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The Episode starts with doctor checking Kasturi. She says Chakor…. The doctor says she has to eat food, else she will have to get admitted in hospital. Imli asks Arjun to get Chakor, as she can’t stay without her parents. Arjun says nothing will happen to Kasturi. He says we will do something and try to bring Chakor here. He hugs Imli. Arjun calls Rocky and tells about Kasturi’s serious state, anything can happen. Rocky says I m trying my best. Arjun asks him to hurry.

Bhagya meets Arjun and smiles. He hugs her and tells about Kasturi’s state. She says Chakor will surely come, don’t worry. She makes him have Prasad. Chakor tells Sunny about the race and jailer’s condition. Sunny, Soham and Tamasha get glad. Tamasha says but Chakor can make anyone else win, she has ethics. Chakor says

I know, you are annoyed, I have caught Kusum, as she has run for wrong thing which I can’t see. Tamasha says great. Sunny asks her to focus on race. Chakor says yes, I have to win for my family. Sunny informs Arjun. Arjun tells Sunny that he is sure Chakor will win the race, as she will be running for her mum. She asks about Amma. Arjun says Amma left from Aazaadgunj, don’t know where she went, some people say she is related to this place, I don’t know complete matter.

Amma stops the car saying she will ask about bus to Lucknow. Bhaiya ji waits for Manohar and talks to him. Amma says I was happy before coming here and recalls Baa. She says this box is the root of all problems and throws it. It hits Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji gets angry and calls her. He asks does she know who is he. She asks him not to make her angry. He sees the box and the sign inside it. He gets shocked. She asks why is he staring at this, she knows now he will say she is Nayantara and he knows her, then he will change his words.

He looks at her. She says I m going, let me go. He recalls Nayantara. FB shows Bhaiya ji scolding his sister Nayantara. He says listen to me, I know you, do you know me. She says I don’t know who I m, who is my family, I don’t know anything. He asks really. She says no. He says Nayantara, I m your own brother. She gets shocked. The warden gets Kusum and Chakor and asks them to practice race. The jailer looks on and makes them race. Chakor and Kusum run. Chakor recalls Kasturi.

Baa recalls Nayantara and cries as she has sent her daughter away. Bhaiya ji comes home and brings Nayantara home. He calls Baa, and everyone to see his sister. Baa gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says she is my sister Nayantara. They all get a big shock. Manohar cries and asks Nayantara where did she go. He says my Didi has come and reminds their childhood moments. Bhaiya ji tells what they used to do and laughs. They all get glad.

Baa thinks whats Bhaiya ji planning. Ranjana asks Tejaswini whats happening. Bhaiya ji asks Baa why did she refuse to know Nayantara, how could she have stone heart. He asks Nayantara to be with them. She will get time to test everyone. Kusum loses and jailer asks her to do better. They race again and Chakor wins again. He asks Kusum to be in jail forever and provokes her. Kusum says we will know tomorrow who will win.

Kusum offers help to Chakor in cooking and makes hot oil fall over Chakor’s legs. Chakor screams. Kusum smiles in evil way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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