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The Episode starts with Vivaan proposing Chakor. He asks will you marry me. Everyone ask Chakor to say. He asks what happened. Chakor asks how can I say without asking my parents. Kasturi smiles and says there is nothing to ask, we already said yes. Bhuvan says you are very lucky, say yes. Vivaan asks her to say fast. Chakor says yes. They all get glad. Vivaan asks what did you say, i did not hear it. She says yes. He asks her to forward her hand. She says I don’t have ring to make you wear. Kasturi says yes, if Vivaan told us before, we would have arranged.

Vivaan says I don’t want any ring, its enough Chakor said yes. Kasturi says but we have to do this ritual, what to do now. Chakor says I have a solution, and shows her round earring. Vivaan says great, no one would have got engaged this way.

He makes her wear the ring. They all clap. Chakor looks for Imli and says she did not come till now. Imli comes and asks Chakor to complete the rasam. Chakor makes Vivaan wear the ring. Vivaan asks Imli to congratulate them. Imli congratulates them. Aditya comes and says Vivaan got one in a million girl. Chakor asks Aditya did you know this. He says I knew this since childhood, that this would happen some day. They all smile.

Suraj meets the lawyer. Lawyer says I think its tough to get you two out of jail. Suraj holds his neck and warns him. The lawyer says you can get free if you help the police, but Bhaiya ji’s can’t get free. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that Chakor and Vivaan did acting and no one knew about them, Chakor is close to you, did you know this. She says no, I did not know this. Chakor recalls Vivaan and smiles. Bhuvan says Chakor used to play in our lap, now she will get married. Kasturi says yes, Chakor’s name will change after marriage, she will become Chakor Vivaan Rajvanshi. They smile and caress Chakor. They bless Chakor.

Suraj says it means I can get saved. Lawyer says you have to give statement that you had nothing to do with Bhaiya ji’s work, we need few witness to support you. He says no one will give statement against my dad. Lawyer says we need atleast one witness. Suraj says how to get such witness and thinks of Imli. He smiles.

Lawyer takes Suraj to CBI officer and asks him to tell everything to officer. Suraj says I m innocent, I don’t want to bear my dad’s crimes punishment. Officer says your heart changed soon. Suraj says I was afraid of my dad and could not do anything. Officer asks for atleast one witness to support him. Imli comes and says Suraj is innocent.

Chakor wakes up and sees Vivaan. Vivaan smiles seeing her. She asks if parents see us then… He says they made me sit here, they went for shopping, they are going to meet my mum. She asks why. He shows the engagement ring and reminds her. He holds her hand and says we got engaged yesterday night. They have a sweet moment. He calls himself very lucky. They hug. More piya saware……….plays………….

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to have courage, we will pass through this tough time, we will find some solution. Inspector comes and says Suraj, your release order has come. Suraj is freed and smiles. Bhaiya ji says its really a miracle, maybe they forgot to free me, I will also come out. Suraj says calm down, I told you that I can’t stay in jail forever, I got free as I m becoming govt witness against you. Bhaiya ji asks what, this can’t happen. Suraj says sorry, you insulted me infront of Vivaan, Chakor and Tina, you called me useless, now you sit here and think who is a fool. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Suraj says I will leave and smiles. Bhaiya ji tries to catch his neck. Suraj leaves. Bhaiya ji says I will not leave you Suraj and fumes.

Imli waits for Suraj. She is glad seeing Suraj released. She hugs him and says I can’t express how much happy I m. He says fine and moves her away. He says you helped me, but see the place and time, then talk. She says I had mannat, let me do it, your bad time will not happen. He says my bad time is over, now I won’t leave Vivaan and Chakor. Lawyer asks Suraj to listen. Suraj signs Imli to leave. She goes. Lawyer tells Suraj that you got free, but you can’t do any mistake, CBI will be keeping an eye on you, you can go back to jail, don’t even meet Vivaan and Chakor, if anything happens to them, you will go to jail. Suraj comes to the village, and meets Chakor. Chakor and Chagan get shocked seeing Suraj freed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Summary of entire story ‘udaan’.(must read for everyone )-
    It’s so predictable. Now suraj in order to take revenge from chakor will marry her (using tactics)instead of vivan.At 1st he will try to take revenge from her but later on will fall in love with chakor .This will further ruin chakor and Imli ‘s relationship(she will hate chakor) and create a painful love story b/w vivan &chakor .suraj’s mother will mistreat chakor..chakor will have problems at 1st to pursue her dream but after falling in love with her suraj will support her.bayaji (suraj’s dad will later on come out of jail through his evil planning )which will be a problem for chakor.vivan will continue to love chakor but ultimately the paring will be of suraj and chakor .chakor will at 1st hate suraj too but later on will fall for him when she sees that the good in him but will realise it after a long time.Imili will later realise her love for her friend chakanva and will forgive chakor and realise that she didn’t love suraj.chakanva ‘s love for Imili from childhood will be exposed.vivan will get married possibly to Tina but still love chakor but later on he will start loving his wife.chakor will have problems put forward by bhyajI, Imili,Surajetc but will overcome all in the end.all this will be expanded by the show in the coming years.
    I may be wrong in some cases.but the overall idea that I have given is right .you can’t deny that.
    How did I know all this?
    It’s Indian drama.everyone knows it has nothing new to offer.ultimately they will be done with all this then start with another story within the story memory loss,jealous guy (in this case it will be vivan later on) or maybe hameshakal or their kids story. .please guys I hope what I know is not true give us something new.A piece of advice to the scriptwriters and all those who are involved in the hindi TV. Try to make a show which is actually focused at something good (this show is but not in reality because ultimately it will be like any other show)and make a script which is small (by small I mean it should not exceed more than 3 yrs ) .mostly all shows start with some average story and will extend it to 5 or 10 years and will make a kichadi out of the existing script and will copy others.Think out of the box .

    1. Sorry…hamare pas tumhare faltu bate ke liye samay nahi hai…go to hell

  2. I like ur coment frnd.. And may b ur thinking abt dis serial s becme true

  3. Wow superb analysis but who r u.

  4. Absolutely right

    it may also happen that suraj gets maaried to chakor nd vivaan to imli….cz just today vivasn said to imli ”tum meri saali ho…..mtlb aadhi gharwali” which means ”u r my SIL….means half wife”……nd after saying this guys get maaried to the sisters of their love….

    But i have geard that imli is having suraj’s child in her womb so nothing is predictable

  5. ryt
    i think serial trck same … itz gOod.. suraj will mry chakor…
    dia ‘
    i saw same prOmo i waz same canfusn…!!!! imily prgnt… !!!!!;::::

  6. track chahe kuch bhi ho I will quit d show if vivan & chakor separated waise bhi 2018 ke may me offair hoga….bt i trust on mahesh bhatt he is not like rashmi sharma or ekta kapoor……kuch to a6a jarur dikhaege…..aur ha imli ki sadi chaganwa se kuch din pe hi hone wali hain…..I think surajko main villan banaenge aur kamanarayan ki acting khatam karne wale hain……jo atyachar km krta tha wo hi ab surraj karega

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