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The Episode starts with Suraj telling about charity. He says today he will earn a lot. Chakor gets the blind children there. He thinks whats her new drama. Chakor says we want to assure that your help is going in right hand, so some people who run NGOs came here, time has done injustice with the kids, but they have much courage. The kids perform. People donate money and give cheques. Chakor sees the girl wearing bracelet and thinks who is she, what is she doing here. Suraj asks Chakor did she think beggars will get money, you did good to call NGO people, we will get more donation, thanks. Chakor asks Sharma to come and take cheques.

She makes Suraj gives cheque to charity commissioner Sharma, who will check whether money reaches charity. Suraj gives cheques to Sharma and gets angry. He says you did

not do this right Chakor. She says if you kept this money, Lord would have not forgiven you, I will earn money by sports event for you. She sees that girl again. She goes to see the lady caught by servants and asks who is she. The lady says why did they catch me, I just came to wash utensils, I m getting late to go home, so I was running, the men caught me. Chakor thinks where did that girl go, who is she.

Ranjana goes to Imli and asks for Vivaan. Imli says he went to kitchen to make soup for me. Ranjana asks why did you not make it. Imli says he insisted that I should have soup, its necessary for my health. Ranjana says fine, when he comes, tell him I have imp work and need to talk, send him to my room. She sees the file and asks did you make it. Imli says no, Vivaan made this for me. Ranjana gets angry and says Vivaan is worrying for this child as if its his child, don’t know what magic Imli did on my son, there is one way to separate them.

Chakor says I feel I have seen that girl before. Suraj gets Athletic competition form and makes Chakor fill it. He asks her to write her complete name, Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi. He asks her not to think to lose this race, she has to pay for his loss. She angrily throws his clothes from cupboard. He asks for his jacket. She says I have to wash this, why are you taking this, whats inside. He snatches jacket and Imli’s pics fall. She says its Imli’s pics, what is the matter, Imli has gone, but you kept her memories safe. He burns the pics. He says Imli went and her memories should also go. She says its good, last thread in broken relation also broke. The girl catches Bijli and asks who stays in haveli. Bijli shouts ghost and runs away. Vivaan says there is no one there.

Girja tells Tejaswini that Ranjana asked me to get herbs from city. Tejaswini checks it and says I will give it to Ranjana. Tejaswini goes to Ranjana and says you made a good plan. Ranjana says so you identified this herb. Tejaswini says yes, pregnant women have miscarriage by having this herb. Ranjana says you just see how I use this, Imli was controlling my son. Tejaswini says I don’t want Suraj’s child to come in this world, but Imli can’t conceive again after eating this herb. Ranjana says so what, its enough that Imli stays alive, I m sure baby will die and Imli will leave from here, Vivaan and Suraj will get free.

Tejaswini says you are doing right, I m with you. They join hands. Tejaswini thinks don’t think I m getting friendly, its about my son, so I joined hand. Ranjana thanks the same about her. Tejaswini asks how will you make Imli have this herb. Ranjana says by mixing in milk, Imli will not doubt, its Naag panchami and everyone has to drink milk in Prasad. Tejaswini says you made a great plan and gives her that herbs. They both leave. Vivaan says how are they both smiling and going together, their relation is not fine, is there anything fishy, maybe they have work, I m thinking much, I have to keep eyes open, anything can happen in this haveli.

Its morning, Imli cleans the plate. Ranjana asks her not to do work, as she is fasting. Vivaan smiles thinking mummy accepted Imli as good bahu. Tejaswini comes there. Suraj calls out Chakor and asks Tejaswini where did Chakor go. Tejaswini says she went to submit asian games form. He leaves. Vivaan doubts on Ranjana and Tejaswini, and says if they are planning anything, are they against Imli. Ranjana asks Imli not to feel bad of her works, I say anything in anger, forgive me. Imli says don’t apologize, I m bahu of this house, I want to do duty with sincerity. Vivaan thinks it can’t be for Imli, then whom are they planning against, Chakor? How to find out?

Girja boils milk and says I did not prepare milk for puja. Ranjana asks her to go out. Ranjana adds the herb in milk. Vivaan says what happened to Ranjana and Tejaswini, they are working a lot. Girja talks to maid and some herb falls down. Vivaan gets it and says its strange herb, don’t know what is this for, why I m getting doubt, I will ask Ranjana and Tejaswini. Tejaswini says this milk glass has haldi mark, so that there is no mistake to pick this one. Vivaan comes there and sees them gone. He sees the milk glasses and kheer. He says everything is fine now, I should talk to mummy. He sees the herb there and checks it. He says I did not see anyone using this herb before, there is something fishy, what are they going to do with Chakor now. He recalls Kasturi and rushes to meet her to know about the herb.

Imli gets ready and comes. Ranjana sends her to get milk glasses. She says we all will drink milk. Imli says I don’t like milk, I will eat kheer. Tejaswini stops Ranjana. Ranjana says you have to drink milk, its Prasad. Imli says I will eat vitamin tablet and goes. Ranjana says what will we do now. The kids talk to a snake charmer. The girl gives him money. The man blesses her. The girl asks the kid for people living in haveli. The boy names Chakor and Imli. He says Chakor got married in haveli. The girl asks whom did Chakor marry. He asks her to ask Kasturi and goes. The girl goes to village. Kasturi does the puja. The girl asks for Chakor. The lady says Chakor’s parents broke relation with her. The girl asks why. Vivaan comes to Kasturi and asks her about the herbs. Kasturi says this herb is very dangerous, unmarried girl can’t become mother all her life, and pregnant women have miscarriage, keep this away from Chakor and Imli. He thinks they want to kill Imli’s baby and rushes.

Tejaswini says its good Chakor and Vivaan are not here, why did Suraj come home. Ranjana says its fine if he comes. Imli asks for Vivaan. Maid says he went out in hurry. Suraj says Chakor did not come till now, will I do puja alone. Tejaswini says Vivaan is also not here, I think you both have to put Prasad together, hurry up now. Suraj and Imli do the rituals. Vivaan runs back to haveli. Ranjana gives milk to Imli. Vivaan falls down and gets hurt. He starts walking. Tejaswini and Ranjana drink milk, and ask Imli to drink milk for her husband’s sake. Suraj drinks milk and looks on. Vivaan reaches haveli. Imli takes the milk glass. Vivaan falls down and cries. Suraj comes out of haveli. Vivaan calls him out and asks him to save Imli’s child, stop Imli, don’t let her eat or drink anything, she is given medicine to lose her baby. Suraj rushes to stop Imli. He asks Imli to stop. She is about to drink. Suraj shoots at the milk glass. Imli, Ranjana and Tejaswini get shocked.

Suraj asks Ranjana and Tejaswini how dare she try to kill his baby. Imli says Suraj, no need to do this drama, you rejected to accept baby, this is my child, its Imli and Vivaan’s child, not yours. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waste serial once I was a great fan of this when there was chotti chakor but now this is waste. Chakor and Suraj should unite.choti chakor and choti vivan was superb but now they are not a good pair. Chakor and Suraj is good. Day by day udaan is losing its standard.sorry to say this but I have to tell this writers pls improve your quality

    1. totally agree with u…

  2. Friendship is the best relationship

    Good good.. I think now vikor is save.. Suraj and imli both are selfish that’s why both suits each other..

  3. Um hello Anu haridas do you know what you are saying. If you do then don’t say ANYTHING mean because your just writing rubbish. Look I don’t mean to be mean but it is just the truth.

  4. noooooooooo please , i want chakor and suraj together , they really look good . and i’m irritated with this vivan , i mean everybody is behind him , chakor still loves him and imli also likes him a lot , moreover the new girl also related to him as she was hiding her face to see vivan . why are they giving soooooooooo much importance to him?……….and this child is really very much problematic . it was about to die but that stupid suraj ………shit man . if this continues sukor will never unite and i never want suraj and imli to pair up , please please do something that chakor comes close to suraj , not that imli

  5. the girl is ragini surajs sis sbs has shown that

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