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The Episode starts with Chakor refusing to Bhaiya ji’s proposal. Lights comes. She says lights came and this is the sign of what I said, I will not believe you. He promises he will not harm Chakor, Imli and Vivaan. She says I know you want to kill Suraj. He says who is Suraj, he is not your husband, why are you thinking of him, Suraj is on one side and you three are on other side, which side is more weight, check. Suraj calls Chakor, and says I got to know Ragini made my mummy out of Girja’s house, I will not leave her. She says wait, I will come there.

Bhaiya ji asks her to think well and decide till tomorrow. She leaves. He says I will see what Chakor decides. Chakor and Suraj are on the way. Chakor thinks I can get immunity for Imli, Vivaan and me, but Suraj has to lose his life. They see

Tejaswini on the road. He stops the car and hugs Tejaswini. He says I will not leave them. Chakor gives water to Tejaswini.

Tejaswini asks where will I go now. Chakor says my house, you can stay there, they will not come there. Kasturi and Bhuvan are on the way. She asks him did he hear about Tejaswini, Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana kicked out Tejaswini from house. He asks what, where is Tejaswini staying then. She says I heard she is at Girja’s house, now she will know how to live in poor person’s house. He says yes, Lord gives punishment for her bad deeds, she will stay as maid now. She agrees and says she did many sins and tortured everyone.

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Tejaswini says no, your parents won’t keep me in their house, they hate my shadow too, I tortured them a lot. Chakor says people don’t like doing what they do, like I don’t like Suraj, but I m staying with him to save him, my parents may not like you, but they will keep you. Suraj says I m glad knowing what you think of me. Chakor says I will talk to my parents. He says your dad may agree, but your mum won’t, we all tortured her, whatever I did with Imli, your mum will not forgive me. She says you don’t know them more than me, they will agree, come.

Kasturi tells Bhuvan that Tejaswini made Chakor bandhua, I will not forget her and never forgive her. Chakor gets Suraj and Tejaswini to her home. Suraj asks will they agree. Chakor says yes, their heart is big. She meets Kasturi. Kasturi and Bhuvan dine, and ask her to have food. Kasturi ask why do you look worried. Chakor tells about Tejaswini’s state. She says I got Tejaswini to stay here, she has no place, she is in bad state. Kasturi and Bhuvan get shocked. Kasturi says she tortured us many times, she gave you this stamp, did you forget everything. Kasturi and Bhuvan ask Chakor to recall Tejaswini’s tortures.

Bhuvan says you got her here so that we take care of her, great. Chakor says but I m able to do something in life because of her tortures, I know she did bad with me, now we can pity on her, what can be punishment for her that she came to take place from you, forgive her. Kasturi asks are you mad, why did Tejaswini come here, Bhaiya ji and Suraj have to worry for her, not us, I will never let her come in this house.

Chakor says fine, I did mistake in knowing you, I did not know you are stone hearted, I told Suraj that my parents will keep his mum. Kasturi packs her bag. Chakor and Bhuvan ask what are you doing. Kasturi says you gave word to Tejaswini, you have right on this house, you get Tejaswini. Chakor asks really.

Kasturi says yes, take care of her, I will leave from this house, I will sleep on road, okay, but you keep Tejaswini here. Chakor says listen to me. Suraj comes there and says you don’t need to leave your house for our sake, I will take my mummy somewhere else, Chakor don’t worry, I will do some arrangements for mummy. Chakor says I did not expect you both will behave such way. Kasturi huts door on their face.

Chakor says its big village, anyone will give place to Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Ragini celebrate in haveli and talk of Tejaswini.

Ragini says we will get Suraj, what will we do of Chakor, Vivaan and Imli, you left them, will we not take revenge from them. Bhaiya ji says we will take revenge, we can’t hurry, we can’t break all four sticks together, we will break one by one, its easy, I will first punish that cheater who tried to kill his father, Ranjana says what do you think, Chakor will get trapped in our plan. He says I know Chakor is clever, she feels its benefit of three lives if she gives divorce to Suraj, she hates Suraj.

Suraj says Ragini scared everyone and no one is ready to give place to mummy. Tejaswini says I have to stay on road now. Chakor asks her not to lose hope. Ranjana comes there in her car and smiles seeing them. She taunts Tejaswini. She asks Chakor to get Suraj come, do this pity work later. Suraj gets angry. Chakor stops him. Ranjana goes. Suraj says I would have buried Ranjana here, why did you stop me Chakor. Chakor says think of Tejaswini now. She smiles. He asks is this a joke, why are you smiling. She says I know where to keep Tejaswini. He asks where.

Chakor makes Tejaswini sleep outside her house. Kasturi sees her and says why did Chakor keep Tejaswini here. Imli says I know your plan, you made Tejaswini sleep outside our house, so that Maai sees her and get her inside home. Chakor smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It was short episode? bcoz of 30 min not 45 min but happy to see sukor in full episode? and also like how suraj fully accepting his faults and wrong deeds which now turn bad in favour for his mother?

  2. Tejaswiteju

    Arey what’s happening to Suraj,huhuhu bichari Suraj.is imli really listens kn.
    The show is exiting and feeling sad for Suraj,what will Chakor again saves Suraj or else …where is sukor love track,they announced in last 2 weeks and said that it’s starting.may be imli is acting..i didn’t think so,in some times she becomes selfish.but in some telly updates it’s said that imli will helpfhelpful for sukor love track,to find their feelings???????so many twists

  3. Good job Chakor?u don’t fall in bhayaji’s trap……Sukor is really funny ?they argue w8 each other in4nt of tejaswini?and tejaswini…..what can I say about her?????

  4. Yea.. Today’s eepisode was lovely.. I love the pair sukor.. It awesome… We are eagerly waiting for sukor love track…

  5. ohhhhh…..my kamal narayan jiiii….. u r sooo…soooo….soooo…funnyyy… even if ur dialogues r seriousss ur face expressions makes me to laugh louderrr…ur expressions remembring me buck in ice age…both of u r soooo funny…buck is my favorite funny character in ice age and u r my favorite funny villiannnnn…..

  6. Awsm epi nice sukor nok jhok and upcoming spoiler

  7. samanwita bhowmik

    arey how many days we have 2 wait 2 get sukor?its vry mu6 xciting

  8. nice!! thnx for written update!!

  9. Nyc episode but I got used to 45 min episode n today’s episode was very short…it was lyk ‘yoon aaya aur yoon gaya’ but anyways I want to how kasturi gonna take Tejaswini to her house….

  10. I am waiting for the episode of chakor slaps imli for kidnapping suraj and their love tracks

    1. I would be soooo happy if Chakor did slap Imli….. But I doubt she will, she’s too altruistic

  11. This is the difference between ViMli and SuKor, ViMli though cute are pretty much selfish. SuKor on the other hand think about all parties involved. Yes Suraj can be selfish but in the end he does the right thing. Vivaan was willing to sacrifice Chakor for Imli and Now Imli is willing to sacrifice Suraj for Vivaan.

    As for the CVs, what is wrong with you people? Why are there such gaping plot holes in your storyline? Firstly, did Bhagya die? Why can’t SuKor just send Tejaswini to her daughter? Secondly, how is it that Vivaan who has been addicted to drugs his entire life suddenly is a business tycoon? Did he even go to school? Thirdly, how is it that Imli is such an adarsh patni after marriage, the girl was a goon! Now she gets married and develops sudden sanskaari? Chakor who couldn’t even make teas can suddenly cook after marriage. Does Sindoor and Magalsutra give you mystical patni abilities? Lastly, wasn’t half the property in Chakor’s name anyway? Oh yes and where is Chunni? We know she didn’t die….

    1. I like ur comment very much

  12. Ohh i thought imli is planing something with chakor thats why she kidnaped suraj but she didnt chakor must slap her

  13. S both vivaan and imli selfish BT vivaan also scold imli for kidnapping suraj

  14. Guys I think aftr the kidnapping suraj realises the evil and selfish mind of imli

  15. No guys imli is helping chakor in all this kidnaping .,its their plan i have just seen a saas bahu suspense news where chakor ask suraj if he wants to divorce her and suraj says no and also say sorry to her and than chakor tore the divorce paper and say i will not leave suraj but suraj was very angry on imli

  16. Wow finally chakor starts loving suraj and saves suraj from bhaiyaji.She dont give her divorce and throws it on bhaiyaji s face.

  17. waiting for sukor love story.Iam also a big fan of udaan.can I join with u guys

    1. Welcome dear….

  18. its getting exciting

  19. Can u post that link angel

  20. Angle can u send the link of sbas pls

  21. Varshu i watched that on tv saas bahu suspence not on internet soo no link?

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