Udaan 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhaiya ji kills Ranjana

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The Episode starts with constable hitting Suraj. He gets the phone and checks video. Chakor asks why did you get us on ghat. Ranvijay says you may remember, I told you I will kill my dad’s culprit and immerse his ashes. Chakor recalls his words. Ranvijay says my revenge will get completed today, Preeti and Kavya will immerse ashes along with me. Chakor says don’t make a drama, immerse the ashes in water, you will never get Suraj. Constables get Suraj there. Chakor and everyone get shocked.

Chakor shouts out. They throw Suraj on ground. Constable gives the phone and says we got your dad’s murderer, we didn’t let him reach commissioner, we just made him unconscious. Ranvijay thanks him. Constables leave. Ranvijay asks Chakor what was she saying. Chakor checks Suraj. She asks him to get up.

She stops constables to get help. Ranvijay says she is not in senses, leave. Chakor says Suraj didn’t kill Ranvijay’s dad, take Suraj from here. Constable says Ranvijay is an honest cop, he never lies. They leave. Chakor asks Suraj to getup.

Ranvijay loads the gun. He asks family were they hiding Suraj. He threatens them. He makes the men tie up Suraj. Chakor shouts. Ranjana is in taxi. Bhaiya ji stops her on the way. He shoots the taxi driver. Ranjana gets shocked seeing him. Imli and Bhaiya ji sit in the car. Imli drives. Imli says I have given you a chance, you chose this, I did what you wanted. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji to say something. He says you are gone. Everyone cries for Suraj.

Suraj gets conscious. Chakor holds him. He asks how am I here, how did you get hurt, where is that devil. Ranvijay comes and pushes Chakor. He says I m here, both stories will end today, your love story and my revenge story, i have shot Chakor, you are the reason, I was finding you, you are brave, you came to my house, when I got the news, I was asking her to admit and shot her, then I got to know you came as sardar, if I knew its you, I would have shot you. Suraj says I will break your hands, I will kill you. Ranvijay laughs and says we will see who stays alive and who doesn’t, I m glad this day finally arrived. Suraj says he will get punished, we have his videos of torture. Ranvijay shows the phone and throws in water. He asks what proof will you give you, Chakor’s statement. He presses on her wound. His family cries. Ranvijay beats up Suraj. Guard holds Chakor. Ranvijay asks guard to shoot if anyone of them comes ahead.

He beats Suraj. Chakor shouts. Ranvijay says I will break your bones. Chakor says mad devil, you will not get saved, leave my Suraj. Suraj says you are a coward, you are not a man, if you want to get your revenge fire cooled, open my hands and fight with me, I m giving you a challenge, I m injured, see what I can do in this state, you have tortured women a lot, now fight with a man, open my hands.

Bhaiya ji drags Ranjana and says even Lord can’t save you now. Ranjana shouts leave me. She asks Imli to save her. Imli says I tried once, you didn’t listen to me. Bhaiya ji shows the cliff. Ranjana asks why did you get me here. He asks did you remember anything, its same place from where you made Manohar fall down. She recalls and cries. She says I have to go. Bhaiya ji says sin never hides, I still regret for Manohar’s death, you have to go now, why shall I pity you. She tries to run and begs him. She says I won’t tell anyone about you and Imli.

Suraj asks Ranvijay to open his hands. Ranvijay asks are you finding an excuse to get free. Chakor gets a diya and taunts Ranvijay. She asks him is he scared of Suraj now. She explains about Diwali and how Mahadev killed the devil. She asks Ranvijay to face Suraj if he is not scared of death. She challenges him. She asks Suraj to light and she will light the diya. She asks Ranvijay to fight and show his bravery by facing a man. Even his family instigates him. Ranvijay slaps Chakor and hurts her. Suraj shouts Ranvijay and breaks the ropes. He punches Ranvijay. He hugs Chakor. Ranjana says I killed Manohar as I loved you, he was just a puppet dog. Bhaiya ji asks what are you then, Manohar see I m sending your culprit to you. He pushes Ranjana down the cliff. He asks Imli to tell everyone that Ranjana went to her dad. He goes. Imli cries.

Suraj and Ranvijay fight. Suraj gets hit on head. He falls dizzy. Chakor worried for him. She protects the diya. Ranvijay blows his off. He takes the stone to kill Suraj. Chakor gets shocked. His mum asks him not to do this. Chakor shouts no…..

Ranvijay says we will marry today, you have to take rounds with me. Chakor asks him to leave her. She asks Suraj to see what’s happening with her, get up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukorian

    I’m not sure if she is really death…

    Imli got slapped by kn

  2. Suraj RV fighting. I know Suraj will win as Sukor will be together soon. Hope Ranjana didn’t die yet. Why was Imli Devi crying after they ‘killed’ Ranjana? Well she will be crying more soon as all her plans have flopped badly. RV has lost which means she has lost too.

  3. Action packed episode, I enjoyed it but those who don’t like action sequences will not agree. Sukor’s dialogues were great and that hug was amazing wished they didn’t end it so suddenly.
    Ranjana deserved to die but Kn is a hypocrite because he wouldn’t hesitate to kill his brother for his own benefit. Imli was scared, hope she suffers the same fate.
    I know Suraj will save Chakor but didn’t like how she kept pleading for him to wake up. I felt she was very helpless.

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