Udaan 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji’s hired man provoking the villagers. He says Suraj should not get food. Bhaiya ji and Ragini come there with servants. Bhaiya ji asks villagers will you want this devil to die, who did tortures on you all. Chakor shouts and says you made Suraj do all the sins. She requests the villagers to help Suraj. Bhaiya ji says everyone knows who is sinner and who is innocent. He asks villagers who wants Suraj to get food. Chakor and Imli raise hands in favor of Suraj. Chakor gets shocked seeing no villager supporting Suraj. Tejaswini, Kasturi and Bhuvan support Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks who want Suraj to die hungry. All villagers raise hand. Chakor gets shocked. She asks them to help Suraj.

The man says no, he should die hungry. Chakor stops them and says none will come ahead,

Suraj will get food today, I will see how you stop Suraj. Bhuvan, Chagan, Kasturi, Tejaswini, Chakor and Imli stop the villagers. The villagers argue. Bhaiya ji asks won’t you punish this devil, decide it. He signs his man. The man throws stone at the well.

Suraj asks what are you doing. Villagers also throw stones at well. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is hungry since 10 days. The villagers get angry and push Suraj down the well. Suraj falls down and gets hurt. Chakor and everyone get shocked. The lady says its time to settle scores. Tejaswini says what’s happening with my son, Lord save him. Bhaiya ji says its Suraj’s bad deeds, he is paying for it.

Suraj shouts and says you cheated me, you told me paint three wells, I did all work, the villagers pushed me inside this well. He asks Chakor to get him out. Chakor asks someone to get rope. Tejaswini says get Suraj out. Bhaiya ji says did I make Suraj fall, tell the villagers. Suraj asks villagers to get rope. Bhaiya ji says none is coming ahead to help. Chakor stops him and says Suraj is ill and weak, get him out. He says villagers made him fall, go and beg to them, you trust them right. He tells servant that this time villagers won’t listen to Chakor.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini leave. Chakor requests villagers to get Suraj out, he is one among us, he is not from haveli. Kishor says Suraj was making us bandhua. Chagan tells Chakor that Suraj tortured us, he treated us badly than animals, he is a greedy and selfish man, I did not see such heartless man in this world, you were away for 10 years Chakor, you can forgive him, how shall we forgive him, our pain is of 10 years, how to forget it. The lady says let him die in well.

Chakor says give him a chance to prove himself, how can you be heartless, how can you behave like Bhaiya ji. Chagan asks is Suraj less than Bhaiya ji, he also has bad blood, we did not do anything with Suraj, you may have goodness, its not in us. Chakor scolds him. He says you got blind to not see our pain.

Men go to help Vivaan. Vivaan gets conscious. The men say we will call doctor. Vivaan says I m alive, I don’t need a doctor, go from here. He shouts on them. He sees the tyre flat. He recalls doctor’s words and Tejaswini giving him drugs. He says she ruined my life and future forever. He screams.

Kasturi takes Chakor. Chakor stops Kasturi. She says I have to get Suraj out, else he will die inside. Kasturi says I know, but you have no other way, come with me. Chakor asks how can I leave him here, I have to get Suraj. Kasturi asks her to understand, villagers are angry and annoyed, Suraj has hurt them a lot, they will not forgive Suraj, they are doing justice, let them do it, till Suraj realize mistake and apologizes, leave Suraj on his state, trust me, I m saying this for your good. Chakor goes. Tejaswini asks Chakor where are you going, just you can save Suraj, don’t leave him alone. Suraj shouts Chakor. Kasturi says let Chakor go, she is doing right.

Chakor recalls Suraj saving her and thinks I m with Suraj and will always be. She stops and says I will not let Suraj die. She runs back. She jums inside the well. They all get shocked.

Imli says Chagan, we have to get Chakor out. Kasturi requests them to help Chakor. Bhaiya ji warns and says none will help Chakor, else I will bury everyone in this well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cheapest track
    100 jute iss writer ko
    Fed up hu gye sb iss bkwaas treen track ce

    Kaise udaaan kha ki udaaan???
    Sirf KN ki tay tay

    4 4 din lambe sequence iss bkwas bnduwa track k
    Suraj k sath na sahi villagers ko chakor pr KN saanap ko perfer ni krna chayie
    Chakor bs inn ihsaaan framosh ko KN k liay chor daina chyie
    Sirf apne suraj k liay plan kre
    Koi tu chakor ki udaaan pr lge parhe hatye
    Rab ka, wasta nai saha ja ra
    Sirf written update ce km chl ra hai puri epi mai sirf sukor Scenes daikh laite hai
    Perfect sukor love story chyie chyie chiye❤❤❤❤

  2. ParulRajput

    What the hell is going on? when will this crap end ?and when we will again going to see our old suraj back? i m hating this and how will sukor go to jungle i think chakor will help suraj getting out from cattle and both will end up being in jungle and spend some equality time there? but again kn will capture suraj and put him back in the cattle ?seriously now i m thinking did chakor has lost her mind somewhere?? why is she not taking help from media or adi ?why she is not declaring to world that she will be back in her sports and run? and if she is scared of her drugs reports why she is not asking vimli help to destroy those reports ?before also imli has destroyed sukor divorce papers? than why not now? what she is waiting for i think cvs still have some plans to torture suraj ?and jungle scene will only shoot for valentines special ?and again they will start this torture?? but tomo there will be many sukor scenes ?

  3. Janani9789

    ungrateful villagers!!!!totally hate tem!!they know well who tortured them most!!! its kn!!they all know who ordered suraj to do all this!!forgetting the main person!!!they totally lost their brain!!!!
    suraj also lost his wonderful childhood like chakor!!kn tortured him to hold gun instead of books….kn used suraj and made him selfish!!!
    chakor should do something bigger that should affect kn!!!!
    i like imli a lot she support her always…
    chagan is doing double role with both villagers and with chakor!!!what his mystery don’t know
    hate ungrateful villagers,kn,goons….
    suraj and chakor doesn’t need anyone….they both enough for eachother…..
    when this torture will end…..waiting only for sukor scenes….

  4. My God what’s happening in this show.chakor you are a marathon winner..then y behaving like an ordinary person. U have lot of influence y can’t u take somebody’s help.cant watch this show anymore too much of cruelty towards sooraj.. chakor is a dumboo instead imli is more sharper than her……

  5. chakor plzzz er u r so strong u have to save ur suraj.plzzz writers stop this stupid episodes.

  6. Becasue of tejaswani i think vivaan will turn agianst suraj and will touture him to get revenge from tejswani by hurting suraj by joining ragini everyone wants to trouble poor suraj its so sad and i cant beleive everyone thinks kamal is a saint? before suraj was born people were bundwa so how can they blame suraj for all this its all kamal and why are the villagers saying kamal and suraj are one who in the world would treat thier son like this the villagers are so dumb tommrow episode will be all suraj and chakor scenes that the one im gonna enjoy watching

    1. I actually felt Vivaans pain today, Tejaswani to get revenge from Ranjana ruined a boys future. It doesn’t matter that Tejaswani is good now she still tortured so many as well and between her and KN they raised Suraj in the wrong way and so really Suraj had no chance but chakor managed to bring out his goodness but he his still guilty cos once he became an adult he chose to follow his dads footsteps. It’s a hard one because KN and Tejaswani were both evil so it can be debated on whether Suraj should be held accountable for his actions once he was of age or was his nurturing to blame and therefore we should go easy on him. Karmas getting Suraj and Tejaswani but when will KN get his

  7. Can someone send the jungle link

    1. Janani9789

      there is no segment of jungle…rati…

  8. At first I was mad at the villagers but once I thought about it from their point of view I understand why they did what they did. Can any of us really that quickly forgive someone that tortured us for 10 years. However much I like Suraj he wasn’t always a nice person and he still hasn’t apologised to the people he hurt and end of the day he did torture them. Even in yesterday’s episode when he remembered stamping the little girl he felt bad but he should have swallowed his pride and said yes I was guilty and I’m sorry but that’s not who I am anymore.

  9. Janani9789


    new segment link guys watch it…kn asking suraj…if he want food he should slap chakor….
    suraj throw the food….
    when will this torture end!!!want old suraj back!!!

  10. Boeing stuffff!!!!!!!! Plzz end the bandhuapanti…

  11. Waiting fo todys episode…so many sukor scene??…….

  12. hey janu if there is no link then how you get to know about jungle sequence..

  13. Janani9789

    kriti rati asked na…so i searched for jungle sequence but there is no segment that time…

  14. I hope sukor will be together in well, waiting for today episode.

  15. ParulRajput

    Kirti there us no link for jungle news it was just a news that sbs told and guys chakor take kids help and take suraj away from goons i think they will run in jungle lets see…

    1. Thanks for the link and i knew vivaan was gonna turn evil but i felt sorry for him but i dont want to see suraj getting tortured by more people and what i think is stupid about the villagers is that they all united against suraj for his evil deeds but they never did this to kamal which is stupid if the villagers all attack kamal and his 5 goons kamal can easily be defeated by a whole village and suraj is feeling the pain that everyone is feeling for thier whole life i think imli and vivaan will break up because vivaan will turn evil and be with kamal and imli will be with chakor i think that is when suraj will reveal that ranjana killed vivaan dad and then he will realise his mistake

  16. Epi is painful. If trp is increased tht means this is gnna dragged fr sm time n we ll hv to bear due to sukor. So of course vivan will turn negative so thy cn drag . Thnx fr the links janu.

  17. Janani9789


    guys this is the link where chakor takes help from kids…then they both ran away to jungle..i think so…

  18. hope we will get some good spoiler soon

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