Udaan 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Bhuvan finding wine in his home. He drinks wine. Kasturi and Imli see him. Kasturi asks what is he doing, why is he drinking all day, how will this affect their daughters. She says she will break the bottle. He gets angry and scolds her. He asks her to die but not stop him from drinking. Kasturi cries. Imli says Chakor will make dad rid of this bad habit. Kasturi says kids can’t do anything in this matter. Imli recalls Chakor’s words. Imli says Chakor never lies.

Bhuvan collides with some man and bottle falls. He runs to take bottle. Chakor comes and steps on the bottle. Chakor gets the lemon juice in the bottle and acts like she is drinking wine. Bhuvan stops her. Kasturi, Imli, Dadi and all villagers come there and think whats happening. Chakor says she will also drink

if Bhuvan drinks. Chunni as Choka is also there and gives credit to Chakor.

Chagan thinks why is Chakor giving credit to Chunni and is angry. Imli explains plan to Kasturi. Kasturi says she will also drink. Bhuvan asks what is she doing, does she not care for his respect. Kasturi says same lines what Bhuvan told her when she stopped him from drinking. Bhuvan asks her not to drink. Chagan thinks Chunni is making everyone fooled by acting as Chakor and does not know its real Chakor.

Bhuvan gets angry and says I will not stop drinking, I stopped you all, but if Kasturi does not want to agree, fine, I will resume drinking. Chakor gets tensed and climbs on a tree asking Bhuvan to quit drinking, else she will drink wine, Lakhan asks Chakor to come down. The villagers ask Chakot to get down. Chakor does not agree. Bhuvan says fine, I will quit drinking. Kasturi and everyone get glad hearing him. Bhuvan asks Chakor to come down now.

Chagan asks Choka why is he saying Chunni is Chakor. Choka/Chunni says yes, its Chakor. Chagan does not understand. Bhuvan pledges he will not drink again. Chagan asks why is he swearing, when Chakor fooled him with lemon juice. Bhuvan gets angry and says he also fooled them, he will go haveli and get wine from Bhaiya ji. Chakor tries to stop him and falls down. She gets hurt and everyone get shocked.

Bhuvan cries and says Chakor is blessing for me, don’t punish my daughter for my sins. He hits his hand and gets wounded.

Update Credit to: Amena

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