Udaan 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor agreeing to become runner. Khanna says then it will be called bullet rani act, but you know the risk of becoming runner. Chakor says if everyone can take risk, I can take it too, I will become runner. She goes back to circus with Sultan. Kasturi sees Dadi unwell. She says I will get water for you, wait for some time. Bhaiya ji’s servant comes there and scolds Kasturi. He leaves. Bhuvan says no use Kasturi, and worries for Dadi. He says we will find some other way. Kasturi says Dadi’s state is getting worse. They cry and pray.

Chakor comes back in circus. Everyone get surprised seeing her. Om and Khasta get glad. Chakor smiles. She hugs Khasta and says Khanna got me here. Vishaka asks Khanna whats happening, why did you get Chakor. He says meet her, she is bullet

rani…She asks whats this joke. He says I m not joking, I have seen her running so fast. She asks seriously, don’t tell me Sultan is also running. Khanna says yes, he has become a race horse. Chakor says yes, Sultan got fine now, you can see now. She makes Sultan walk and they all smile. Chakor says see madam, he got fine. Everyone clap for Chakor.

Billu’s mum asks him to get stamp. Billu cries and says no…. Kasturi stops him. Billu’s dad asks Kasturi why is she stopping them, and reminds Kasturi that she kept her womb mortgaged. Kasturi recalls that and says but Kishor, I was helpless that time. I did mistake to make my children bandhua, don’t you this mistake. Kasturi cries. She recalls Chakor and Imli.

The boy checks his selfie and sees Chakor. Shankar comes there. The boy says Papa, you came and drops the phone. The boy says I feel from cycle and got hurt. He gets call and talks to Bhaiya ji. The boy switches off his phone and says I got saved.

Kishori asks Lakhan to stop digging. Chagan says get me stamped, as all kids got stamped. Lakhan shouts shut up, you don’t talk about becoming bandhua. Kishori says no one came from village, no one trusts you. Kasturi comes with a digging spade and says I trust Lakhan.

Kasturi says I m sure we will get water, I will dig the soil with Lakhan. They dig. Chakor talks to Khasta. He asks why did you come back, you know the murders happening here. Ronnie says no one is happy since you came Chakor, go back, its still time. Om says Chakor won’t go anywhere. Chakor says I will find out who is doing murders. The joker goes to Peter.

Om says he will go for practice as cannon ball. Khanna fires Om. Chakor falls down by a string in her path, while Om is in the air. Everyone get shocked. The joker attacks Peter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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