watch Chakor’s race. They all sit to watch. Nayantara asks Arjun to hurry up. Imli asks them to pray that Chakor wins. Arjun says signal is not coming. Bhagya says we are ready to go village. Baa says I m also ready. Ranjana asks Bhagya not to go, if Bhaiya ji knows then… Bhagya says Papa is in Mumbai, he won’t know. Dadi and Bua are together. Kusum and Chakor come for the race, while Chakor’s leg is wounded. The jailer asks the men to do their work carefully and no one should know.

The man tells Bhaiya ji about the bomb near flag.Bhaiya ji smiles seeing Chakor running with the flag. The bomb blasts and shocks everyone. Bhaiya ji laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Priya Prashanth

    How could injured Chakor win the race with so many intervals & innumerable dialogues ? Your stories should make some sense at least ! What pleasure do you get by showing innocent people getting tortured for no reason in all your serials . Even Ashoka is no exception . You people have even changed History . Are you people sadists ? Please don’t torture us with such nonsensical serials & increase our blood pressure levels . Don’t forget you have a social responsibility !!!

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