Udaan 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor checking the gifts. She finds a doll and reminds Imli when Ragini and other girls played with dolls, I wanted to play, but I never touched dolls being afraid. She checks other gift and gets Suraj’s letter with her pic. Suraj writes when you win marathon, give this pic to press which I clicked. Tejaswini asks Chakor not to open more boxes. Chakor says I will check carefully, you both get away. She checks other gift and finds a beautiful painting of prosperous Aazaadgunj. Suraj writes this dream is seen by you, it will come true. She gets sports shoe. Suraj writes you have to run to fulfill the dreams, wear these shoes and run. She gets a rattle and smiles.

Chakor says all this gifts did not have bomb, Suraj gave this to me. Tejaswini says Girja heard Bhaiya ji ji

saying he will turn your birthday into your death day. Chakor says where will that bomb be, its not here. Bhaiya ji gets a teddy and takes it to the van. Imli says we have to be alert today. Bhaiya ji says this is the great gift, it will be from Suraj’s name. Chakor will get glad, see innocent in teddy bear’s eyes, Chakor does not know whats hiding in this. He starts the bomb. He asks the men to pack it and keep it in tempo. He keeps it himself. The goon says we changed the driver, the van will go Aazaadgunj now. Bhaiya ji says bomb will blow in village, I will cut cake in haveli and celebrate for Chakor’s death and my victory.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji thinks I will get scared, but I m worried for villagers. Tejaswini says don’t keep function. Chakor says we can’t stop it now, invites are gone, we can’t spread fear, we can celebrate as usual, but we have to be careful, if you have doubt on anything, tell me asap. Imli says fine, it will happen as you want. Chakor thinks I won’t let Bhaiya ji win, I can give up my life but not let anything happen to villagers. Imli thinks to tell this to Vivaan or not, Chakor asked me not to say, Vivaan will worry if I say, its his birthday today, I will not upset him. Vivaan comes and asks what happened.

She says I was thinking about you. He asks what. She says nothing, how did you come early, its your birthday, so you got leave right. He says yes. She asks what’s this. He says Pooja gave me this gift. She asks what and checks. She sees the shirt. He says its good color right. She says no, its not good color, why did she give gift. He says its just a gift, I m her boss. She asks him to keep it. He asks whats happening, you always get angry hearing about Pooja. She says I trust you but… He says stop it now. She apologizes to him and gets that shirt, saying this color will suit you, you wear this tonight. He says no, I will wear something else. She holds ears and says sorry. He says you know I can’t stay angry with you for long time. She smiles.

Chagan calls Imli and asks her to come fast. Imli asks Vivaan not to come there till she says. He agrees. Imli and Chagan get the tempo. Imli and Chagan get the things. She asks what’s this. The goon worries. Chagan says we will open it and see. Imli takes the teddy. Goon drops a box. Imli asks what are you doing, and passes teddy gift ahead. She thinks all the things have come, Lord fail Bhaiya ji’s plan.

Suraj is on the way. He wakes up from sleep and shouts Chakor. He asks servant to stop car, I think there is something wrong. The function begins. A girl goes to check gift. Other girl says be away, its Chakor’s gift. The girl checks teddy and smiles. Chakor is with everyone. Suraj says I saw a dream, Chakor was calling me for help, I feel something bad is going to happen in Aazaadgunj. Servant asks do you want to go back to Aazaadgunj. Suraj looks on.

Precap: Chakor checks teddy and gets shocked seeing the bomb. She gives that to Bhaiya ji. He asks are you mad, it has bomb. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Here is refreshing moments from udaan set, No torture. ENTERTAINMENT..10secs
    NIce repartee between suraj and Imli, Suraj sings Channa mereya… Enjoy guys!!

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  5. Hello friends,as saw today episode shiku turned out be Gadar as he told Ragini the location of Suraj n I m feeling sorry for Suraj as he trusted shiku so much

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    Hi everyone did u guys saw in youtube tht suraj was slapping shiku, i guess shiku has betrayed. Cz some words i culdnt catch properly

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