Udaan 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli spoils Chakor’s plan

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The Episode starts with Suraj keeping his stuff. He sees the jacket and recalls Chakor. He thinks of her and gets hurt. He sees the wine bottle and takes it. He recalls Ranvijay’s words. He gets tempted to drink. He thinks of Chakor and inspector. He holds his head and screams. He takes the wine bottle and drinks. He gets past flashes. Chakor comes and stops him. Mahiya…plays….

She reminds his promise that he will never drink. He says nonsense, when did I promise. She says I m saying this as a friend, leave it, its poison. He asks what will happen if I drink some. She says I know you will finish the bottle. He says its my life. She says fine, I will make more friends. He says do anything. She says leave this. He refuses. They argue. She bites his hand. He gets angry and calls her wild

cat. She looks at him. Mahiya…..plays….

She asks what did you say. He says you have bitten my hand. She asks what after that. He says nothing. She says you just said, you have called me by that name after so many years, when you used to call me wild cat, I used to get irritated and call you egoistic, you used to get angry and run after me. He says no, I don’t want to remember anything. She asks why did you call me wild cat then, don’t you want to know your past. He throws the wine bottle. He says I don’t want to know any past. She gets on her knees and begs him to just listen to her once, if she is imp to him. She says meet me in that haveli room, where you were taking me to lock, its our room, we have spent beautiful moments there, just meet me once, I won’t ask for anything else again. He thinks of her. She steps on the glass and gets hurt. He asks her to get up. He calls her mad and stubborn. He says fine, I promise I will come to that room to meet you. She smiles. He asks her to go. Mahiya….plays…. Chakor leaves.

Its morning, Suraj comes to his room and looks around. He leaves. He recalls Chakor’s words and returns to the room. Chakor talks to Chagan and Pakhi. Chagan says you always run when you are angry, Suraj would be finding you, why are you here. Chakor says he would be waiting for me, when I don’t reach him, he will pass time by seeing the things, he will get flashes of our moments, memories are like pictures, he can see everything clearly. Suraj recalls the past, and tries to understand. Chakor says our memories are in every corner of the room, he would think what did he forget, I wish he remembers the past.

Suraj sees Bhaiya ji and his pics. Chakor says he would have seen our pics, he would think about the moments. Suraj turns and asks Chakor did you come. He sees the cupboard. Chakor says he would see my sports costumes, my picture in the cupboard and think about me, he liked that pic a lot, that pic will push him in the past. Suraj sees her jacket…. and thinks. He then sees Bhaiya ji and his pic. He recalls Bhaiya ji in flashes. Imli comes smiling and looks at him. Chakor gets hopeful and smiles.

Imli says I wasn’t scared of Chakor, as your dad supported me, but Chakor killed your dad. Chakor says I m sure Suraj can’t get brainwashed by Imli. Suraj says I will take revenge of my dad’s murder, I will punish Chakor. Imli smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Liked the episode, the precap not so much but no worries, Suraj will get his memory back next week. Finally Suraj calls Chakor jungli billi missed that word.

    1. I’m living with that same hope!

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