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The Episode starts with Chakor teasing Geetha as the girls were also teasing her. The coach Laxmi scolds them and asks the reason for the delay. The elder girls say they have run fast, they did not break the rules. Laxmi says Chakor is not fit for this race, she did the delay, this game is for elder girls. Chakor says its not like that. Laxmi scolds her and says its sports association, these girls are their state’s champions. She says she is not discipline and asks her to come. Geetha says remember my name. Chakor goes.

Baa tells everything to everyone and says she does not want Arjun and Bhagya’s rumors to spread. She says Manohar feels when you all know their relation, he will lose name. Manohar asks is she explaining this illiterate villagers, Arjun has stayed with Bhagya, people will talk as

they are uneducated. Baa asks his qualification and praises them. Baa says Bhagya was with Arjun all night, I don’t want Bhagya to lose name. Arjun says no, nothing happened between us, she does not know anything, she is innocent like a kid.

He says he will leave Aazaadgunj. Baa says this is not the solution. Manohar says he is right and asks him to get lost. Ranjana asks Baa her opinion and calms Manohar. Baa gives Bhagya’s proposal to Arjun. Everyone is shocked. Baa says Bhagya gets happy holding your sleeve and walks with you like your shadow, I have seen love in your and her eyes, I know you love her, you will keep her happy, will you accept Bhagya. Manohar shouts and asks what is she saying, Bhaiya ji is not here, how can she think this. Baa says Bhaiya ji has sent Bhagya as Devi, now its proved that she is human, he can’t see her happiness. Baa praises Arjun. Abha and everyone smile. Manohar gets angry. Abha and Kangan see Bhagya happy. Baa asks Arjun his decision. Arjun refuses to marry Bhagya.

Chakor tells Laxmi that girls troubled her else she would have run faster. Laxmi says she did not use the chance, she will talk to her guardian. Chakor worries. Abha and Kangan ask Arjun why did he refuse, when he likes her. Arjun says yes, but I don’t know whether she loves me or not, she is so innocent. They laugh and say Bhagya loves him, she gets happy when she sees Arjun. Arjun recalls Bhagya and she has tied ghatbandhan on her own. Kangan says she came alone at night for you. He says yes, but… Baa brings Bhagya there. Bhagya holds his sleeve and says Arjun Sir, I like you.

Arjun says even I like Bhagya. They smile. Baa says if they both are happy, we should keep marriage soon. Bhagya says no marriage. They all get stunned. Ishwar gets the news by Abha that Arjun and Bhagya are marrying. Abha says Bhagya is adamant that she will not marry in Chakor’s absence, can you bring Chakor. He says no, I got complaints about Chakor. She asks what. He says don’t know, I m going to meet her now, I m afraid they can remove Chakor. She says I m sure it won’t be Chakor’s mistake in it. He says I know, I will call later. Abha tells Baa that Ishwar will try to get Chakor. Bhagya agrees for marriage and smiles. Baa says I want marriage to happen before Bhaiya ji comes. Manohar asks what did you say. Baa argues and asks him not to inform Bhaiya ji.

Laxmi complains about Chakor that she is not matching the girls’ speed, we should remove her. Chakor says what will I tell my Mausa ji and family, listen to me once. Ishwar comes and says I think we should hear her once. Chakor hugs him and says trust me, I did not do anything. He says I trust you more than myself, I know you can’t do any mistake. He talks to the manager. The man asks Chakor to tell everything. Chakor tells everything. Ishwar asks the man to see no one troubles Chakor. Laxmi says I will see about this. Chakor says she will run very fast and smiles.

Few men take the balloons and Ishwar gets angry. Chakor says let it be, we will take something else for Bhagya. Ishwar says we have to fight against evil, be it small or big. He tries to take the balloons back.

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  1. Atlast arjun n bhagy are marrying!! Yippee!!

  2. Wow very cute epd oh!finally arjun married bhagia i m waiting for that epd really love you argaya……

  3. Ishwar is going to die(i don’t want him to die no point of watching udaan if he dies )

  4. Ishwr wl die aftr ArGya wddng

    chakor wl wn d rc nd soon a lp wl cm

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