Udaan 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Continuation of Climax Ka Shukrvaar Episode.


Siddhant asks the man to check the breaks. Mata ji and Siddhant get shocked. Prerna asks did you get assured that I m saying truth. Mata ji asks her to come inside. Prerna smiles. Chandramani says such big lie and cheat against my planning, if Prerna makes everyone against me, then…. No I won’t let this happen. She gets angry and disappears. Khushi says whatever happening is right.

Chakor comes to Vivaan and smiles seeing him. He does ropejumping and she walks to him. They both fall down. They have an eyelock. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays……… Chakor says I came here to meet my friend. Vivaan says there is no friend or yours here, go and find somewhere else. She asks

like you are finding Tina. He asks her to stop nonsense and leave, I proposed you and you said our worlds are different, what are you doing here then, all relations ended between us, there is just one relation now, of owner and bandhua labor. She gets shocked. She says you are doing this for Bhaiya ji. He says he is my family. She says I will ruin them. He says shut up, we have chose our own ways, you can leave, else I will kick you out. She gets angry and raises hand on him. He holds her hand and twists saying I m your Maalik, don’t dare to raise hand on me. She says I understood you left drugs, and got new addiction of power and politics.


Thapki comes to her room. She gives a knife to Bihaan. She asks him to stab her, like he stabbed Bau ji. He gets silent. She says fine, and gets a cushion. She asks him to stab now. He says see Thapki… She says don’t say anything, stab this, I have to know…. Please do this, then I will not say anything, think about Bau ji and help me, stab this with knife. Bihaan takes knife in his right hand and stabs the cushion. She looks on shocked. She says it means I thought right, you have hit from right to left side, doctor told me that Bau ji was attacked left to right side, you are not leftie, you do your work by right hand, you can’t attack from left to right side, it means someone else stabbed knife to Bau ji, you did not stab Bau ji. He gets shocked and asks what do you want, why are you doing this. She says this is truth.

He says to hell with your truth, world believes I stabbed Bau ji, knife was in my hands, what will I get doing this. She says you will get freed from this guilt and pain. He says I want to get freed from you, this happened because of you. She cries and says I just want you to reach truth, and prove yourself innocent, get that real culprit punished, I know you will get sad recalling that, if I have some truth in my words, then do this, else that real culprit will be saved, you have to win this fight, I m with you. He says I m real culprit, I have my crime, sorrow and regret with me, you are not with me, I don’t want your support. She cries.

She sees his bandage and asks what happened, what did you do. He says leave me, let me die, I request you to leave from here. She looks at him. Ranjha mera ranjha…………….plays…………….. She cries and goes to the door. He cries and sees her leaving. He turns away. She leaves.

Dadi says I can’t believe Bihaan can do this. Vasundara says he was not ours, for me, he will be always a criminal. Thapki looks on and cries. Thapki goes to them. She says I have to tell something to you all. She tells them that attacker is someone else. Vasundara says don’t tell this story to us. Thapki says doctor told me… Vasundara asks whom did you ask before going hospital, Bihaan and you can’t meet Bau ji. Bihaan looks on. Vasundara scolds Thapki. She asks Thapki to be away from the puja. Thapki gets sad.


Amar is driving and asks Prem to give water. He sees Prem sleeping. Simar follows them. Amar stops the car and goes to buy water bottle. Simar thinks this is right chance to reach Prem. She goes to Prem’s car and drives ahead. Amar sees this and shouts Prem. Prem wakes up and asks Simar what are you doing here, where is Amar. She says I can explain, listen to me. Prem says stop car, else I can do anything. He pushes Simar out of the car. She screams and falls down on the ground. Prem gets tensed.

Climax Ka Shukrvaar continues from Swaragini episode.

Update Credit to: Amena

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