Udaan 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor seeks Rajjo’s help

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The Episode starts with Rajjo stopping Suraj and Chakor. She goes to distract Bhawri. She argues with Bhawri. She thinks something is wrong, else why does Vikram need police to get protection from Suraj and Chakor. Suraj asks did we do mistake to tell everything to that girl, she can do anything. Chakor says no, she would have caught us if she wanted. Suraj says you understood her so soon. She says yes, I was also like her. He says you are still the same Chakor for me, where is this girl. She says we should hide and wait for her. Rajjo asks Kaki to go and work, she will clean Vikram’s house. Vikram praises the village and villagers. Rajjo smiles and thinks it means they are good people, Suraj and Chakor fooled me, I will not leave them.

Bhawri checks the jungle. Chakor sees a snake coming. She

screams. Bhawri asks the team to find the woman. Anjor screams. Tejaswini worries. Suraj takes Chakor with him. Doctor treats Anjor. Tejaswini cries. Doctor says Anjor is critical, we have to shift her to hospital. Tejaswini says I have to talk to my bahu and son for this. She calls Suraj.

Bhawri hears the sound. She goes to catch them. She doesn’t see anyone. Rajjo comes there. Bhawri asks what are you doing here. They argue again. Suraj says this girl is like you said, mum has called, maybe Anjor needs us. They leave. Rajjo says I know I m an orphan, don’t try to underestimate me, keep your gun down, else I will throw it. Rajjo looks for Suraj and Chakor. Suraj and Chakor come home. They hug Anjor. Suraj asks doctor to do arrangements for shifting Anjor to hospital. Suraj says I can understand you Chakor. She cries. She says we have to fight with this situation. He asks her to stay with Anjor, he will go alone and fight with those devils.

Rajjo cuts wood and waits for Suraj and Chakor. Bhawri says maybe Rajjo is saying truth, I m wasting time on her. She goes. Rajjo says she was keeping an eye on me. Chakor says we have to enter that village by taking help from Rajjo, we have to get evidence against Vikram. Suraj says no, Anjor needs either of us, you stay here, I will go alone. She says I will go, you stay here. He says its very risky. She says Rajjo can help us expose Vikram, then villagers won’t support Vikram, please let me go, else I will fall weak here. He says fine, but promise me you will take care of yourself. She promises. Leela comes and asks Chakor what is she doing, is she going Dharampur. Chakor says we should have some back up, don’t tell anything to Suraj, he is already worried for Anjor.

Rajjo says I m with you in this fight. She gives a disguise to Chakor and takes her to village. Chakor gets angry seeing Bacha pandey. She takes a knife. He asks who’s this girl, show me the face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. -Good episode but it was more focused on Rajjo than Sukor.
    -How come Rajjo decided to help Sukor? when she left Vikram’s house she thought they were lying?
    -What did Chakor ask Leela to hide from Suraj? they already agreed that she’ll return to Dharampura.
    -Wish we had a hug after Chakor promised to take care of herself or a loving smile/look when Suraj said she’s still the same Chakor for him.
    -There was no need to show all the dramatic scenes in yesterday’s precap, keep some of them as a surprise.

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