Udaan 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor checking the gifts. She finds a doll and reminds Imli when Ragini and other girls played with dolls, I wanted to play, but I never touched dolls being afraid. She checks other gift and gets Suraj’s letter with her pic. Suraj writes when you win marathon, give this pic to press which I clicked. Tejaswini asks Chakor not to open more boxes. Chakor says I will check carefully, you both get away. She checks other gift and finds a beautiful painting of prosperous Aazaadgunj. Suraj writes this dream is seen by you, it will come true. She gets sports shoe. Suraj writes you have to run to fulfill the dreams, wear these shoes and run. She gets a rattle and smiles.

Chakor says all this gifts did not have bomb, Suraj gave this to me. Tejaswini says Girja heard Bhaiya ji ji

saying he will turn your birthday into your death day. Chakor says where will that bomb be, its not here. Bhaiya ji gets a teddy and takes it to the van. Imli says we have to be alert today. Bhaiya ji says this is the great gift, it will be from Suraj’s name. Chakor will get glad, see innocent in teddy bear’s eyes, Chakor does not know whats hiding in this. He starts the bomb. He asks the men to pack it and keep it in tempo. He keeps it himself. The goon says we changed the driver, the van will go Aazaadgunj now. Bhaiya ji says bomb will blow in village, I will cut cake in haveli and celebrate for Chakor’s death and my victory.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji thinks I will get scared, but I m worried for villagers. Tejaswini says don’t keep function. Chakor says we can’t stop it now, invites are gone, we can’t spread fear, we can celebrate as usual, but we have to be careful, if you have doubt on anything, tell me asap. Imli says fine, it will happen as you want. Chakor thinks I won’t let Bhaiya ji win, I can give up my life but not let anything happen to villagers. Imli thinks to tell this to Vivaan or not, Chakor asked me not to say, Vivaan will worry if I say, its his birthday today, I will not upset him. Vivaan comes and asks what happened.

She says I was thinking about you. He asks what. She says nothing, how did you come early, its your birthday, so you got leave right. He says yes. She asks what’s this. He says Pooja gave me this gift. She asks what and checks. She sees the shirt. He says its good color right. She says no, its not good color, why did she give gift. He says its just a gift, I m her boss. She asks him to keep it. He asks whats happening, you always get angry hearing about Pooja. She says I trust you but… He says stop it now. She apologizes to him and gets that shirt, saying this color will suit you, you wear this tonight. He says no, I will wear something else. She holds ears and says sorry. He says you know I can’t stay angry with you for long time. She smiles.

Chagan calls Imli and asks her to come fast. Imli asks Vivaan not to come there till she says. He agrees. Imli and Chagan get the tempo. Imli and Chagan get the things. She asks what’s this. The goon worries. Chagan says we will open it and see. Imli takes the teddy. Goon drops a box. Imli asks what are you doing, and passes teddy gift ahead. She thinks all the things have come, Lord fail Bhaiya ji’s plan.

Suraj is on the way. He wakes up from sleep and shouts Chakor. He asks servant to stop car, I think there is something wrong. The function begins. A girl goes to check gift. Other girl says be away, its Chakor’s gift. The girl checks teddy and smiles. Chakor is with everyone. Suraj says I saw a dream, Chakor was calling me for help, I feel something bad is going to happen in Aazaadgunj. Servant asks do you want to go back to Aazaadgunj. Suraj looks on.

Precap: Chakor checks teddy and gets shocked seeing the bomb. She gives that to Bhaiya ji. He asks are you mad, it has bomb. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sia

    First part was awesome 😃 I liked all his gifts from doll to shoes👌 so he is understanding her slowly 😍 finally mera Suraj waapas aagaya😉😍.loved how he shouted chakor and woke up he was so anxious for chakor😘
    Today imli was so cute when she was asking sorry from vivaan by holding ear anyone could melt down seeing her expression.guys do you feel shiku betrayed Suraj??

  2. sana

    Waiting fr mnday …eagerly ……an an team udaan plzz chnge the cvr .an hv sm romantic an painful sukor covr

  3. janu

    nice episode!!!finally we saw suraj!!! i don’t know one thing how chakor get suraj message about flight take off,he is still travelling in car…i cant understand that part…..
    when chakor opens the gift and see all the gift,her happiness can be seen in her eyes….she doesn’t want to leave anyof gift….
    finally the one person who cares about about her and makes a suprise gift that she always felt lonely,…
    suraj showed chakor dreams once again to her like mirror….
    the way suraj felt chakor life in danger…and screamed are best scenes….

    guys anybody explain me why suraj asked chakor when she win Marathon show press her pic which he clicked….can’t get that point….

    kn planning and ragini plotting will start in next week ,so we should make our hearts strong to see suraj as bandhua…but this make sukor close…even sukor and vimli plot againt kn and group

  4. janu

    no even i doesn’t think shikoo betrayed suraj, watching today episode i like he didn’t betrayed suraj,when suraj is sleeping he can change the route move towards aazaadgunj but he didn’t do that,he only asking suraj they can go back….may be suraj on the way or when suraj reached aazaadgunj rangini will captured him i think

  5. Angel

    Superb epi love chakor expression while she opens gifts and suraj was soo much afraid about chakor but now suraj will become kn bandhua and i think now chakor will be back in sports as now kn cant stop chakor as he already crossed all limits now and chakor will do something very big now to save suraj and all azadganj..

  6. Aanya

    What a lovely gifts i hope sreeya you are happy to see her gifts even i like that painting and finaly vj come back.yes u r right janu even i don’t think so sikko is behind all that bt anything can happen we should’nt forget it is serial.finaly v can see sukor’s unique pair.you know gys theres small accident happend with meera d i hope shes fine god bless you entire team udan.

  7. Ashu

    I read that kn will ask the villagers to vote if they want suraj to turn bundhwa and they all vote for it which leaves chakor shattered and sad for suraj the village people are so mean i hope next time they need help chakor wont help them

  8. janu

    thanks sia for the link,they are hilarious and funny….

    vj became so lean,because of his health,…he became weak…

    eagerly waiting for upcoming….

    • sia

      Guys u r welcome 😃
      Janu ha yar they are si halarious,I couldn’t control when he said ab hum dono Ki aukath ek hi hai and she says no I’m celebrity bandua 😅😅 and in one scene she said jhooti 😂

      Angel,Janu did u see Ragini and imli intw, god it was damn hilarious, Ragini says she loves her bhai and bhabi alot so she made bandua Jodi by making Suraj a bandua as imli will be always peeping in forgetting he is her jeth ji😅 vidhi pats her😅 and she says jaise ram ne banayi jodi vaise ragini ne milayi jodi😂😂 reporter says bap numberi tho beti dus numbari😅
      Then vj meera says they are bandua jodi😅

      • janu

        yes sia,they are hilarious their off screen bonding also simply amazing…in yes segment also vj said na they are bandhua family can’t control my laugh….they all are funny…seriously..

        guys anybody any new spoilers what will happened suraj became bandhua..

      • sia

        Ya the cast is simply amazing,after shooting such intense scenes also they are playing pranks😅 I’m satisfying myself by seeing the off screen masti bcz I can’t tolerate onscreen happenings

        After seeing this not only me u all will join me to kick that kn black and blue

  9. janu

    yeah sia i also join u in this….kn is such an villan who doesn’t have feelings and care towards his son…he is unfit to be called as father….because of him suraj lost many things in childhood and because he always want his father care and done many things for him without thinking right or wrong….
    anyways we all trust chakor without doubt she will support suraj for sure….
    next two week we all going to be cry and emotional… seeing sukor and especially suraj because he going become bandhua by his own father(kn should go to hell…)

    • priya

      Bandua track may start by Tuesday itself because chakor -Suraj are in same dress on Friday and in olv’s.by Monday mostly bomb drama may end
      Looking forward for this track only for sukor😞
      Yeah anyone observed Suraj is in same dress since the day chakor announced retirement 😂😂
      CVS plz change VJ’s clothes 🙏🙏 it became nearly 3 weeks since he is in same dress

  10. Ashohashmi

    Nice epi! When will Slavery track finish?? I think sukor scenes will start from february.becaus this track will play too lang

  11. Sai

    Hi all…I am one of the silent reader of tis page…now I am gng to become one among u…I am great fan of sukor nd udaan… Even fan of ur comments…reading these comments nd update is major part of my day…lv tis page nd sukor…

    • priya

      OMG anyone saw new olv,tejeswini is tied to tree and her pallu is on fire bhaiya ji is blackmailing Suraj to sign the papers to save tejeswini on other hand chakor is shouting at Suraj not to sign them and goes to save tejeswini but Suraj in pressure ends up signing the papers

      And chakor is challenging bhaiya ji not to make Suraj bandua otherwise she will give police complaint but bhaiya ji ignores her in his usual style and warns her about realising fake drug report in media and puts stamp on his wrist chakor is shattered and tejeswini and imli are shoked,poor Suraj 😭😭 turned bandua
      Sia I too want to join to kick that idiot black and blue😠😠

  12. janu

    tapa, i know one thing it doesn’t show in any episodes that suraj click chakor pic,no one can know that when,even me…
    but the dress chakor is wearing in that pic its her birthday dress which she weared in birthday party it same like that…my guess is right or wrong i don’t know…
    anyways suraj want to see chakor happy always…thats it

  13. sreeya

    yes aanya im very happy to see the gifts and i liked it too the doll,shoes,painting … and finally the letter it was too cute. suraj i love you so much…. the way he feels that chakor is in trouble and his tension thinking about her…. it was so nice….. cant see suraj as banduwa hope this track will end soon.. chakor please do something … i hope this wll make sukor closer.chakor is crying and is worried for suraj and running after him…….it was really fun to see their offscreen masti after the shoot.. did anyone knows what will happen after suraj became banduwa? waiting for more updates

  14. janu

    i also that new olv,in which kn and ragini make teju tied with the tree,suraj trying to save his mom and he running towards her that ragini(lady villan)hit suraj with a stick he fall down,because fire is moving towards teju,chakor running and she fall down by goon,and she ran and untying teju…and another scene kn take sign from suraj…

    next week we are going to see heartbreaking scene we should make up our mind for this….its going to be more terrible than when become bandhua…
    suraj only support is chakor it can be clearly seen,because nobody supporting him,villagers are ungrateful to chakor,didn’t trust her and support kn…

    we all know kn will surely betray the villagers,they going to get pain..and ask chakor,suraj support,i want them to not help the selfish villagers…..what say guys

    • sia

      Ya I too saw it Janu,poor Suraj 😢
      We should be ready emotionally with a packet of tissues
      Kn aka Sai sir said that especially rural people would love this track(bcz still in many remote villages in India this tradition is going on)

      • janu

        yes u right….in many villages this tradition is going on…many childrens lost their childhood ….udaan is different from other shows

      • sia

        Ya this is inspiration to many and its different from all other shows bcz it don’t have saas-bahu saga and gives a social message in almost every track and also unique in case of romance also 😉

  15. Nithya

    Meera injured in shoot .take care meera hope u well .pic of both sukor 2gather very nice I feel very happy nw.my cute couple back.

  16. sana

    Guyss…..m a silent reafr here an enjoing the serial
    S an ur cmmnts too so guyz plzz involv me in ur chats …u guyz r supr

  17. Neema

    Eagerly waiting for kn blast!!!💥💥💥😃😃😃hooo!!!…hooo!!!…yey!!!💃💃💃blast!!!💥💥💥💃💃💃blast!!!💥💥💥💃💃💃kn blast!!!💥💥💥

  18. janu

    guys any body see the new promo??? its really heartbreaking promo!!!!
    it shown how chakor win the previous competitions and talking to villagers…
    now she running(in her birthday dress) coming to the crowd(villagers are standing there) kn goons making bandhua mark in suraj wrist,he winching in pain,and chakor goes to him see his and her bandhua marks and they both see each other….its really paining…
    only good thing kn did is this makes suraj and chakor closer….

  19. janu

    sorry police and villagers are saluting chakor and kn ask what is suraj now after putting bandhua stamp,the villagers are telling suraj is a bandhua,really can’t able to see this chakor is crying seeing suraj..

    • sia

      Varshu 😃

      Just saw the new promo OMG this Thursday right, my holidays are going to start from Thursday I thought to enjoy but cvs😠
      Last moment when both were seeing their wrists and chakor was crying, I’m waiting for that moment its awesome and what hell is wrong with the villagers so ungrateful 😠

  20. Neema

    Yeah sia…I knw tat☹☹☹ bt I really wnt hm 2 gt blastd💥💥💥 thn only our udaan famly vl gt a peaceful🏳🏳🏳sukoric atmosphere…really!!!team udaan I’m tired of ths kn 😓😓😓so plzzz…juz kill hm🔫🔫🔫 nd mak a peaceful world 4 our sukory cuties!!!😙😙😙

  21. sana

    Hanx frenz …bt if u dont mind …cn u plzz explain me whre is aditya an imlis unboen child……acrding to past episodes….plzzz

    • sia

      Sana we all saw Aditya last in vikor engagement after that don’t know what happened to him(actor who is playing Aditya is in sasural simar ka and 2nd maim lead don’t know if he comes back to udaan or not)
      Imli had a miscarriage and baby died

  22. janu

    sana,aditya came before only chakor marriage,who acted as aditya is now in sasural simar ka…aditya is not in show, imli un born child is died when she going to purpose vivaan that romantic date arranged by suraj and chakor…now vivaan and imli love eachother..

  23. janu

    neema,don’t worry we should have more patience to watch next upcoming weeks,because of kn going to make suraj bandhua!!!
    all udaan and sukor fans having heartbreak….
    can’t see suraj in pain and chakor crying helplessness….
    chakor will surely make some plan….to release suraj…we hope…

    kn now made suraj bandhua…before we saw one chakor taking food to suraj kn and rangini not allowing her….. i having a doubt .will chakor and suraj together or kn will not allow them to meet or see eachother i think.he will not allow chakor…..to meet suraj…

  24. Tapa

    really that kn neither fit for a father nor fit for a human. how can he do such a thing with his only son what will he gain after making suraj his slave n he’ll also make vivan as his servant

  25. Neema

    Janu I thnk….. I will b going mad!!!🤓😲😃😬😄😁😠aftr watchng the upcoming episss…. ho nooo!!!…hw cn I wtch tat bandhua scene!!! can’t see suraj as a bandhua really!!! I can’t…I can’t…😢😢😢😭😭😭

  26. dil dhanushi

    The begining was so cute n nice, n the way suraj felt chakor is in danger was awesome. I hate kn , seriously he is neithrr fit fr father nor human, definitely sukor fans will need packets f tissues ahead cz the way suraj gt the pain whn making bandua n hw chakor was helpless , all sukor gans r gng to get shattered. I jst hope atleast chakor will be able to meet suraj aftr he becm bandua

    • sia

      What imli is pregnant?? So bachua drama will start again 😡
      Vivaan became so selfish 😠 imli is better than him at least supporting and helping sukor(after what Suraj did with her)
      Sometimes I feel very happy that vikor didn’t happen bcz I couldn’t see such weak and selfish person as lead,Vivaan always says he will help for asaadgunj
      freedom,I don’t have any hopes from him instead Vivaan will take his bistar vistar with imli and shift to other place away from kn and asaadgunj there will be no wonder if he asks imli also not to support sukor

      I don’t think needs anyone’s help they are enough to fight with kn and party
      Looking forward how sukor will fight against kn😎

      • janu

        sia is imli really pregnant again????
        ye u are right vivaan is so selfish…he will tell he will aazaadgunj but won’t do that…i think he won’t support support sukor now….
        yes even i also happy that vikor didn’t happen because like he always telling imli to don’t do anything…he will tell chakor…he always afraid of problem….but suraj is different he always be bold and strong even he will fought and fight with anyone for chakor he even he didn’t realise his feelings for her yet…(even suraj as attitude he will do anything for anyone and support them)

      • sia

        Janu they said”apne hone wale Bache Ki bhavisya ke liye”
        Agree with you about Vivaan he don’t give freedom to choose what she want but always says bachua bachua😒 (if vikor happened I couldn’t imagine chakor’s state bcz he would never allowed her to fight against kn) but Suraj is unlike him he respects her dreams he gives her full freedom what to do and decide he always trusts her her aims are most important for him(in Fri episode I loved his gift to her about asaadgunj future) that’s why I like him
        Sukor are just perfect 😍

      • janu

        yes sia ,i also like the all gifts given by suraj to chakor…even its doll to her pic,or her dream aazaadgunj painting….everything suraj showed her mirror…

  27. Nithya

    Sia or angel plz translate the funny interview of meera and vj plz guys I don’t knw that much hindi.plz plz guys….

  28. janu

    guys i know we all get suraj when we get to know suraj become bandhua,by his own father kn,..its really heartbreaking,
    but we have to see the past teju is the one who started bandhua tradition….she is one who asked kasturi and bhuvan to make their unborn child(chakor) as bandhua and ask them to sign in papers for money..kn supported teju…because that time she ruled the haveli..because of helplessness chakor parents sign the papers and made her bandhua…..
    teju did many bad things to chakor,but every one should pay for their sins…they did..so like it started from teju…
    she made kasturi and bhuvan helpless… like wise kn made her helpless and married ranjana…and join with ragini..throw her out of haveli…she doesn’t have no place to live…in that time who helped her in chakor and especially kasturi,bhuvan even she did many bad things to them…
    2)teju made others child as bandhuva and kn support her…now her one and only son become bandhua infont of her eyes…she needs to suffer and should know the pain of parents when their child become bandhua…surely now she will feel for her deeds…
    3)suraj also as most worst childhood like chakor…he also not get any happiness and especially love from father…but he also did wrong things unknowingly for his father’s love….but i mostly think he paying for his mother’s deeds it only affect their children…
    4)now suraj understood what the mistakes he done in past because of chakor….he changed a lot…he became matured…(when he bacome bandhua he will know each thick and thin difficulties..of poor people…he will learn more being..understand problems…
    5)because the sad thing is villagers who doesn’t support chakor….in her every move..and didn’t trust…her
    they didn’t want to trust suraj atleast they should trust chakor…
    6) only happiness is suraj and chakor will be together…find a solution…for problem,suraj will help poor people,treat all person as same….(u guys know he hesitate to travel in bus)all will be understand the common people problems…and support chakor….

    so guys don’t worry enjoy the show,even its difficult to see suraj as bandhua,for me also but….its a interesting track…
    we can see new suraj,and sukor care for eachother so chill guys….

    one day kn also pay for his deeds by his daughter ragini because i think she is more dangerous than all
    so be happy guys and enjoy the upcoming track…

  29. sia

    Nitya here we go
    Vj: Today Suraj finally became bandua(slave)[to meera]today our status became equal😅
    Meera: No I was a celebrity bandua 😂
    Vj:(to meera)so what I’m a big bandua as I have a bigger stamp than you😂😂
    Meera:(to reporter)he is very happy bcz he got bigger stamp than me😉😃
    Then they talk about how their state became so bad and it’s the first time that their state is very bad and poor meera agree with him and says I even shouted at him not to sign the papers but he didn’t listen so vj says teju’s life was in danger so he had no option than to sign,anyways sign is done
    Then reporter asks about the fire stunt of meera to save teju she explains how they did it and says vj was sitting here and talking fun and didn’t watch the stunt😅😅
    Vj says no no I was watching
    Meera says u r lying 😅
    Vj says no I was watching really and smiles😅
    She says to reporter no no see how he is smiling faking 😅😂
    Then reporter asks how do meera feel while doing the stunts(not chakor)
    She says she enjoys well and feel like a super girl 😂 and gets exited until anyone say her beta bait jaa😅😅 I don’t know exact translation of this into English hope u understand this)
    Then vJ agrees they enjoy doing the action scenes and meera agrees with him
    Hope you like it

  30. Nithya

    Sia or angel plz translate the funny interview of meera and vj plz guys I don’t knw that much hindi.plz plz guys….

    • sia

      Ur welcome, hum sukorians kuch pagal hi hai can’t miss any interview of them( when it comes to sukor I will totally melt down as this the only serial that I watch)

  31. Neema

    Nithya thank u😊😊😊 I too wantd tat translatn nd Thank u sia…. 4 ur kindful translation😙😙😙 luv u guyzzz…😊😊😊

  32. Ashu

    What can anyone tell me if imli is pregnant again im neweveryone and i think ragini or kn will kill the child and vivan will then realise he was beingto selfish

    • janu

      thanks sia for the link,
      yes sia so true can’t able to control the anger seeing kn and ragini making suraj sign on papers and make him bandhua….
      but i totally like suraj dialogues he is just like chakor,who never give up in anything,iam sure he never accept anything what kn want him to do….
      he also as attitude just like chakor litle more he won’t sit quitely…
      the pain in his eyes after seeing bandhua stamp in his hand…can’t see him like this….but its really a worth watching twist….
      and vi and meera iv its makes me can’t control my laughter…

  33. ishana

    I want to hit that vivaan .how can hr be so selfish ? amazing .atleast imli is better than vivaan….

    • sia

      Tapa in the first part Suraj argues that he will not sign the papers at any cost so kn tortures teju,he pressures him to sign and Suraj asks chakor to help but she falls down while helping him and teju,so kn and Ragini puts more pressure on him to sign and finally unable to see teju burning he signs the papers😢
      Then kn puts the stamp on his wrist while Ragini catches his wrist tightly
      He couldn’t tolerate it and argues that by keeping a stamp and signing a paper no one become a bandua or ghulam, the one who is timid will be a bandua,u cant take my courage and attitude from me, I’m not going to be ur bandua 😈

  34. aanya

    Sia and Janu you are so lovely guys among all com m enters .almost your comment is lengthy.I Can’t explain howm much i enjoy your comments. I hope you to tapa.Sia and janu both r lovely guys of udan family.

    • sia

      Thank you dear,I too love to read all your comments and I don’t miss anyone’s comment love u guys 😃

  35. Nithya

    Angel and sia luv u both guys alot and we had crossed 100 comments.and im really happy my dr frnds.

  36. Sharon

    Hello friends,as saw today episode shiku turned out be Gadar as he told Ragini the location of Suraj n I m feeling sorry for Suraj as he trusted shiku so much

  37. dil dhanushi

    Hi everyone did u guys saw in youtube tht suraj was slapping shiku, i guess shiku has betrayed. Cz some words i culdnt catch properly

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