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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Imli to come with her. Imli refuses. Chakor says you are free now, you can do anything, roam freely, bath in lake etc. Imli says I m not a little child to do all that, I will not go anywhere and stay here. Chakor asks why, here no one wants you or needs you. Suraj says I want Imli to stay here, not as bandhua, but as my helper. Imli gets glad and says she will work for Suraj. Chakor gets shocked. Suraj and Bhaiya ji smile.

Imli says see, they need me. Suraj asks Imli to become his personal assistant and stay here, she will get salary from him. Bhaiya ji laughs and says why not, you will get good salary. He asks Chakor to keep the papers to be satisfied that Imli is not bandhua now. He asks Imli will she become Suraj’s PA. Imli says yes. Chakor stops Imli and

says they freed you of bandhua and still making you work as slave. Suraj says we keep bandhua and workers separate, if you don’t trust, we will erase the bandhua sign from her hands. Imli asks Chakor to see, Suraj and Bhaiya ji can’t do wrong with her. Chakor asks Imli to understand, they are not good people, don’t trust them, come with me. Imli says let me live my life, if you can’t see this, then go away from my life and from Aazaadgunj too. Chakor cries. Imli leaves. Chakor looks at Suraj and Bhaiya ji. She asks Imli to stop and leaves. Bhaiya ji and Suraj laugh to win both ways.

Tejaswini makes Vivaan’s room window get sealed. Vivaan gets angry and scolds Tejaswini. Ranjana looks on. Tejaswini asks him to think well and taunts Ranjana to be helpless mother. Vivaan asks Ranjana won’t she do anything for him, why do you move back when I need you, do something. Ranjana apologizes to Vivaan and cries saying I m helpless, I can’t do anything. Tejaswini asks guard to see that Chakor does not come inside haveli. She asks Vivaan not to go outside of haveli and Chakor should not come here. She smiles and goes.

Chakor asks Imli to stop and listen. She asks what happened to you. She asks her why does she want to stay as bandhua. Imli says I told you to win and come, why did you lose, you wanted to become great by saving me, you felt I wanted this charity, I would have not let you do this, don’t do favor on me, you wanted to send me away from Aazaadgunj, I will never leave Aazaadgunj.

Chakor asks Imli why will she not go, whats here, tell me, I want to know. Imli says because I love Suraj. Chakor gets shocked. Imli says I will never go away from Suraj. Chakor asks what, you love Suraj, Bhaiya ji’s son, who made you dance infront of his friends. Imli asks her not to joke. Chakor says I m not joking, I was shocked seeing you dancing, Suraj made you dance. Imli says Suraj apologized, I m his servant, he is sky and I m earth, even then I love him. Chakor asks you arte trusting those cheaters, your heart is big, you should get someone better than Suraj. Imli says enough, I love Suraj. Chakor asks her to understand, freedom is necessary, don’t run after Suraj, I gave big sacrifice for your freedom, you worry for your future, don’t sacrifice life for Suraj. Imli scolds her and says I can’t hear anything against Suraj. Chakor says you aimed gun at me, you never shot me, listen, I request you, go away from Aazaadgunj. Imli says I can’t agree, I told you to win, why did you lose. She goes. Chakor asks Imli to agree and not waste life after Suraj. She shouts and cries.

Trishakti promo: Chakor has to give a test. Suraj aims at pots and says right aim and freedom of everyone, wrong aim and you have to give me a kiss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think suraj will marry chakor

    1. U r Absolutely right lara!! 😀

      1. hai sriranjini…?? how u put thiz dp??? plz tell me

  2. Stop this Suraj drama… I hate him

  3. Uuuf I cant stand this Suraj ???

  4. i m sure suraj mrred to chakor . ilove suraj.. but idnt lyk suraj cheractr…

  5. I am also agreeing with you guys. Soraj will marry chakor. Really i love suraj becoz of shastri sisters serial. But here he is a cheeter

  6. I dunno suraj’s real name but i saw him in shastri sisters and adored.. He looks like siddharth malhotra at least his body. He is damn handsome. Why did negative character yr?? I hope he becones good amd as the lead one in the show though i dont watch it.

    1. His name is vijayendra kumeria

  7. There wl b a love track btw chakor n vivan n suraj wl oppose it n get jealous only to fall in love wid her…bt i fear how imli wl react n i wana see suraj having a change of heart n wl oppose his father….

    1. R u sure? Any spoiler or smthng?

  8. if suraj married chakor means what will happen to vivaan.. I want vivaan and chakor together…

    1. sindu u r right. am also like chavan

  9. I love charaj pair..I think chavan love story starts soon …and as suraj is playing with imli’s emotions chakor is concerned about her Imlu. ..maybe in future suraj will play a trick again and chakor may marry suraj to protect her sister from suraj…..Sauda like Imli ke badle mein suraj se shaadi. …waiting to see charaaj tashn e ishq…

  10. Chakor emotionally blackmiled.how will she be successful in saving aazadgunj.

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