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The Episode starts with Chakor going to Ranjana. She cries and asks Ranjana to help her. Ranjana asks her to leave. Chakor asks her who took her to mandap, help me, tell me who swapped the brides. Ranjana recalls Suraj’s threatening words and asks Chakor what was the need to make Tina run away, you are asking me how did this happen, you made Imli marry Vivaan, you are asking me, go from here. Chakor cries and says everyone believes I m wrong, how to tell you why did I do that.

Imli is sitting sad. Suraj goes to her and asks how is she. She cries and asks him to ask his wife’s welfare, I m fine. He asks her not to be angry, I did not do anything, you know this. She hides her mehendi. He asks what is she hiding. He sees her mehendi and S written. He says you married Vivaan, he is your husband, he is

a nice guy, he will take care of you and your baby. She says no, I can’t do this with Chakor, Vivaan is her love. He says you are innocent to think of Chakor, who snatched your love.

She asks him did you ever loved me, what would you do if you married me. He says I would have shouted and thrown things, but after my anger cooled, I would have accepted you. She hugs him and cries. He says I m married to Chakor, you are Vivaan’;s wife, blame Chakor, not me and yourself. He leaves. She sits crying. He says Imli is good to use against Chakor. He calls someone and asks when will be the work done. Suraj says Chakor has to fail….

Kasturi and Bhuvan cry for Imli and feel Chakor has done much wrong. Kasturi says Chakor did a sin,and cries. Chakor comes there and tells them that she wants to stay here. Kasturi asks why will you stay here. Chakor asks is this house not mine, why are you talking like this. Kasturi asks shall we call you Malkin. Chakor says don’t taunt me, my marriage is a mistake. Kasturi says I did mistake to raise you like a boy, we have let you do anything, what did you give us in return, you went to Suraj’s mandap, you should have atleast thought for Vivaan, he gave you respect and love. Bhuvan says let Chakor come inside. Kasturi stops Chakor and asks her to answer, how did you hide this big thing, I always supported you, why did you hide, tell me.

Chakor cries and says all the world can get against me, but you both trust me, I did not do anything. I don’t know how did this happen. Bhuvan tells Kasturi that maybe Chakor did not know how did this happen. Kasturi shows Imli’s clothes gone and asks her about it, Chakor has planned all this, she packed Imli’s clothes too. Chakor says yes, I was going to tell you. Kasturi asks when, after marriage. Chakor says yes. Kasturi holds her head.

Bhuvan says you did not do this right. Kasturi asks Chakor to answer truly, Imli was getting married, did you know this. Chakor says yes. Kasturi says you did all this, you supported Imli. Chakor says yes. Kasturi slaps her and says I can’t believe you lied to me. She scolds Chakor. Bhuvan says you were not like this, why did you do this, tell us. Chakor says whatever I did, I can’t tell you the reason. Kasturi says you don’t have any reason, Chakor wanted power in her hands. She does bidaai rasam with Chakor and sends her out of the house. Chakor throws the rice back. Chakor recalls her childhood and her parents’ words. Kasturi shuts the door. Chakor cries.

Chakor tells Suraj that you will also be in jail. Suraj raises hand on her, and Vivaan holds his hand. Police comes there and tells Suraj that Bhaiya ji is no more. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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