Udaan 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay gets arrested

Udaan 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor running to save Suraj. She asks Suraj to get up. She says none can do anything to my Suraj, I can do anything for him. Ranvijay throws the boulder away. He keeps diya and says you can do anything for him, you want to save him as you have relation with him, we will break this relation, you have to take rounds with me, come we will keep diya fire as witness and marry. They get shocked. She asks him to leave her. He drags her. She shouts to Suraj, asking him to get up and see what’s happening with her. Suraj gets conscious. He sees them. He shouts. Ranvijay stares at him.

Suraj pushes his hand away. He says your funeral pyre will burn at this time. He gets angry and beats up Ranvijay. He hugs Chakor. Ranvijay looks at them. Suraj and Ranvijay run to get gun. Suraj gets

fun and shoots on ground. He sends the guards away. Suraj says you won’t get saved, till you die, they will not get freedom, get ready to die. Chakor says no Suraj, don’t shoot. Police arrives there. Commissioner stops Suraj from taking laws in hand. Suraj says no, I can’t leave him alive, else he will come back in our lives, we will punish him, he is our culprit. Commissioner says we got to know everything, we will get justice for you. Suraj says I will shoot him. Chakor asks him to think of their baby, let the laws do their work, throw the gun.

Ranvijay gets arrested. Commissioner scolds him for his big cheat. Ranvijay says you can’t do this. Commissioner says I have suspended you, I have seen the video which Suraj made. Suraj recalls giving the video copy to Radheshyam. Commissioner says Ranvijay will be taken to mental hospital. Ranvijay shouts I will come back to take revenge, Chakor you don’t know the shocking secret. Commissioner says you all are free now. Ranvijay’s mum thanks him. They all hug. Suraj says we have won Chakor on diwali day, a helpless family got freedom, you are really great. Chakor says I didn’t do anything alone, you risked life and made videos to expose Ranvijay. Ranvijay’s mum says you are sign of Shankar and Parvati, thanks. Chakor hugs them. Udaan hai….plays…..

Chakor does aid to Suraj and cries thinking if anything happened to him. He says nothing can happen to me. She asks why did you come to save me. He asks her to think what he went through when Ranvijay tortured her. He says I love you a lot, don’t go away from me. Mahiya….plays…. They kiss each other and hug. She apologizes for not believing him. He jokes and says my Chakor has come back. He says we will call Imli and say we are coming back. She says yes, they all will be happy. Imli sits thinking of Ranjana’s murder. Her phone rings. Tejaswini comes there. She asks Imli did you see Ranjana. Imli says she had some work and went to meet her dad, don’t worry. Tejaswini says you look worried. Imli asks her to go and sleep. Suraj calls her and says we are coming back, we got mad Ranvijay arrested, give good news to everyone. She gets shocked.

Suraj and Chakor are on the way. Imli tells Chakor will die if she comes here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally Love wins. Sukor nok jhok upcoming. Cant wait.

  2. Sukorian

    Loved angry Suraj don’t know what the upcoming track will bring. Love the scence with Sukor back to Azaadghanj

  3. Aleya.marzan

    atlast i can see my bright future. lol . sukor pampering their child awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. Loved the episode, Sukor’s hug today was emotional and powerful and well edited, yesterday’s one was cut short. Loved how Suraj caught the gun and his swag while stopping Ranvijay’s guards for coming to his help.
    Happy that Suraj saved a copy of the videpos with the pandit, it was a clever move and allowed the pandit to help Chakor, I’ll miss him and RV’s family a lot.
    The best part of the episode was Sukor scene, it had everything, Chakor worrying for Suraj, Suraj teasing Chakor, Suraj saying he loves her and can’t live without her. I hope their trip home is very long, want to enjoy their scenes before they return to haveli.

  5. Nice episode..but abt which shocking secret rv was talking while getting arrested.. is it abt imli or something different..

  6. gurjeet singh

    its surely about imli because it’s a shocking news for chakor

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