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The Episode starts with Tejaswini saying you are having fun by troubling Chakor. She apologizes to him. She says I did not know your good intentions, I would have supported you if I knew. He says I did not feel bad, I felt glad that you supported Chakor. She feeds him and says I did not had hope that my son will change so much. Chakor comes. Suraj says you came early. Chakor says you asked me to do so, I gave halwa to everyone. Tejaswini says I m going to get some items, I m going haveli, villagers are called there, have this. She goes. Chakor thinks who called them in haveli. Suraj holds her and asks where are you lost. Chakor says I told everyone that you are innocent, did I get forgiveness. He says no, I was thinking something, wash my car.

She says you want me to wash your car. He says fine, your

wish. She says okay, I will go haveli to wash your car. She goes. He smiles. Imli asks Vivaan to leave her hand. Vivaan takes her to the room and shows the toys. She recalls old moment. He says I got everything ready, I got baby care info in this file. She cries and says I know you realized your mistake, I have forgiven you, I love you a lot, I need time to become old Imli, this is that place where we saw dreams, you made me out of this room by insulting me, its tough to forget bad memories, your taunts and bad words echo in my ears even today, it does not mean I will remember this all life, wound is fresh now, give me some time, its not easy for me to stay in this room.

He recalls what he did and says I remember the wounds I gave you, you showed greatness by hiding my name in front of Bhaiya ji, I respect you a lot, I realized my mistake, I will leave this room. He packs his bag and goes. Imli cries.

Bhaiya ji comes downstairs and asks villagers are they glad that he is back or are they sad. He troubles them. Kishor says he became like before. Bhaiya ji asks them to pay fine, keep one week earning in this glass box. People put money in the box. Tejaswini also goes to put money. Bhaiya ji stops her and says you are not bandhua. Ranjana says but she is villager. Tejaswini says yes, I will do what they do. He says no, you are owner of this house. Ranjana asks what are you saying, you made her leave. Tejaswini says yes. Bhaiya ji says broken relations have joined, come back to haveli. Tejaswini and everyone get shocked. He asks her to take her place, she is owner of this haveli. Ranjana says I m owner. He asks her to move her hand.

He sends the villagers. He says I know I have tortured you a lot, I insulted you always, but you did not curse me, you did not take a wrong step against me and did wife’s duty, I did not see such greatness, I bow down and fold hands, forgive me once. Ranjana angrily goes.

Bhaiya ji says give me a chance to rectify my mistake. Tejaswini says don’t embarrass me. He says I should be ashamed, I remember when I got mad, people laughed behind my back, none had courage to tell me truth, you told me that I got mad, I realized Devi should be in temple. She says I will not come back in haveli. He says I m saying by true heart. She says its tough to believe you, I want some time to decide. She goes.

Chakor and Suraj pour water on each other and argue. Chakor says I love you, no need to publicize this. Suraj tells Imli that he can’t be annoyed with Chakor. Chakor hears him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow. What has happened to KN? is he actually sorry or is he acting? Sukor r soo cute. As always. Cant wait for Monday.
    Happy weekend everyone.

    1. Shreya.

      Nooo chutki he was just acting (in my point of view)….hw will he change…selfish…heartless man…

  2. I miss funny KN. very much.But who knows what in his mind?chakor and suraj. are cute as always.But SURAJ is too much now. He should stop troubling chakor and wating for jealosy part of suraj. seeing chakor with ak .I love to watch it.
    Teju. become good now .it’s good sign.

    1. Shreya.

      Even I miss funny kn too my lil bro

    2. I miss funny KN too, but sometimes when Chakor defeats him his anger is funny, so I hope we see that in future.
      Suraj’s teasing is too much, hope Chakor teaches him a lesson. I hope Teju remains positive.

  3. Loved Suraj-Tejaswini scene, Sukor scene was sweet but too short. KN is back to his old self, poor villagers never get a break. It’s good that Tejaswini didn’t believe KN right away, I’m not sure if he means it or if it’s a new plan.

    Have a great weekend guys.

  4. Sukorian

    I saw the epi n I admit KN is the best villain ?. Love the bond between Teju n Suraj I was missing them happy it sort out. I know it’s wrong that Chakor is asking for forgivness but I love the nohk johk so who cares… I hate Vimli scene cheap Vivaan no words. Sukor scene was less but if KN is talking the true n honestly is asking Teju to return for love this will be another love twist????? Don’t know but waiting for Monday the car scene ??

  5. Guys from now i won’t be commenting on vimli anymore i have to much to say bout them and they are poison to the serial…. loved sukor scene cant wait for Monday epsiode new spoliers show chakor making suraj jealous by hanging out with ajay more once she knows about his plan to tease her and kamal is unpredictable kamal is not true to anyone maybe he wants to use tejawani etc i think tejswani will come bk to haveli to protect sukor cuz kamal is gonna attack sukor next according to new spoliers

    1. Shreya.

      Thanks tippu for d upcoming scene information dr…

  6. I love sukor, and now I love them more when they are teasing each other. They are not the kind of typical boyfriend-girlfriend. But every moment they are together, there are lots of cuteness and sweetness. I don’t know why but post divorce, their relationship is really sukor type, unique.

    I always re-watch old episodes but only sukor scene. Than I realize something. Suraj always trouble and makes chakor suffer. She lost Every happiness she had before marriage. But Suraj never apologized officially, the development of story just focus on suraj changes. Am I right???

    I hope there will be scene that Suraj officially say sorry to chakor and regret what he has done. Even about marriage track, I know what he has done just for chakor, But at least being lied to her also make her suffer a lot.

    I really want him to show his regret for every suffering he has done to chakor. With dramaticall why…

    1. After chakor got drunk and expressed all her feelings to suraj he felt bad and apologised for all his bad doings….

      1. Sukorian

        yeah n when they searched for jailer jadav to escape from jogi bhai he knew that Chakor wasn’t the problem it was his father who wanted to kill a rebel (child Chakor) n I agree to piyal. When Chakor was accused / blamed of drug Suraj apologies putting her on bed n also said a few boys likes girls like u ????

  7. As far as I remember,Tejaswini and kn are officially divorced.How will they get back together?Will now 3 remarriage happen?OMG!

    1. Sukorian

      exactly that was my thought haha

  8. Boring epsiode yet again most the screen space went to a boring vimli scene wth so cheap of cvs doing this they rush sukor half way between scenes they dont even look complete they look cut of but vimli this is so stupid all stupid imli wants is stupid vivaan and now hes running away cant watch this show anymore its become a joke please colors air some nice new dramas most are dull and most color serials aint in top10 its only shani which is a methodological for example wen ratings drop they show so much of sukor as soon as they rise they show vimli im sick and tired of seeing them…..

  9. The episode was ok except i was busy fast forwarding scenes.Sukor had guest apperances in today’s episode,but no matter what,it was the best part of the episode.I also enjoyed the kn scenes and i think this sudden change in kn must have cropped up either because he might have been aware of the fact that ranjana killed manohar or its his plan to kill sukor.Regarding the precap,i have a feeling than chakor is going to act cheesy and flirty in front of ajay .

    I acquit vivaan from the mistakes he has done in the past and want him to return back to his room and most importantly his wife as soon as possible otherwise his brother in law will still continue his so called beautiful relationship cum friendship with his so called best friend cum ex cum sister in law and wont allow the viewers to live in peace.

    1. The note you’ve written,thanks for that.So precise.Brutally honest.

      1. Thankyou tara?

  10. Sukorian

    new spoiler

    KN interview

    n new video KN dream

    1. Thanks for the links another olv indicates that kamal asks suraj to forgive him its only cuz kamal wants a right hand wing man since he has no1 to help him with his dirty work… kamal is evil in one of the interviews kamal explains that he wants to take revenge from sukor so what ever kamal is doing is a sham….

    2. Thanks sukorian, KN is planning something, hope Suraj doesn’t fall for it.

      1. Shreya.

        Yaa Nemo hope Suraj will never believe kn ji…..nd I wish tejaswini ji also never believe tat kn ji….

    3. Thanks for sharing sukorian.
      I have a feeling that kn might write off half the property to suraj or make him the heir in order to bring back tejaswini.If it is so,i would be the happiest

      1. Wen kamal came bk from jail abd vivaan wanted to kick the trimuthi out the house vivaan stated that the haveli is on suraj name

    4. Shreya.

      @sukorian Thanks for d link dr…..

  11. KN only cares for himself whatever he does is for his own benefit. Now he’s alone but he needs people to manipulate and control, servants are not enough. He’ll want Suraj and Vivaan with him but he will try to control them. I think they will join him to find what he’s planning.

    I don’t know if he wants Tejaswini back to punish Ranjana or to trick Suraj into thinking he’s a changed man, but I agree with Riana that KN might make Suraj his heir again and will make him free from bandhua state.

    1. Agreed nemo.
      Regarding the olv, was the conversation between suraj and kn at the haveli a dream or a reality?

      1. I think it was a reality, I think he’s apologizing to him so that Tejaswini will come back. Of course kn doesn’t mean it, he never keeps his word.

  12. I was just going through their offscreen segments and pics when i saw a striking resemblance of meera to katrina in the holi pic posted by meera.Sometimes i feel she looks like katrina and even anushka in some angle .And vj looks so much like Siddharth malhotra.I wish makers could cast these both for a baar baar dekho part 2 !

  13. hai guys I’m new to sukor fan. …but really I heart fully fan of sukor….sorry guys I want to ask how sukor met after so many misunderstanding in between them..how chakor know the thruth..pls any one tell me..how all member are together. imlivivaan..sukor…..pls..pls..tell me…

    1. Sukorian

      the recent reunion happened bcz of an incident. Sukor were out on a mission to lucknow Chakor n Ajay wanted to talk to the supplier n Suraj n Imli were to meet the doctor for KN injection. Sukor missed the bus n were attacked by Raginis goons by luck Suraj old college friend found them they went to a reunion party Suraj flirted alot n Chakor left to meet the supplier who was in reality a goon of Ragini tgey put poison in the water for Chakor to drink but Suraj got the information rushed to her help. He warned her to drink but she doesn’t listen to him then Suraj drunk it on lost his conscience she called the ambulance n actually he died but her love brings him back n they reunite. She trusted him that he loves only him.

    2. Sukorian

      plus tgey found evidence KN made pic of all incl. Ragini n the doctor of Vivaan she paid him money to make fake impotent reports of him so he believes the child is not his. Chakor n Suraj saw the pic n counted 1 + 1. So did imli n Vivaan even they saw the pics.

    3. Just as sukorian said, Sukor are back together after Suraj took poison. The truth is out because of KN and Ajay. Ajay gave KN a camera to take pictures of everyone and follow Ragini. KN took pictures of Ragini bribing Vivaan’s doctor. Sukor, Imli and Vivaan saw the pictures and knew Ragini’s truth. Vivaan also got to see the real reports.

  14. Shreya.

    Guys anyone remember in holi day kn ji tries to kill suraj na….tat tym chakor told kn ji tat I love Suraj I can do anything to save my Suraj even I will kill u something something after tat kn ji’s mental condition is not stable bcz of ragini…now only he came back…how will he easily forgot tat day…..v all r thinking Ajay will turn negative nd he will bcm d villain of our sukor….I think before Ajay…kn ji will try to snatch our sukor love…..yaa kn ji need support tats y nw he was asking forgiveness from both Suraj nd tejaswini ji…at d same time he tries to ruin sukor especially chakor’s happiness na….I hope bcz of kn sukor will not misunderstand each other….don’t know y bt I just feel like dis…hope nothing will happen lyk dis….

    Happy weekend everyone….

    1. I hope so too shreya, it’s too soon for another mu. I think chakor will try to make suraj jealous by being friendly with ajay and ajay will misunderstand her. KN will try to separate sukor but i hope he fails and they end up getting closer.

      Happy weekend to you too?

  15. Guys what do you think, will Suraj back to bad person if he joins hand with kn??? I’m afraid that maker will reduce sukor interaction after kn back???
    I don’t want sukor to seperated again. Even one of them get amnesia, I hope sukor will always remember their feeling for each other because since suraj came to chakor life, she is not alone anymore.

    @piyal @sukorian
    Yup, I forget that scene. I just need suraj feel bad and regret for everything he has done. But it’s OK, because right now they love each other so much and can’t live without. And in confession scene, Suraj feel bad when he remember that he ever done bad things to chakor.

    1. Shreya.

      @Rha I don’t think Suraj will turn negative like before…may b kn will try to create misunderstandings between sukor… misunderstandings means in front of chakor kn will try to show Suraj turns negative ..nd .till nw Ajay is gud if suppose Ajay turns negative thn definitely he will also do d same like kn ji…hope so…looking forward…

    2. I don’t think he’ll be back as a bad person, he’ll pretend to help him so they get to know his plans. I hope they don’t reduce sukor scenes, ratings are already unstable, they can always meet in secret or fight.
      If one of them gets amnesia, it will only happen close to the wedding or right after it, so this will not happen soon.

  16. I am missing old kn bhole avatar very much guys agreed to u all and now I don’t like sooraj naughtiness now it was all his fault not Chakor’s.I am missing his jealousy specially when chakor is with ak and their nok jhoks.the precap was too good when Suraj was spreading water on her.it was lovely.can’t wait for the next episodes and if the property will go to sooraj then it will be a good news for all sukor fans and I hope meera wardrobe will change and for me Suraj old wardrobe was good when he was a villain before the Bandhua track anyways happy weekend guys….missing u ? aanya di,nidhu di

  17. Shreya.

    *****OFF TOPIC******

    Aanya plz cmnt here….try to understand dr…..c if u think u r d reason thn I want to say one thing no one is ryt nd no one is wrong in dis world…v can’t change our past….bt holding our past nd thinking abt our past always thn dis is d biggest mistake….u said in ff page tat u will convince nidhi ryt bt how?? V all r asking u too cmnt dis page bt u r not listening to our words u r not thinking abt our feelings.. u said bcz of i hurts ryt…now am saying yes bcz of u I hurts not only me all r hurts…bt d reason is u r not commenting dis page tats y only v all r hurts…try to understand…u r stop cmntng dis page don’t u think bcz of dis v all hurts…u said na u don’t want to hurt anyone if u really think like dis thn plz cmnt dis page… V all asking I know u must read my msg I hope u will understand all our feelings nd u will cmnt dis page…nd plz if u again said no I will not cmnt thn I have one request don’t ask r convince nidhi to cmnt dis page…bcz u r also doing d same…I know u will never take my words in wrong way even though am saying plz don’t take my words in a wrong way….try to understand our feelings nd come back soon…once again am telling in dis world no one is ryt nd one is wrong…don’t forget… plz come back to us aanya it’s all of our request….

    Where is sruthi nd dil d guys come back soon please…

  18. Hey all my dears…I’m so sorry that I couldn’t comment here because I’m busy with my studies..and now I’m back because my exams are postponed.. But only for a week..and how are you all??hope you guys are super fine..
    And I’m happy that finally sukor is back together.. And I liked the crazy suraj very much .he is too naughty.. Poor chakor..
    And I hope there will be no misunderstanding again…
    Happy Sunday dears

    1. Hi sruthi good to see you here!
      Monday’s episode looks fun. Hope there is no Mu and the just keep having their cute fights.
      Best wishes for your exams and enjoy your Sunday!

  19. New olv

    Can someone shoot imli ?

  20. Sukorian

    new misunderstanding without KN help

    topical Sukor prob.


  21. New olv

    Imli is going too far now.Its too much

  22. Thanks for the links Sukorian and Riana!
    Suraj should stop sulking.
    Isn’t Imli pregnant? why doesn’t she rest in her room instead of running around? We all have to thank her for stopping Suraj from drinking and probably giving advice to him on how to deal with Ajay. Enough of their friendship already.
    It’d be very stupid if Suraj’s jealousy will cause Sukor to separate, they already have KN to worry about.

  23. Thanks guys for new spolier just seen it suraj just better be upset i dont want another separation over somthing this stupid suraj should know better so that’s why i think he will be upset as he dosent like ajay but ajay will fall deeper for chakor and cvs stop showing imli with suraj plz stop adding imli its unnecessary for to be involved with sukor even in love confession track she was always with sukor all the time…. and kamal is evil he is using every1 and suraj wont forgive him for what he has done i too think suraj will fake to be with kamal and chakor may get angry and upset kamal sed that he wants to destroy sukor and he now knows chakor weakness is her love suraj and she is ready to do anything for him so kamal is trying to snatch suraj tejawani etc away from chakor so that he can gain thier trust and use them against chakor so that he can harm her and in the process i think ajay will join kamal only to get chakor and keep suraj out the way cuz in previous episodes ajay didnt like suraj being around chakor and always taunts suraj being a drunk yard…. this is how kamal will attack chakor cuz in a interview kamal says this time he will destory chakor and suraj

    1. Tippu,you may be right.
      I still have no idea why these cvs are so adamant in involving imli in ever problem sukor has to confront .Despite the bashing and rantings going on ,still these stupid people are continuing with their imli glorification process . Earlier her husband wasn’t with her but now,instead of trying to mend her relationship she is trying to poke her nose in other people’s relationship.Hope suraj gives it back to her.This is too much.When will this beyhadh pyaar for thus shameless woman. end?
      I dont approve chakor’s act of ignoring suraj because it is wrong of her to pull his dignity down or put one’s love down in front of another person .She could have played some prank on him instead of acting all immature and silly.Very hard to believe it was the same chakor who stood by suraj during the bandua track
      Suraj sulking is cute,but i think its quite repetitive but he is again acting all immature by drinking wine.
      I think the only person who has brains is the illiterate,shameless woman named imli who is busy running after her brother in law while the leads act like some immature people who have suddenly become brainless!!?

      1. yes you are right after the lucknow incident they promised to love and trust each other no matter what and now they are doing immature things the immature stage was good before they fell in love etc but now it looks a bit bad the nok joks are fine but the immature behaviour looks bad but chakor has explained to suraj that she and ajay are only friends and she did give the hole baasti meetai but suraj only sees chakor giving ajay and imli is annyoing she thinks she is so perfect stopping suraj bad habit but for her own selfish husband she relased and helped criminal ragini escape…. i liked this show until bundua track but now for me personally these new tracks are becoming to much irrating and senseless for me to contuine watching many shows have parellal leads but this show is giving imli to much importance now they showing vimli as the sesible couple as sukor as the immature couple i can see they want imli to stand out etc quiet frankly she is super close to suraj and it is uncomfortable to watch vivaan and chakor were once lovers but after they moved on they are not as close anymore as it is akward and imli behaviour is disgusting at least have the respect to keep civilsation amognst yourself respect…. cvs have ruined a great show….

  24. Hey guys, this is a chakor ajay imli interview can anyone say what new info it has about the plot? Thanks!


    1. Their interview was quite funny.It seems like meera finds imli the character as much as irritating as we do.Thanks nemo.
      Did i hear something regarding “chakor redemption”?Are they seriously going to show chakor running behind imli?

    2. Sukorian

      Hi nemo it’s basically the same as the ovl. They just celebrating that the gun victory is destroyed n Ajay said Chakor gave every1 Laddo besides Suraj she just confirmed it is his fault y she is reacting like this… Imli n Chakor have also a prob. Imli forgive Chakor but like with Vivaan she needs time to forget.

    3. Thanks sukorian and riana
      Riana, I too got the impression that they find imli irritating.
      Well we the fans need time to forget imli too.
      imli is acting precious, chakor should ignore her. i hope the whole redemption thing is not serious.

  25. Thank guys for the link, But I can’t understand hindi. Please if you don’t mind tell me the review about interview , what is the coming plot. Maybe we have to tell the writer about sukor immature behaviors. Can we do it by Instagram?

  26. Hi guys
    Finally mother nd son r united I really like teju nd suraj bond suraj is teasing chakor poor chakor she gives halwa to every villager nd naughty suraj is enjoying all this
    But in tomorrow’s episode chakor will get to know about suraj’ s teasings it will be so interesting to watch that how chakor will pay back suraj all his teasings to him
    Guys does anyone notice that tejawini didn’t remove her sindhoor nd mangalsutr ever after the divorce

    1. Hi lily,

      I hope chakor’s payback will be fun.
      I love teju-suraj bond too. I’ve noticed that too. teju still considers KN as her husband and that’s a big part of why she’ll return to haveli.

  27. If you don’t mind can i ask you where is aanya ?

    1. She hasn’t commented on the written episode update for a week, but she still comments on FFs.

  28. Thanks nemo, i can’t belive that she can do this what why? Is she fine ? …….. Thanks for the links guys.

    1. There was a fight on Friday here.

      1. It was just a heated argument, everything is fine now. I hope aanya, nidhi and anyone who stopped commenting because of this will come back.

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