Udaan 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vivaan beating Suraj. Chakor comes infront and says Suraj is my husband, you can’t beat him. He asks her to control Suraj, else he will shoot Suraj. He says ask him not to do lovers’ drama now, you both want to break Imli and me, but you both united us, we can’t get separated now, keep Suraj away. Chakor says Suraj did not do this to harm Imli. Vivaan angrily leaves.

Suraj tells Chakor that I told the truth to Imli, I confessed my feelings, she rejected my love, I m hurt, but I m relieved that the thorn from my heart removed, go and see Imli, she left from haveli angrily, she told me truth that she loves Vivaan….. Chakor says you don’t need to tell me anything, I know Imli started loving Vivaan. Suraj asks did you know this. She nods and cries. He asks does Vivaan

know. She says no, Imli was going to tell Vivaan that day and cradle burning incident happened, I will go and find Imli. She leaves.

She asks Kaka about Imli and thinks Imli would have gone to temple. Imli sits crying in temple. Chakor comes there and holds her. She says whatever Suraj told you, forget it. Imli cries and says I can never forget it. Chakor asks what are you saying. Imli says its good Lord sent me here, you are very good and sacrificed your happiness to me, I misunderstood you.

Chakor asks what did Suraj tell you. Imli says Suraj told me everything, I did not trust you, and raised hand on you, I slapped you, beat me, take revenge as I treated you badly and did not trust you. Chakor asks are you mad, stop it. Imli says beat me, else I will feel you did not forgive me.

Vivaan comes to temple and sees Chakor and Imli. He hears them. Chakor tells Imli that it was not your mistake, your opinion was natural, leave it. Imli says no, I know you always trust me, my heart is not like yours. She holds Chakor’s feet and says forgive me, I could not understand the value of your sacrifice, how did I not understand you never thought wrong about me, Suraj threatened you of sending me to jail, I have burnt that knife, my fingerprints are not on that knife, you are free of Suraj’s clutches today, he can’t harm you now. Vivaan looks on. Chakor happily cries and hugs Imli. Vivaan realizes he misunderstood Chakor and cries.

Chakor says I never had annoyance for you in my heart, you are still little innocent lovely Imlu for me. Imli says you are really very great, I will never forget this favor. Chakor says sisters have relation of love, not favors. Imli says no need to see the past, the world is waiting for you, you should focus on your aim, you have to get your aim, no need to see haveli. Chakor says but… Imli says enough, you have thought of everyone always, there is no danger on me, I m safe and you are free. They cry.

Imli says you are totally free now, you can take flight again. Chakor smiles and says I m free today. Imli asks her to go. Chakor runs from the temple. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai…………….plays…………. Chakor says I m free today, no one can stop me, I m no one’s bandhua. She runs on the road smiling. A Jhanki passes, and the red cloth flies from idol over to Chakor’s face. Chakor sees the Ganesh idol and greets Ganesh ji. She smiles. The man takes the red cloth and covers the idol. She says I got free today and got Bappa’s blessings, its very auspicious and my new life started today, you take away problems and gives happiness, I don’t want anything than your blessings. She prays.

Suraj tells Chakor that she is free now and can go anywhere. Vivaan gives a sorry card to Chakor for hurting her. She says I have no complains. He asks what did you think of future. Imli hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nidhi

    please cvs dont do injustice now after the miscarriage show imli as strong as chakor let her be good not evil please

  2. Finally Justice to chakor now suddenly everyone started as mahaan in front of her

  3. Love the way how chakor addresses suraj as her husband and yeah suraj is positive now and yeah hope to see sukor love story now but imli ka miscarriage ke baad vivaan imli ke sath shyd na rhe or chakor ke pass wapas ana chahe or sukor main to abi bilkul bhi pyar naj hai ohh god so confusing bas sukor hi finap ho

  4. Ab imli ka misscarriage huva hai tho uske support ke liye vivaan uske saath yi rahega…aur chakor azaad ho gayi suraj ne usse azaad kiya hai lekin ab KN ki entry hogayi hai tho shayaad chakor suraj ke pass vapas aa sakthi hai. …maybe imli aur ganv walo ki raksha ke liye….kyunki agar wo haveli mein rahe tho KN par nazar rakh sakthi hai aur haveli mein rehene ke liye usse KN ki bahu aur suraj ki biwi banke rehna zaroori hai. …maybe ab KN ka saamna sukor saath milke karenge aur shayad KN se ladthe ladthe sukor ek din zaroor ek doosre se pyaar karne lagenge. ..?

  5. Sukorrrrr……l don’t want to miss uuuu….hey guyzzz actually suraj is luving chakor bt he don’t know that he luvsss…..herr…I think after a few days or months suraj will realize that he luvsss… chakor….and chakor also started to luv him. dear writers please make sukor as final pair…itz my requestttt…luv u sukorrrr………..

  6. Ya Angel I aslo luv the way chakor stand out 4 sooraj n adress him as her hus….is it confirmed that imli’s child will be dead….if it happens thn don’t no whats gonna happen further….vivan should not leave imli otherwise sukor will not happen….waiting KN re-entry into show for interesting twists n turns….hoping n praying the final pair to be sukor n imvaan….

  7. A great episode at least. Now I want udaan sapono ki to be about helping villagers and basti wale.

  8. suraj ke is bat se chakor looks confuse i think soon she will start loving suraj

  9. Chakor-Vivaan

    No…Yarr, Vikor will happen, not sukor..

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