Udaan 6th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Lakhan coming to Bhuvan’s home. Chakor talks to Aditya about her parents coming to meet her. Lakhan scolds the postman and tells him that Bhaiya ji has known this that Bhuvan is trying to go Lucknow. The postman apologizes to Lakhan and gives him money, asking him to let him go. He leaves. Lakhan shows the money and says Bhaiya ji will not leave Bhuvan now, I get scared thinking about it. He scares them. Kasturi shouts Lakhan Bhaiya, if you step out of this door, then I will tell your truth of your affair to your wife, then your family will be ruined. Bhuvan asks her to stop it. Lakhan says go, tell my wife everything, my family will be ruined, but your family will be killed.

Bhuvan begs to Lakhan and asks him not to do this, he won’t go anywhere. Kasturi cries. Dadi

requests Lakhan. Lakhan keeps the money and agrees to hide the matter. They all cry feeling helpless. Abha tells Chakor that she will apply medicines and the sores will go. Chakor saysa let my mum come, she will apply lep tp my sores. Abha says yes, I m sure all problems will end when she comes here. Chakor smiles. She does hi 5 with Aditya and Abha. Prabhakar asks someone to prepare bail papers and he will talk to judge.

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Ishwar says he got all necessary clothes for Chakor’s parents. Chakor says so many clothes, the whole village can wear this. Abha says I know you are looking for Imli’s clothes, I got it before. Chakor gets glad and says you are doing this for me and got all this for my family, I just have this Lord’s blessings, take this. They get touched by her words. Abha ties the chunri back to her and says you have happiness to give us, I don’t need this, you keep it with you. Prabhakar asks whats all this Ishwar. Did he make the house Dharamshala (Charity place). Chakor asks whats Dharamshala.

Ishwar asks Chakor to go with Aditya. Chakor says she will ask her mum to make Kada for Prabhakar, as he always stays angry. Ishwar says no, it can’t be Dharamshala, as only good people come there, and here anyone can come to threaten us. He says I came to know that Bhaiya ji has sent Manohar. Prabhakar tells his wife to see what is Ishwar saying this, I did a lot for him and he hates me. Ishwar says no, I hate the luxuries you wanted to give me by taking bribe, you did not keep ethics being a judge and took wrong decisions.

Prabhakar says he is doing this for him. Ishwar says he is not afraid of Bhaiya ji. Prabhakar says I m afraid, as you are my blood and can’t see your blood falling on ground, think about family, if anything happens to you, what about Abha and Aditya. Ishwar says did you see fear or sadness on her face. He says Abha is fearless, whenever I go out, she keeps sindoor box in my pocket and tells me that she will need it when I come back home. He says you know me since childhood and did not know me, and Abha knows me better than you. Prabhakar says fine, we both will fight for what we think if right, you fight for ideals and I will fight for your life.

Chakor takes a saree and ties it to Aditya. He asks what is she doing. He removes it and says he won’t wear it. She asks how will I know about my mum looking in this saree. He says you close your eyes and imagine. She asks him to hold Imli’s dress and likes it. Aditya says Imli is younger but same in height, how. Chakor says I m her elder sister. Aditya says same in height, see its your size frock. Chakor says no, this frock is short for me, lets go and ask Abha, as she has also seen Imli. He says yes, lets go. Ishwar talks to postman and comes to know that Bhaiya ji came to know about Bhuvan and his family coming to Lucknow and someone informed him from there. He says don’t bring my name in this.

Ishwar tells Abha that someone has informed Bhaiya ji, and he has threatened them by sending goons, I don’t think they can come here. Chakor hears this and is shocked. Chakor thinks about her family and Imli. Imli cries at home. Dadi consoles her and asks her to have food. Kasturi thinks about Chakor and cries. Chakor too gets upset thinking about them. Dheere dheere……………udaan hai……………..plays…………… Ishwar and Abha turn and see Chakor. Chakor walks away. They go after her. Ishwar asks him to trust him and he will keep his promise. He says just focus on studies and running in race, I will get your family here, I will think of something else. Chakor thinks of postman’s words and looks at Prabhakar.

Abha tells Ishwar you promised Chakor, how will you fulfill it. He says he thought of something. He gets ready and tells Abha not to tell everyone where he is going. Ishwar covers his face and comes to Aazaadgunj. He sees Imli and Lakhan there while asking for Bhuvan.

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