Udaan 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina falls in Chakor’s plan

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The Episode starts with Vivaan teasing Chakor and Suraj and asking them to do the drama. Suraj says I m serious and you are joking. Suraj holds Chakor close and asks her to do the acting now. Vivaan says Chakor has to make Suraj end his shyness in front of Naina. They hear a sound and go to see Imli. Suraj asks where is Imli. Vivaan says did she run away. They see blood marks. Chakor sees Imli lying under the bed. Imli gets scared. Chakor asks her to come out. Imli refuses. She says they will kill me, I won’t come out. Chakor says nothing will happen, come. Chakor gives her water and pacifies.

She says there is no one here. Imli shows the mirror and says she will kill me, see. Chakor says wait and hugs her. She breaks the mirror. Suraj and Vivaan look on. Chakor says now there is no one, come and sleep.

Vivaan says amazing, you act so well. Chakor says this is not the time to talk. Vivaan says she is acting, you go and rest, I will check CCTV footage and see her madness. Chakor makes Imli sleep. Suraj covers the mirror. Chakor says this was necessary for Imli, she may get strokes. Suraj says so I told you to admit her in hospital. She says I can’t leave my sister, she is my duty too. He says I also did my duty and read Naina’s file. She asks so soon. He says yes, I had to read it soon, we have less time, Abhay reminds this often. She says don’t let your anger calm down, tell me what did you understand after reading the file.

He says Naina likes dogs, I will get some dogs and save them from fire, Naina will get impressed and call me home for tea, I will get info about her dad and come back to my wife and daughter, then this bad dream will end, how is my plan. She says wow, really, is this your plan. He says yes, why. She says you can save dogs, but can’t make place in Naina’s heart. He says why, everyone likes brave people. She says yes, she has been seeing brave men since childhood, you have to do something impressive. He asks what’s your plan. She says I thought of some plan, I will shut the window and come. She says don’t know what’s Naina thinking now. Naina asks Shankar to give tiffin to poor people. He asks is there anything special today. She says nothing, I have dropped someone’s tiffin unknowingly, don’t know he had food or not, I m doing this to get peace.

Its morning, the man asks Suraj not to make any mistake. Suraj says yes, give me a pistol for defense. Chakor says no, gun can flop our plan, don’t worry, they won’t shoot you. The man asks did you ask them, I think your wife doesn’t care for you. Suraj says see, he also got to know. Chakor asks Suraj to be ready. Naina is on the way. Abhay hits her car. Driver shouts on him. He asks Naina is she fine. Chakor monitors. Driver and guards stop Abhay. Abhay is in disguise. He argues with them. Suraj comes and stops the guard, holding his hand. Naina sees Suraj. Suraj says you can’t do this for a small thing. The guard asks who are you. The man says call Suraj back, they can shoot him. Chakor says no, I have full faith in Naina, she will save Suraj.

Naina asks Shankar to open the car door. Suraj says I will die, but not let any decent man face trouble. The man asks Chakor to just go. Chakor sees Naina going and stops. Naina stops her guards. She scolds them. She apologizes to Abhay. He says your men did much wrong with Suraj, not me, he is real hero, he saved me. He drives off. Naina says sorry… Suraj says you saved my bag yesterday and today my life, Jai Mata di. Chakor says amazing, crack some joke now. Suraj says I will go. Naina says I will drop you. Chakor says praise her now. Naina asks where do you have to go. He says I have to go till bus stop. She says its close, come. Shankar says its not right to take anyone this way. Naina says what you did is also not right, I can do this, sit in the car. Chakor gets glad and says I believed Suraj, high five, its a good thing.

Chakor says Suraj doesn’t know what to talk after sitting in the car, I think signal broke. Naina asks Suraj are you spying on me. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I’m loving the episodes lately, starting from they got kidnapped by Ragini.
    I wish they used the precap at start of today’s episode as yesterday’s precap, it was interesting.
    Liked Abhay’s disguise.
    Suraj is very cute when he improvises. I wonder what he’ll do now he lost contact with Chakor.
    I liked Chakor’s make up inside haveli but during the mission, her make up was too dark, her face was darker than her arms.

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