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The Episode starts with Kasturi pacifying Imli saying she is becoming courageous like Chakor, as she was afraid of darkness before and now she went so far in darkness. Imli smiles. Kasturi asks her to be always like Chakor. Imli says we will go to meet Chakor. Chakor thinks about her family and Ishwar’s promise. Dheere Dheer pau me rang banke……………. Udaan hai……………..plaus……………….. Chakor looks at the moon. She runs in the field next day and does not give good performance. Arjun scolds her and asks her to throw the shoes and run barefoot, but give me results. He says you have to match yesterday’s timing, else he won’t let her go home, Aditya and Vivaan will go home, but she has to keep running.

Ishwar gets ready to leave. Abha asks him to get the petrol tank full.

Ishwar says I prepared for it, pray that no one knows where I m going and that I succeed. She keeps sindoor box in his coat. He says he will be back soon and leaves. Arjun calls Abha and she is shocked. Arjun asks Chakor to go to the mark. Chakor sees Kasturi calling her towards her. She runs faster. Arjun says very good, more faster. Kasturi disappears and Chakor stops. Arjun gets angry and asks whats wrong, what happened, why did you stop.

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He says you can’t do it, I made a mistake, I thought you are talented, go home. Abha comes to him and says sorry, I got late. Arjun says I don’t know what happened to this girl, she was running yesterday like flying, and today she is not even walking. I regret that she can’t take part in children’s day race. Abha says I know whats the problem, don’t worry, she will run, I called Aditya and Vivaan, give her one more chance. Arjun says alright, fine, you also try and see. Abha thanks him.

She says Chakor I know you are not running, as your parents are not coming, but Ishwar went to Aazaadgunj to get your family. Chakor smiles and says really, but if he fails to get them. Abha says leave it on us, you focus on breaking the record. Aditya and Vivaan ask Chakor to run faster and scare her of Arjun’s anger. Chakor says fine. Aditya says Sir, Chakor is ready. Arjun says lets see. Ishwar reaches Aazaadgunj in ordinary labour clothes and says whom to ask about Bhuvan’s address. He asks a man where does Bhuvan stay. The man asks why. Ishwar says I know him. the man says even I know him, but I stay away from him. Ishwar asks why.

The man says Lakhan is after Bhuvan and its not a good sign. Imli comes there to sign the raw mangoes. Ishwar sees her. She asks him to buy it, else she will take his load and he can give her money, as she needs money. He recognizes she is Chakor’s sister Imli. He shows his face. Imli is shocked seeing him and thinks of seeing him before and realizes he is Ishwar. He says come with me.She says Lakhan has taken the money he has sent them, and she is selling mangoes to get money, so that she can come to Lucknow. He says no need, I have come here to take you all with me. She gets glad. Chakor starts running and gets slow. Arjun says its enough now. He asks Abha to take her home, as he can’t waste more time on Chakor.

Ishwar talks to Imli. She sees Lakhan and shows Ishwar. He hides the face. She says if they see me with you, they will tell in haveli and Bhaiya ji will kill us. Ishwar thinks their lives can be in danger because of him. He hears bus leaving and takes her. He asks can she meet him meet her parents where no one comes. He gets Abha’s call. He says fate is with us, I got Imli. Abha says hear about problem here. He asks why. She says Chakor is not ready to run. He says don’t worry, I have solution. He asks Imli to talk to Chakor. He says tell her what I say. Abha asks Chakor to talk to Imli.

Chakor says Imli and takes the phone. Ishwar asks Imli to say run run. Imli says Didi you run. Ishwar says no, ask her to run faster. Imli says run faster. Chakor asks what? Ishwar signs her to say that she is coming. Imli says she is coming to Lucknow with parents to see her race. Chakor thinks of her dream. She asks really, are you coming with everyone. Imli says yes. Arjun is leaving for home. Chakor sees him going and asks Imli to come soon, she will talk later. She stops Arjun and smiles. She says Arjun Sir, you are faster than my race, I will show you how fast I can run, whistle fast. She removes the shoes and starts getting to the mark. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays………………Abha signs all the best.

Ishwar meets Bhuvan and Kasturi and says he came to take them to Lucknow and he arranged everything. Bhuvan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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