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The Episode starts with Vishaka asking Chakor to show her speed. She tells about the rules to keep the net before dummy falls. A joker looks on. Ronnie says Om will die, if Chakor fails. Roma says if Om gets a scratch, I will not leave Chakor. Om asks them not to scare Chakor and asks Roma to keep quiet. He says I m not scared, I will become cannon ball, Chakor will save my life. Everyone get shocked.

Bhaiya ji looks on as the village kids get the tattoo stamp and become bandhua. Vivaan cries seeing this. A boy gets scared and cries, refusing to become bandhua. Bhaiya ji shouts and says Ram Singh, make two stamps on him. Vivaan asks Bhaiya ji to stop, you can’t do this, I will give this boy my share of water. Bhaiya ji slaps Vivaan.

Om says I trust Chakor. Chakor thanks him. The joker ties

some strings in the way. Bhaiya ji tells Vivaan to leave, and shouts on him. The boy screams and cries. Vivaan cries and shuts his ears. Bhaiya ji says Chakor has spoiled Vivaan’s mind. Khanna asks Chakor to get ready. Chakor gets the red ball again and worries. Lakhan asks Kasturi not to dig. Kasturi says no, I will dig, if I die, tell Chakor I died while digging for water, she will be proud of me. Bhuvan looks on.

Om flies in air. Chakor starts running and falls down by the string. Everyone get shocked. She shouts Om. Joker looks on. Om has trust that Chakor will save him. Chakor says I will not break Om’s trust and gets up. She runs again. She ties the net and Om lands in it. She smiles. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………… everyone smile. Vishaka wipes her tears. Megha happily smiles. They all clap for Chakor.

The joker comes to Peter. Peter says I know Chakor saved Om, you can’t win, circus will not end till Chakor is here, she will expose your true face. The joker stabs Peter. The kids cry and ask Imli to save them. Imli thinks Chaklor would have saved them. They all ask Imli to help. Ram Singh comes and scolds them. Imli says I came to give them roti and they are asking me to save them. He scares the kids.

Everyone clap for Chakor. Khanna asks Vishaka to see, Chakor fell and even then she reached and put net before time, she runs faster than bullet. They all cheer for Chakor. Chakor smiles. They all get shocked seeing blood falling over Chakor’s hands. Om shouts Papa. Chakor shouts Peter Sir. They get shocked seeing Peter. Khasta comes and sees Peter, being shocked too. Megha cries. Vishaka holds her.

Peter drops a note and it falls near Chakor. Chakor picks the note. The joker threatens her asking does she have courage to do the show? She gets shocked.

Khanna asks Chakor does she want to do this show even after reading this note. Chakor says yes, only then we will be able to catch the killer. Chakor gets ready as runner and says I m ready to catch that killer now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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