Udaan 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kasturi saying Chakor has come back. Amma says he is Choka. Kasturi says you are lying, see this is Chakor, and is about to remove cap. Tejaswini comes there and says Chakor is dead. Bhagya hides behind Arjun. Tejaswini says I have seen Chakor dying on tv, if you all don’t agree, you will be killed too. She asks Bhagya to come infront. Arjun asks Bhagya not to hide. Arjun says he has married Bhagya. Tejaswini says I don’t believe this marriage. Bhagya shouts. Arjun asks Tejaswini not to force Bhagya.

Tejaswini threatens Arjun and takes Bhagya. Bhagya cries and says she kept this fast for his long life, nothing should happen to him, she will go haveli. Arjun asks her to stop. Tejaswini and Bhagya leave. Abha asks Arjun to have courage, they will unite. Chakor asks villagers

why did they let Tejaswini take Bhagya. Amma says you were talking like Chakor, so everyone is staring. Chakor asks what, how can this happen. Imli says yes. Amma asks Chakor to recall.

Chakor asks villagers to take a stand for themselves. Imli says this can’t be Chakor, as Choka did not break mum’s fast. Chakor says yes, I will also not lose, I will break mum’s fast, we have to do something. Tejaswini brings Bhagya home and talks to Ranjana. Arjun comes there for Bhagya. Bhagya cris.

Chakor puts water on Bhuvan’s head. Bhuvan gets up. Chakor says its Kasturi’s fast. Bhuvan says yes, and breaks Kasturi’s fast. Abha says where did Arjun go. The lady says he went after Bhagya to haveli. Abha says I have to stop Arjun and goes with Amma. Tejaswini asks Arjun how dare he come in haveli, she will call police. Arjun says either I will die or take my wife, you can’t separate us. The servants catch Arjun.

Abha asks Tejsawini not to take law in her hand, she can go jail again. Tejaswini argues. Abha says Arjun is Bhagya’s husband and no one can stop him. Amma asks Tejaswini is she doing right, she is not a mother, but she knows every mother dreams that her daughter settles, you are doing opposite, tell me is Arjun bad, he is educated, young, handsome, good person, Bhagya and Arjun love each other, bless them and send them. Ranjana says Amma is saying right.

Bhagya holds Tejaswini’s hand and cries. Tejaswini gets teary eyed. Bhagya says I have to go to my home. Arjun says I understand you are Bhagya’s mum and wants her good, I assure you, I will keep Bhagya happy. Tejaswini says but you can’t take my daughter like this. She says Bhagya will have bidaai with all traditions and in grand way. They all smile. Tejaswini says I will also do her bidaai today and hugs her.

Kasturi breaks her fast. Chakor smiles. The villagers come to know Bhagya and Arjun are uniting. Chakor gets happy. Tejaswini blesses Bhagya and hugs her. Chakor comes and asks Arjun and Bhagya are they going. Arjun says don’t know how, but you took the place which got emptied after Chakor went, I know you did a lot to unite me and Bhagya. Arjun gives his card and asks Choka to call if needed. Arjun and Bhagya hug Chakor.

Chunni and her friend are on the way. Bhaiya ji and Manohar look on and recall inspector’s words, that he will do accident of Chunni’s friend, then Bhaiya ji can burden Chunni by her financial favor. Chunni turns and gets shocked seeing biker going to hit her friend.

Vivaan, Aditya and Chakor talk about Diwali celebrations in village. She says she will meet her mum as Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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