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The Episode starts with Chakor and Rocky coming to have food at a dhaba. Arjun is also there and gets Vivaan’s call. Vivaan does not tell him about Bhagya, as he will worry. He says Bhagya is missing you, did you get Chakor. Arjun says yes, I will take her and return, take care of Bhagya. He ends the call and Chakor and Rocky are sitting behind. Arjun does not see them and leaves. Rocky asks the dhaba man to get paubhaji for him and his best friend. She says she wants roti bhaaji. He says fine, and orders it.

The ma says I wish every little girl gets you, who gets roti for them. They eat the food. Chakor likes the food. Rocky gives the credit card and asks the man to take money. The man says he does not have money and wants cash. Rocky says you earn so much, can’t you buy a machine, food is better

than five stall. The man says you are drunk and scolds him. Rocky gets angry. Chakor stops Rocky and gives her 50rs to pay the man for the food.

Chakor says she was using this money for going Aazaagunj, but he is her friend. They leave and Rocky asks her to listen. She asks why did he take her if he did not have money, it was good she had money. She says all this is because of this bottle, I will throw this. She throws them on the road and he stops her. He says he has lots of money. She says he does not have cash. He laughs and asks her to get down. She says fine, I will go. He says he will show her magic, come with me. They come to an ATM. He asks her to see how card gets money and see the magic now. The cash comes out of the machine and she holds her face.

She says so much money, my mum will faint if he sees this, show it again. He shows her again. He says we will spend this. She says we will take this machine, I will keep this in Aazaadgunj. He says no, this machine stays here, and we have to deposit money in bank to withdraw money from this. She says she will open bank in Aazaadgunj. He says I m sure and gives her 500rs. She says no, I just want 50rs. He says keep 500rs. She says no. He asks her to wait till morning, if she wants change. She says fine.

He says if she came in my life before, my rehab would have been done. A boy goes out of home. The goon kidnap him. Its morning, Kishori runs to everyone and says there is blood near the lake. They all get shocked. Bhola’s parents come crying and say he is missing. Lakhan comes and says Abha was saying nonsense, there is crocodile in the lake. Chakor, Billu and Bhola were eaten up by it. Kasturi says no, I trust Abha.

Chakor is sleeping. She wakes up and smiles. She sees around and smiles seeing the seashore. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………….plays…………….. Rocky wakes up and says where is he, he is at seaface. He says so I reached here, this is too much. He looks for the keys. Chakor sees him going and runs to him. He leaves from there. She says he has gone again, he did friendship with me and left. She throws the friendship thread and says she won’t come in his sweet talk again. She says how will I reach back now and she has to give garlic and make snacks at food stall also.

Chakor asks a food stall man about the other food stall. The man asks her to go, as there are many food stalls in Mumbai. She says how will I go Aazaadgunj without money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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