Udaan 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor taking a big stone in her hand and throwing at the mangoes. The mangoes fall. She asks did they see her aim. She takes another stone and says she will break their heads, and asks who first. Bhuvan and Kasturi defend Chakor and all the villagers speak against Chakor as she has cheated the village kids. Kishor gets angry and pushes Bhuvan. Kishori says we have to teach them a lesson, they are at fault and scolding us. Kasturi says she will beat them if they say anything against Chakor. Bhuvan says come Kasturi, they are provoking our anger.

Suraj asks Chakor what is she doing. They all move back. Chakor throws the stone at them and they all run away. Imli looks on and asys they all run, now I understand, I will tell everyone and the village kids will become your friends.

Chakor says no use, they are very angry and not listen anyone, we don’t have any proof. Imli cries and says they call you liar and cheater. Chakor says good kids don’t cry, and hugs her. Kasturi says my daughter is not cheater, they have used Chakor and now calling her cheater. A lady throws stone on her head and Kasturi falls and bleeds. Bhuvan holds her and sees the villagers angry.

He asks who has hit the stone. Kishor says I did, tell me what will you do. They all say we hit, what will he do. He asks Kasturi to come and they all throws stones on them. They go inside home and close the door. They cry. Tejaswini plays money to the village lady and says I would have given more money if you broke her head. The lady says I will get more chances to beat Kasturi, as all villagers are against her. Tejaswini says no one should know what you are doing.

Suraj scolds the servant and throws food. Tejaswini asks what happened, you should be happy that Chakor is removed from school, you look worried. Suraj says Chakor took stone to beat me and my friends. She asks what. He says yes and tells everything. She laughs. He asks why is she laughing, I felt you will punish her. She says Chakor changed, she got violent as her inner strength ended, so she used external powers, I m glad that I have ended her inner strength.

She says now she will be weak like other bandhua. Suraj says you are great, you thought which I could not. Suraj asks does this mean dad is weak, as he always does violent things, is his power over. She says no, no one is more powerful than him. Chakor comes to Dadi and says what does cheater mean, why does everyone call me liar and cheater. Ruby says cheater means the one who breaks trust and cheat, you also did this so they are calling you cheater. She taunts Chakor. Chakor gets sad and holds Dadi’s hand. She says she always tells truth and even then everyone call her a liar, why does this happen with her, tell something, blink your eyes once, you are listening to me.

She says why don’t you say anything, are you also angry on me. She leaves and comes to her stable. She sees spiders and recalls Dadi’s words that she has to be strong, this is her real test and tells a story of a kind and spider. Dadi says Kind Vikram was very brave but his army was small, his enemy army was huge and one day he saved himself and went in cave. She says he was tired and thinking why does he lost, when will I win. She says he thought like you and then he saw the spider on the roof, who was making a web, it was breaking again and again, spider was falling and she again made web and did it till she won.

She says King Vikram thought why should I lose if this small spider does not lose, and went out to fight till he win, we should never lose, we should make our courage strong. She hugs Dadi and smiles. Chakor says she will clear her blames and till then she will not let her courage break. She recalls how Suraj and his friends framed him and writes on the wall that she is not a liar and cheater. Yen hounslon ki udaan hai………plays…….. She says she is not afraid, she will not fail and tell them that she is not liar an cheater and does not get scared by anyone.

Chakor talks to the moon and asks for the blessings to show everyone that she is not liar, and reach her aim. Bhaiya ji tells the driver that Tejaswini should not know this place. He does aarti of some woman and bends to keep his head on her feet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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