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The Episode starts with Suraj shocking Chakor by calling Imli there. He says Imli did great work. Chakor recalls Imli’s words and says Imli you cheated me. Imli says I told you, I m loyal to Suraj. Suraj reminds Chakor that she is bandhua, and her past, present and future will always be in his hands. He shows the letter and leaves with Imli. Chakor looks on. yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays……. Kasturi comes there and looks on.

Kasturi tells Chakor that Imli will not change now, they crushed your dreams, Imli does not know this race is very imp for our freedom. Chakor smiles and says don’t think all this, you know Imli took me to market today, this is also part of my success. Kasturi says no, I don’t want to hear anything about Imli. Chakor hugs Kasturi and asks her not to worry

about Imli and that letter, I will get it. Kasturi says if Imli got maturity like you.. Chakor says everything will be fine, come lets go home. They leave.

Chakor practices running at night and recalls Suraj’s words about the letter. She sees Vivaan somewhere and stops. She smiles and says Vivaan. Vivaan rests in the cart and looks at the sky. She asks are you talking to Chandu ji, you said moon looks like stain on beautiful sky. He asks are you following me. She says no, I was going to go for practicing run. He asks her to leave and gets angry. He starts leaving. She asks him to listen, till when will he be angry, what happened, we were good friends in childhood. She says Imli took me to market today and my imp letter reached Suraj, Imli did wrong. He asks why are you telling this to me, I don’t want to hear anything. He goes. She thinks what happened to Vivaan.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji gets tea. He sees Chakor running and recalls his insult. He throws tea in anger. Suraj asks him to stop worrying about Chakor, she will take part in race when you give her permission. Bhaiya ji asks who am I to give her permission. Suraj says you are going to become sports minister of this place. Bhaiya ji asks who told you. Suraj says I got this news, when CM got to know that he stopped you from taking oath for wrong reasons, he decided to make you sports minister, you will get call anytime. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks is this new true. Suraj smiles. Bhaiya ji shouts prepare to celebrate, I m becoming sports minister. He hugs Suraj.

Aditya tries to get duplicate copy by talking to someone. He tells Chakor that its against sports authority rules to send duplicate copy. She says if I talk to sports authority incharge there, will they send the copy. He says we can try.

Vivaan plays and the battery of remote gets low. He shouts Girja and asks her to get batteries. She says I m doing Bhaiya ji’s work, wait for some time, I have seen similar batter in Suraj’s room. He asks her to get it from there. She asks how can I go. He says fine, I can go there. Ranjana gets his fav tomato soup for Vivaan and he refuses to have it. He leaves. She says I will not lose so soon, I will do anything to snatch you from Tejaswini, my son will be back to me some day.

Vivaan looks for batteries. Suraj walks to his room. Chakor’s letter falls and Vivaan checks it. he wonders what is this letter doing here. Suraj praises his looks seeing himself in mirror. Vivaan says Chakor should get her letter. Suraj walks in his room and gets shocked seeing his cupboard open. Vivaan hides. Suraj looks around. Suraj closes cupboard and goes out. Vivaan leaves. He thinks why don’t I understand this, its Chakor’s letter, why was it in Suraj’s room, what did Chakor say…. He recalls Chakor’s words. He thinks whats in this letter, and reads it after convincing himself. He reads that its invitation for Chakor to take part in national marathon. Chakor tells Aditya that its holiday tomorrow, I have no way now. Vivaan says this letter is imp and it should reach Chakor. Chakor prays.

Vivaan gives the letter to Chakor. She hugs him and says I can’t believe this, you did big favor on me. Suraj aims at Chakor and asks who has stolen that letter from me, how did you get it. Chakor says its my letter and you have stolen it from me. Suraj fumes.

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    great shape of the story!!!

  2. Nice episode. . Wow chavaannnnn… vivaan helped chakor and she hugged him.. so excited for tomorrow. .

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