Udaan 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor seeing the man and shouting ghost. Kusum wakes up and does not find Geetha. She says so she has gone out. She gets Geetha back and ties her leg. Its morning, Arjun and Bhagya are together. She smiles seeing him. She says her clothes got dirt. He says he will clean it and asks her to come. Tujh me rab dikhta hai……………plays………… She slips and he holds her. Manohar and Lakhan come there and get angry seeing Arjun and Bhagya.

The warden asks Chakor did she really see ghost and scolds her. The girls laugh. She asks them to come for practice. Babu’s goon looks on and says Chakor has just one hour to live. Manohar scolds Arjun and beats him. Bhagya says Arjun is good and cries. Arjun gets angry and turns to defend. Manohar aims gun at him. He scolds him for

eyeing his house’s respect.

Arjun asks him to ask Bhagya, there is nothing such. Manohar says Bhaiya ji will decide your punishment. Lakhan says Baa will decide for them, she is the eldest and stops Manohar from beating Arjun. Manohar brings Bhagya home and scolds her. He says she was with a stranger all night, and when they saw them, they were having bath in the lake, she has cut our nose. Baa hugs Bhagya. Bhagya cries and says no. Manohar says if Bhaiya ji was here, he would have killed them. Baa asks Arjun is this true. Arjun says no, they got mistaken.

Manohar says don’t lie, what were you doing there, tell me. Vivaan looks on and calls Abha. He asks her to come soon to haveli, Manohar is angry on Arjun and Bhagya, come soon. She says what did this happen. He says dad is angry on Bhagya having bath in lake, even I took bath many times. She says its not about bath, he will not understand, I m coming. Vivaan says even I will not go to that lake now.

Chakor and the girls stand for the race. Geetha makes Chakor fall again and again and says sorry. The girl laugh. Chakor says its fine and moves back from her place. The coach Laxmi comes there and asks Chakor why is she standing away from line. She asks her to call her coach and teaches her. Chakor says they were pushing her down. Laxmi gets angry. She says you are already standing away, how will they push you. She asks them to show team spirit and the girls starts running. Chakor looks at the drill. Laxmi says good coordination should be there. She says its 4mins race time, if anyone breaks rules, they will be disqualified. Chakor does not understand and the girls laugh.

Laxmi explains the meaning of disqualify. Chakor says sorry, I understood. Geetha and Kusum run fast and Laxmi records their time. Kusum teases Chakor and makes Chakor late. Chakor starts running. The goon says come Chakor, I will write your death and holds knife. He laughs seeing her.

Baa gives Bhagya’s proposal to Arjun and asks will he accept it. Arjun says I don’t accept this, and shocks everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is not so good!! But spoilers showed tat finally arjun n bhagya will marry!! Yippeee!!

  2. What happent arjun please accept bhagia

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