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The Episode starts with Suraj telling Chakor that he got free and without any blame. He threatens Chakor to save herself now. Imli smiles. Suraj and Imli leave. Chakor asks how did Suraj get free. She calls Vivaan to inform and says Vivaan is not answering. She runs from there. Chagan looks on worried.

Ranjana shows the red bridal lahenga for Chakor. She says I chose this, Chakor will look a fairy, tell me what will suit her, you know her well. He says don’t know, Chakor is simple, she won’t like all this. She says she is marrying my son, she has to wear what I decide. They laugh. Suraj comes there and looks angrily. They get shocked seeing Suraj back.

Ranjana says Suraj you…. Suraj beats Vivaan. Ranjana says I will not leave you Suraj. Suraj says Vivaan is preparing for marriage by sending

me to jail. He pushes Ranjana. Tejaswini holds Ranjana. She asks Suraj to beat Vivaan more, he cheated Bhaiya ji and sent you to jail. Vivaan says I will do it again if I get chance. Suraj beats Vivaan.

Ranjana says leave my son. Vivaan gets wounded and sees the blood. Suraj says you insulted me a lot. Vivaan says you deserve it, truth won’t change. Suraj beats him more. Ranjana asks Girja to call police. Suraj says now you are not needed in this haveli. Imli gets worried seeing Suraj beating Vivaan. Ranjana cries and asks Suraj to leave Vivaan. Suraj says you cheated me Vivaan. Vivaan falls downstairs. Vivaan says don’t know how you came out of jail. Suraj says you did big mistake by sending me to jail, you will die now. Suraj pushes Vivaan out of haveli. Chakor comes and holds Suraj’s hand. Suraj fumes seeing her. She says Vivaan is not raising hand on you, it does not mean he is weak, its his good values, he is not beating his elder brother, anyone else would have sent you and your father to jail, you should be punished for torturing innocent poor people.

Suraj says enough of lecture, I will kill both of you, get lost and don’t come back to this haveli. He shuts the haveli door on their face. Chakor asks Vivaan are you fine, come with me. Tejaswini asks Suraj to kick out Ranjana too. Suraj says no, Ranjana is my dad’s second wife, it won’t look good to kick her out, she will be locked in her room. He asks Imli to take Ranjana. Ranjana says Imli, you are Chakor’s sister, you should support me. Imli says I was with Suraj and will always be with Suraj, come with me. Suraj and Tejaswini smile. The boy runs to village and is scared. He tells everyone that Suraj came back, now he won’t leave anyone. The villagers get scared. Boy asks Chakor to hide them. Chakor and Vivaan look on. Chakor asks them not to worry, she will find some way.

Chakor asks the people not to worry. She takes Vivaan home. Kasturi makes him sit and does aid to Vivaan. Suraj asks Imli to get bandhuas. Imli says they are all freed. He asks what, I went to jail for 2 days and everything changed. Servant says Vivaan has burnt all bandhua papers. Suraj says you mean Aazaadgunj got freed. Vivaan tells Chakor that Suraj will come on his own to take me back, I will go. Kasturi asks him to rest. He says I have imp work. Chakor asks him to lie down, his wounds need rest. Suraj sees Bhaiya ji’s seat and wears Bhaiya ji’s type clothes. Tejaswini smiles seeing him.

She praises Suraj and asks him to get Bhaiya ji back, we will rule like before. Suraj shoves her hand away and says forgive me, Papa will never come out of jail now. She gets shocked and asks why. Suraj says because I had written long life jail for him for my freedom, I have become witness against him, I had no other way, forgive me. She says there would be some way. He says I won’t help Papa, I m doing right, whatever sins he did, I don’t care, I can’t forgive what he did with you and me, he got Sautan for you, he did your sign and sent you to jail, he always insulted me and you infront of Vivaan and Ranjana, Bhaiya ji has to repent for this, forget him now, his time is over now, Suraj’s time starts. He says I will show whats Suraj. Chakor looks for Imli and calls her out. Imli hears Chakor’s call and is sitting behind some tree.

Chakor asks Kaki about Imli. Kaki says I did not see her. Imli comes to Chakor. Chakor asks Imli why does she not understand. Suraj will do what Bhaiya ji says, he is his dad’s reflection, Suraj has sent his dad to jail, you are trusting him, I m worried for you, Vivaan and everyone, stop following Suraj, he won’t be loyal to you, he is not a good person. Imli gets dizzy. Chakor shouts Imli.

Suraj asks the man to tell whats in his account and beats him. The man says you have just 1 rs. Suraj fumes and says Vivaan just left a rupee in my account, I will not leave him. Chakor makes Imli rest and puts water on her. Imli gets conscious. Chakor asks why did you faint. Imli says I did not eat anything since two days, as I was worried for Suraj, now let me go. Chagan comes and asks what happened. Chakor says Imli said she did not eat food since 2 days. Chagan says Imli had the sevpuri, how did she faint. Chakor tells Kasturi that I m worried for Imli. Vivaan asks her not to worry. Kasturi asks Chakor not to worry for Imli, she was tensed for Suraj. Chakor says I know Imli. Suraj comes there and shouts Vivaan. They all get shocked.

Suraj scolds Vivaan. Vivaan says if you do anything to me, I will make you beg for money, you can’t injure me again. Suraj asks what do you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like imli but I don’t like she behave like kiddish who doesn’t understand the circumstances. She know suraj is using her.and she still support him instead to support chakor.only one thing I hope vivaan and chakor will gt married. But even suraj and chakor gt married also I will be happy cause then imli know suraj will nvr love imli.

  2. I think Imli is pregnant with Suraj’s baby

    1. YUP I TOO

  3. Story baqwaas krty ja rahy haa….itny achy CBI valy ha k forun imli k khny pr chor dya suraj koo….what nonesense

  4. Im missing dat little chakor story that was much nice

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